Abulhawa, El-Kurd, Palestine & Ukraine: Zionists Attack Australian Free Speech

freedom of speech

The acclaimed Palestinian writers Susan Abulhawa and Mohammed El-Kurd were invited to the Adelaide Writers Festival but have encountered a storm of false defamation from Zionists, pro-Zionist Mainstream media  and pro-Zionist politicians. Abulhawa has also been falsely defamed for her sensible views on the Ukraine War. The eminent anti-racist Jewish Australian Festival Director Louise Adler is standing firm against this further ferocious Zionist attack on free speech in Australia.

The author of hundreds of carefully documented humanitarian articles and 9 huge books, I have been largely rendered “invisible” in Australia in the last decade due to false Zionist defamation, and (I further surmise) due to Australian Intelligence and Mainstream media gatekeepers. However the leading Australian newspaper The Age (Melbourne) published a powerfully succinct,  edited rendition of my views on the false defamation of Susan Abulhawa and Palestinian poet Mohammed El-Kurd: “Palestinian writers Susan Abulhawa and Mohammed El-Kurd have been falsely defamed for alleged “anti-Semitism” and “hate speech” for criticising the century-long genocidal abuse of indigenous Palestinians by Zionists. Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism” [1].

The full version of my Letter to The Age was as follows: “Palestinian writers Susan Abulhawa and Mohammed El-Kurd have been falsely defamed for alleged “anti-Semitism” and “hate speech” for criticizing the horrendous and century-long genocidal abuse of Indigenous Palestinians by Zionists (The Age  22/2). Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism. What do eminent anti-racist Jewish scholars have to say about this, for surely they are not “anti-Semites” who “hate” their ilk? Eminent anti-racist Jewish American economist Professor Jeffrey Sachs (Columbia) demands freedom and human rights for the sorely oppressed Palestinians. He condemns the war criminal Russian invasion of Ukraine , but correctly states that “The war in Ukraine is the culmination of a 30-year project of the American neoconservative movement”,  and that Zelenskyy and Biden  have blocked necessary peace negotiations. Likewise anti-racist Jewish American scholar Professor Bertell Ollman (NYU) has declared that “The Zionists are the worst anti-Semites in the world today, oppressing a Semitic people as no nation has done since the Nazis”. For numerous such eminent opinions Google “Jews against racist  Zionism”. Indeed  Jewish  Zionist Zelenskyy and his colleagues have lavishly praised Stepan Bandera (WW2 Nazi collaborator and mass murderer of Jews) as a Ukrainian national hero”.

For alphabetically-ordered compendia of humane anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish opinions about genocidally  racist Zionism, Israeli Apartheid and the ongoing Palestinian Genocide by neo-Nazi Zionists see [2-10]. For an alphabetically-ordered compendium of horrifying genocidal assertions by Zionist leaders see [11]. For a comprehensive summary of Zionist crimes in Palestine see [12].

At the core of the matter is free speech that is vital for societal safety and  an informed democracy. However freedom of speech (FOS) is presently under serious attack from mendacious Zionists and mendacious, Zionist- subverted Mainstream journalist, editor, politician, academic and commentariat presstitutes in a  Zionist-perverted and craven US lackey Australia. These are serious issues for all countries and all democracies, and are systematically explored below.

(1). The dire circumstances of Indigenous Palestinians ignored by mendacious, racist and Zionist-perverted Western and Australian Mainstream presstitutes.

Simply not reported by genocide-ignoring racist Zionists and Zionist-perverted Mainstream presstitutes are the  Zionist-imposed dire circumstances of Indigenous Palestinians today. Of 15.5 million mostly impoverished Indigenous Palestinians: 8 million Exiled Palestinians are excluded from their homeland inhabited continuously by their forebears for over 3,000 years; 5.5 million Occupied Palestinians exist without human rights in the West Bank (3.3 million) and the blockaded and bombed Gaza Concentration Camp (2.2 million); and 2.0 million Israeli Palestinians can vote but exist as Third Class citizens under 60 Nazi-style, race-based laws.

Despite a century-long Palestinian Genocide (2.2 million Palestinians killed by violence, 0.1 million, and imposed deprivation, 2.1 million) and successive mass population expulsions (800,000 in the 1948 Nakba or Catastrophe, and 400,000 in the 1967 Naksa or Setback), today 7.5 million Indigenous Palestinians represent 50% of the 15.0 million Subjects of Apartheid Israel  (while 7.0 million Jewish Israelis represent only 47%), but 5.5 million Occupied Palestinians (73% of the Indigenous Palestinian Subjects of Apartheid Israel) cannot vote for the government ruling them i.e. they are subject to egregious Apartheid.

