Why did Siddique Kappan get bail?

Siddique Kappan

Siddique Kappan got bail from the Supreme Court. This is so good and relaxing. I met Siddique Kappan many years ago. He is a very honest person. Sending them to jail was and is a crime in itself. Yogi Adityanath’s government disobeyed the law and completely engaged in hatred towards Muslims.

But why has Kappan suddenly got this vine?

About a month ago two U.S. Foreign Ministry officers visited me at a restaurant in Washington DC. While eating food, there was a talk about human rights in India. We had an opinion on almost everything except the judiciary.
I gave them all examples how Indian courts have become Sanghi and their every decision is anti-people, and how these decisions are clear that from top to bottom India’s judges hate Muslims and the government’s opponents country Enemies have started to accept.

While arguing one of them American officials said to me, “If so how did Muhammad Zubair get the bail?” ”
I replied, “So you can sit here and tell me, look, it’s not because Muhammad Zubair got the bail. ”

India’s Chief Justice U. U. Lalit has bailed Kappan. Just a week ago, the Chief Justice has closed all the cases of Gujarat riots in one blow. A few weeks ago, the Supreme Court has made very poor decisions in the Zakia Jafrey case and Chhattisgarh police murder case. The Supreme Court had stopped speaking in the case against the illegal enforcement of the bulldozer. Now the general public is bent on demolishing buildings as we saw in Assam this week.
The way Sanghi Judge Hemant Gupta is expressing his hatred for Muslims in the hijab ban nowadays it is clearly visible how the decision will come.

After three years of waiting, the Supreme Court said that it will now hear cases filed against Citizenship Amendment Act — Citizenship (Amendment) Act — Only a fool would think that the Supreme Court would cancel this law.

Thousands of Muslims all over India are rotting in jail without any reason. Dozens of lower courts are giving Muslims death penalty without evidence. In the Delhi riots case, dozens of Muslims like Umar Khalid are in jail just because they are Muslims. Sanjeev Bhatt’s bail application is not been listed in the Supreme Court for three years. Stan Swamy who was jailed in Bhima Korgaon case died and this Supreme Court kept sleeping. Nobody knows where thousands of Muslim youths of Kashmir are locked in which jail. The Supreme Court is sitting with its mouth sealed.

Many people have started calling the Supreme Court as Supreme Kotha. This comparison is inappropriate. Helpless and helpless women doing business in brothels are suffering from the situation. Their horrific life has been imposed on them. But the Supreme Court judges have been selling their honesty all their life at their own will and are still doing the same thing today. These Hindu upper cast Sanghi judges are not the guardians of law. He is just a broker.
It is their conspiracy to throw one or two vines at us like pieces.

(Translated from original in Hindi. Ajit Sahi a veteran journalist, and civil rights activist who works as an Advocacy Director at the Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) and is currently based in the US)

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