Hindutva in East Leicester and its implications for UK

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According to a number of media reports, more than 200 Hindu vigilantes many of whom were from outside the area, ran through the streets of East Leicester, United Kingdom, shouting “Jai Sri Ram,” particularly in front of mosques, and hurling insults at the Pakistani community in celebration of India and Pakistan’s cricket match victory. As a result, violent conflicts between the two communities ensued. A police dog and more than 25 police officers suffered injuries. The local police reportedly detained more than 27 persons, according to UK tabloids. In Britain’s history, this has never before occurred. Hindus and Muslims formerly coexisted happily, but this accident has expanded the distance between the two groups, endangering the communal harmony of UK.

This is not a one-off occurrence. There is a considerable history to the incident that happened in east Leicester. If we examine various historical occurrences in India, we can see that a well-thought-out method is being used to spread Hindutva ideology not just in India but also in other countries with sizeable Indian populations, such as the UK, Canada, and the USA. Hindu organizations have been founded in most nations by supporters of the aggressive Hindutva ideology, who also make a concerted effort to promote this philosophy. The trustees of overseas Hindu groups are supported by the right-wing BJP administration in India. According to several media sources, they continue to communicate with the Indian RSS officials.

In India, Hindus have never tolerated members of any other caste, according to recorded history. Hindu bigots emit venom against adherents of other religions from the premises of Hindu temples. Dalits, Christians, and Muslims are all subject to caste discrimination on the part of Hindus. Hindus have been attempting to impose Hindutva doctrine by coercion, with the cooperation of the Modi government. People who dare to resist either are banged up, put in jail, or suffer the worst forms of social division. In order to pillage India’s resources through the Hindu temples, which are dens of superstition and ignorance, Hindus in India destroyed Buddhism, a religion of peace, prosperity, and science.

Hindus have changed their social and religious policy in their home country of India since 2014. They have added the aggressive Hindutva ideology to their poisoned minds, in addition to caste prejudice both at home and abroad. . Hindutva ideology is brutal. If somebody dare to disagree with them or disobey their rules, it kills, tortures, and punishes members of the socially downtrodden sectors of the population. Hindutva ideology operates along fascist lines and calls for the elimination of everybody who does not share its beliefs.

These Hindutva sympathizers have seriously harmed India’s reputation on the social, cultural, and economic fronts in east Leicester, UK. In addition to this, they have seriously damaged Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reputation as a secular leader who is respected throughout the world. There are numerous repercussions for India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will no longer be able to address the British media. This stupid deed on the part of fringe Hindu extremists will also deteriorate India-UK relations on a bilateral basis. This stupid act will prevent future study abroad opportunities for Indian students in the UK. This stupid deed would also obstruct the plans of spouses who are moving permanently to the UK.

Wherever they go, members of the Indian diaspora bring cultural baggage with them. Caste has spread to the developed countries, and Hindus living in the developed world still practice caste discrimination as they did back in India. As a result, caste has now become a global problem. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was correct in his prediction that “if Hindus migrated to other countries of the world, caste would become a problem.”

All people detained in this connection must be deported by the government of the United Kingdom. The Government of the United Kingdom must cease all health benefits to such people. Additionally, the parents and kids of such Hindus who attempt to poison the communal harmony of the United Kingdom should be permanently prohibited from entering the country. The names of those people who were convicted must remain on the list of “blacklisted” people maintained by the United Kingdom government.

Everyone who engages in caste discrimination in the United Kingdom and attempts to undermine intercommunal harmony must be punished. The leaders of all interfaith religious organizations must step forward to help the police and the administration in identifying those who took part in the demonstrations in east Leicester. The British government must revoke the business licenses of anyone participating in such activities. If the Hindu students are found to have engaged in such behavior, they should be expelled from the college, university and sent back home without delay. The British Government should do it right away to save the pacifist Hindus and Muslims. It is a pressing necessity.

Dr. Rahul Kumar, Ph.D. in Sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi (India), is an independent researcher. His area of interest encompasses diplomacy, foreign policy and international relations. The views expressed in this article are personal.

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