In the WW1 onwards and ongoing Palestinian Genocide, there have been 2.2 million Palestinian deaths from violence (0.1 million) and imposed deprivation (2.1 million). Each year Israel violently kills about 500 Palestinians and a further 4,000 die avoidably from imposed deprivation. Since 2000 about 10,000 Palestinians have been killed violently and about 90,000 have died from imposed deprivation. 4,000 Zionists have been killed since 1920, 40 by Gaza rockets. However about 4,500 Israelis have been murdered by fellow Israelis since 2000 [12].

Apartheid Israel is committing Genocide, defined by Article 2 of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide as “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group”. The “GDP (nominal) per capita” is a deadly $3,500 for Occupied Palestinians and $54,400 for Occupier Israelis. Apartheid Israel is grossly violating Articles 55 and 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention that demand that an Occupier is obliged to provide life-sustaining food and medical requisites to its Occupied Subjects “to the fullest extent of the means available to it”.

Israel is an Apartheid state according to scholars and major human rights groups (Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and Israeli B’Tselem and Yesh Din). 50% of Occupied Palestinians are children, 75% women and children. Most Palestinian children are traumatized by war, violence and occupation. 50% of Israeli children suffer psychological, physiological and sexual abuse (17% suffer the latter) [13]. Apartheid Israel grossly violates the Rights of the Child Convention. Indeed Apartheid Israel violates numerous UNGA Resolutions, UNSC Resolutions and numerous International Laws and Conventions [12].

Apartheid Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territory is among world leaders for “killing of children per million of population” [14]. Apartheid Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territory is the world leader for “killing of journalists per million of population” [15]. Apartheid Israel rejects the authority  of the ICC, ICJ, UNGA, UNSC, and the UN [12].  Apartheid Israel has attacked 13 other countries and presently illegally occupies the territory of 4 (Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria). Indeed 1950-2005 avoidable deaths from deprivation in countries variously occupied  by Apartheid Israel total 24 million [16].

The Zionist ethnic cleansing of 90% of Palestine means that the “2-state solution” is dead   A clear, humane solution to the continuing human rights catastrophe in Palestine is a secular, democratic One State for Palestine, a unitary state (one-state solution, bi-national state) as in post-Apartheid South Africa that would involve return of all refugees, zero tolerance for racism, equal rights for all, all human rights for all, economic decency for all, a one-person-one-vote secular democracy, justice, goodwill, reconciliation, airport-level security, nuclear weapons removal, internationally-guaranteed national security initially based on the present armed forces, and untrammelled access for all citizens to all of Palestine. It can and should happen tomorrow [7].

Palestinian human rights is the core issue. For 56 years Occupied Palestinians have been denied all the human rights set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights [17]. All Indigenous Palestinians should be immediately accorded all the human rights enunciated  in the 30 Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with an end to all discriminatory impositions. In the absence of requisite action, Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) must be globally applied against genocidally racist Apartheid Israel and all its racist supporters, noting that global sanctions brought down the obscene Apartheid regime in South Africa [16].

(2). Occupation of Ukraine versus Occupation of Palestine: Shocking lack of Western empathy for Palestinians.

Whereas the West rightly condemns the presently 12 month,  war criminal Russian invasion and violent occupation of 20% of its sister country Ukraine (Russia and Ukraine are extremely similar in common history, ethnicity, language, culture and religion), it ignores the century-long, Western-backed, war criminal and genocidal  Zionist invasion and ethnic cleansing of Palestine. The West also ignores the horrendous realities that the US has invaded 72 countries (52 since WW2), has committed 469 invasions from 1798 onwards, committed 251 invasions since 1991, has 800 military bases in over 70 countries, and actively spies on and subverts all countries [18].

