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Well, if you have any sense of the climate of this American culture, you will realize just how far down the rabbit hole we have fallen. As a baby boomer I can look around me and gauge just how ‘ Dumbed down’ the populace is. I am not such a fool that I do not acknowledge that my generation experienced many around me as being ‘ Dumbed down’ to some extent. Now, it has become almost comical. We have not even a chance of seeing any real Third Party movement taking hold in America. The Two Party/One Party cabal has succeeded. The super rich who orchestrate so called political change call the shots for this seriously decayed Military Industrial Empire. They shrewdly have created Column A, a Republican Party that is so far to the right that it almost equals Germany circa 1933. Fascism penetrates every facet of American society with white supremacist Christianity wearing a red MAGA hat. As their low and middle income followers cheer them on they give any and every tax break to the 1/4 of 1% of us, and of course the major corporations. They go after transgender kids and gay couples ordering wedding cakes, and now the sacred right of abortion. Column B, the Democrats, maintain the charade of being for us working stiffs, while sucking up to the empire. Yes, the Dems do nurture the indigent more, the gay community more, and most importantly, a woman’s right to choose. And, sadly, the Democrats have become the new ‘ War Party’ i.e.: the Ukraine situation. Seeing how the Bush/Cheney Cabal increased military spending, the Dems under Mr. Hope and Change voted to increase it even more! Americans, you are stuck!

As this election cycle approaches we see the Republicans going all out to sink their opponents. Easy to do when you focus on Fear. First they spread the fear of rising inflation, as if any administration has the power to either create it or stop it. No, dummies, it is the financial system we have that always creates these ‘ Boom and Bust’ scenarios.{ As a side note I once asked the late retired Col. Bob Bowman about the economy. Col. Bowman , Vietnam era Navy pilot, had his ‘ Empire epiphany’ and became a  born again anti war activist running for Congress. He answered me ” Philip, it is easy. When wages go up the stock market goes down. When wages stay down the market goes up. “}. The second and most successful use of fear is the good ole ‘ Fear of crime’. The Republicans lay crime at the doorstep of the Democrats. Tell me, do you think if we had a society where people earned a better living with fair, higher wages, and the education system wasn’t skewed toward higher income areas, wouldn’t crime go down? Going deeper into this discussion, don’t you think that if ALL police officers had to be four year college graduates ( with degrees in either law enforcement, criminal justice, sociology or psychology) we would see police violence against the unarmed dropping like a lead balloon? Food for thought. Here’s the kicker: The current Republican Party is simply a white supremacist ,right wing Christian tribe. With candor, if you gave those who support them sodium pentothal ( truth serum) many with children would  declare that ” The Republicans keep the niggers, spics and rag heads away from my kids and my neighborhood!”

This writer has no choice but to vote for any and all Democratic candidates, as the near future is ominous at best. I know how much I deplore at least 90% of them, as they have consistently done little for us working stiffs. Obama sold out early on when he continued the phony TARP program to subsidize Wall Street and its bandits. Then he refused to push for hearings on the Bush /Cheney Cabal’s illegal and immoral criminal attack, invasion and occupation of Iraq. Meanwhile, he decided to give in to the obscene private insurance controlled health care industry ( who gave him over $21 million in  campaign donations compared to the $ 7 million for McCain) by not using his bully pulpit to demand Medicare for All. As we all know, Joe Biden was his VP and carries the mantel for the same Super Rich who control his administration and party. Even the so called progressive Squad kept voting for more of our tax money going to the Neo Nazi infested Ukraine government. So, why should we vote for them over the others? That is easy. If the Republicans get into power we will see a Fascism running America as NEVER  seen before… ever!!

For those who can vote and will choose not to vote for many of the reasons I have just given, you will remain Spectators… at your own execution!! Gov. DeSantis, Gov. Abbott and the literally thousands of right wing Neo Fascist ( yes they are) politicians and school board members nationwide will trumpet in as close to a Fourth Reich as we could ever imagine. Ask yourself this: Research had shown that in areas of our country where live and vote a majority of Republicans, the death rates for Covid are considerably higher than in areas of majority Democrats. It seems that wearing proper face masks indoors actually works. It seems that those vaccinated for Covid do better with Covid than those unvaccinated. Yet, the aforementioned Republicans  did what they could to stifle these measures… and still do!! So, go ahead and vote for these folks, or stay home and watch the wrath that occurs if they take power.

Philip A Farruggio is regular columnist on itstheempirestupid website. He is also frequently posted on Nation of Change and Countercurrents.. He is the son and grandson of Brooklyn NYC longshoremen and a graduate of Brooklyn College, class of 1974. Since the 2000 election debacle Philip has written over 500 columns on the Military Industrial Empire and other facets of life in an upside down America. He is also host of the ‘ It’s the Empire… Stupid ‘ radio show, co produced by Chuck Gregory. Philip can be reached at [email protected].


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