Indeed in an extraordinary  Orwellian perversion of reality, the West, led by serial war criminal invaders the US and UK, talks of a “2 state solution” to the “Arab-Israeli conflict” that has not been achieved because of “Palestinian intransigence”. However former US Ambassador to Apartheid Israel and the UN, Tom Pickering, has stated that the Israelis would concede no more than 4.4% of Palestine to the Palestinians in a “2 state solution”, and has adumbrated the likely eventual complete ethnic cleansing of the West Bank and Gaza [11]. Indeed all major Zionist leaders from racist psychopath Theodor Herzl (the founder of Zionism) to serial war criminal Netanyahu today have openly declared their intent to ethnically cleanse Palestine of its Indigenous inhabitants (for details and documentation see [11]).  While there is no non-Biblical evidence for  the existence of Zionist hero David (nor for the Kingdom of David and Solomon, or the Hebrew Exodus from Egypt), and no evidence for  the total Jewish Exile from Palestine under the Romans, the Old Testament of the Holy Bible describes in graphic detail how David and his fellow Israelites were mass murderers, ethnic cleansers, and genocidal psychopaths [11].

Here is an empathy exercise for Westerners about genocidally racist Zionists invading a nice White country: Australians (26.0 million) are roughly twice as numerous as Indigenous Palestinians (15.5 million), and Australia was 1 of 20 places envisaged for a Jewish colony. Accordingly, if Zionists had similarly colonized Australia, today there would be about: 4.4 million Australians genocidally killed, 16 million Exiled Australians, 15 million Australian Subjects of 14 million genocidally racist Zionists, 11 million Australian Subjects without human rights or the vote, and 4 million Australian Subjects able to vote but subject to 60 Nazi-style, race-based, and discriminatory Zionist laws [19].

The profound dishonesty and anti-Semitic racism of the West is illustrated by the set of  35 countries that are members of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA): (1) all are European; (2) the 5 located outside Europe (Argentina, Australia, Canada, Apartheid Israel, and the US) were all created based on the genocide of the Indigenous People; (3) 9 members were part of the genocidal WW2 Nazi Germany Alliance; (4) 4 (the US, UK, France and Apartheid Israel) are nuclear terrorist states; (5) 28 belong to the 30-member nuclear-armed NATO that accepts  mass incineration of billions of men, women and children as an acceptable military strategy; (6) 14 were notably involved in the brutal conquest and genocide of Indigenous non-European people over 5 centuries; (7) only 2 (Austria and Ireland) have had the moral decency to sign and ratify the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW); and (8) all but 4 shockingly voted No with the US and Ukraine  to the annual UNGA Anti-Nazi Resolution in 2022 that condemns Nazism, neo-Nazism and related racist obscenities [20-24].

The IHRA Definition of “antisemitism” lists 11 false examples of assertions that could be regarded as anti-Jewish anti-Semitic. Space does not permit detailed exposition here, but all 11 examples can be shown to be utterly false assertions  designed to damage and defame anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish critics of genocidally racist Zionism and of nuclear terrorist, racist Zionist-run, genocidally racist, serial war criminal, grossly human rights-abusing,  child-abusing, mother-abusing, women-abusing, democracy-by-genocide Apartheid Israel and its ongoing Palestinian Genocide. Not surprisingly, the racist and mendacious IHRA Definition has been condemned by scholars around the world and by over 40 anti-racist Jewish organizations [24]. However the IHRA has made great strides in Zionist-subverted Australia. The Australian Labor Government,  the Coalition Opposition, the parliament of South Australia, the Labor State Government  of Victoria,  the New South Wales Coalition State Government, and 2 out of 43 Australian universities have adopted the racist and anti-Semitic IHRA Definition of Anti-Semitism.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Definition of anti-Semitism is anti-Jewish anti-Semitic (by falsely defaming anti-racist Jewish critics of Israeli Apartheid), anti-Arab anti-Semitic (by falsely defaming anti-racist Palestinian, Arab and Muslim critics of Israeli Apartheid), and near-comprehensively  genocide-ignoring and holocaust-ignoring (by falsely ignoring all WW2 holocausts and genocides other than the WW2 Jewish Holocaust (5-6 million Jews killed by Nazi Germany), and indeed ignoring some 70 genocides and holocausts, notably the WW2 European Holocaust (30 million Slavs, Jews and Gypsies killed by the Nazis), the WW2 Polish Holocaust (6 million Poles killed by Nazi Germany), the WW2 Chinese Holocaust (35-40 million Chinese killed under the Japanese in 1937-1945), and the WW2  Bengali Holocaust (the 1942-1945 WW2 Indian Holocaust, and WW2 Bengal Famine;  6-7 million Indians deliberately starved to death for strategic reasons in Bengal, Bihar, Assam, and Odisha by the British with food-denying Australian complicity) [20-24].

In this context of pathological Zionist mendacity it should be noted that the ethnic descendants in Palestine today of the Jewish Palestinians at the time of Jesus are actually  the sorely oppressed Semitic Indigenous Palestinians – the ruling Jewish Israelis mostly descend from Yemeni, Berber and Khazar converts to Judaism in the first millennium CE. The Ashkenazi Jews, who are politically dominant in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and Apartheid Israel, descend from non-Semitic Turkic Khazar converts to Judaism [25]. Like so many other false claims of the remorselessly and outrageously  mendacious Zionists, the claim of Jewish ethnicity to justify  genocidal colonization of Palestine is utterly false [25, 26]. Indeed DNA analysis shows that I am mainly Ashkenazi Jewish but with zero Middle Eastern (i.e. Semitic) contribution, this being in agreement with centuries of family history.

The present public furore about the Palestinian writers being allowed to speak at the Adelaide Writer’s Festival is not about the multitude of horrendous realities  presented above but simply about the utterly false Zionist claims of “anti-Semitism” and “hate speech” . Further, Susan Abulhawa’s sensible and humane attitude to the awful Ukraine war is falsely described as “pro-Putin”. Rather than discuss a catalogue of Zionist lies [25, 26] and  a shocking list of 52 Zionist- and Apartheid Israeli-Nazi Germany comparisons [27], the Zionists simply rely on endlessly-repeated, crass, puerile, intellectually moribund and false assertions of  “anti-Semitism” and “hate speech” routinely applied to eminent anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish  critics of genocidal Zionist crimes.

The mendacious Zionists get away with this gross intellectual perversion because the dominant, Zionist-subverted, Zionist-perverted and mendacious Mainstream journalist, editor, politician, academic and commentariat presstitutes support and  report Zionist lies while censoring out the expert views of anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish intellectuals, writers and leaders (e.g. see [2-10]). Numerous examples can be given of utterly disproportionate Zionist influence, but notably (i) one third of Biden’s cabinet are Jewish Zionists (with the remainder being Christian Zionists) despite Jews being only 2% of the US population [28]; (ii) while numerous anti-racist  Jewish intellectuals are resolutely  critical  of Israeli Apartheid (e.g. 38% of under-40 US Jews acknowledge Israeli Apartheid), Western Mainstream Media variously  censor  or white-wash  the nuclear terrorist, genocidally racist, and grossly human rights-abusing conduct of Apartheid Israel.  A part  explanation for this huge moral discrepancy is that the American 60% of the world’s 30 biggest media companies have a disproportionately high Jewish Zionist Board membership. Jews and females represent 2% and 51%, respectively, of the US population but average 33% and 19%, respectively, of Board members of the top 18 US media companies [29]; (iii) in Zionist-subverted and US lackey Australia Mainstream media are dominated by the fervently Zionist US Murdoch media empire [30]; (iv) the Israel Lobby and Zionist perversion of the West [32, 33]; and (v) the fundamental problem in the US and in  other Western “democracies” (actually Zionist subverted Plutocracies, Kleptocracies, Murdochracies, Corporatocracies, Lobbyocracies and Dollarocracies) is of Mainstream media serving the interests of the political Establishment (see [33]).

(3). The truth-telling of Palestinian writers  Susan Abulhawa and Mohammed El-Kurd that  provoked their false and virulent defamation by Zionists, pro-Zionists and Mainstream politicians.

Below are representative comments by truthful and humane Palestinian writers Susan Abulhawa and Mohammed El-Kurd that elicited the false and malicious Zionist attacks in Australia.

Susan Abulhawa (world-famous Palestinian-American novelist and notably author of  “Mornings in Jenin” that has been translated into 32 languages, and of which  more than a million copies have been sold).

Susan Abulhawa on Nazi-style Israeli racism: “Israel’s new ‘nation-state’ law follows in the footsteps of Jim Crow, the Indian Removal Act and the Nuremberg Laws… More than 80 years after Nazi Germany enacted what came to be known as the Nuremberg Race Laws, Israeli legislators voted in favour of the so-called “nation-state law“. By doing so, they essentially codified “Jewish supremacy” into law, which effectively mirrors the Nazi-era legislation of ethnoreligious stratification of German citizenry. Israel’s “nation-state law” stipulates in its first clause that “actualisation of the right of national self-determination in the state of Israel is unique to the Jewish people”. In other words, the 1.7 million Palestinian citizens of Israel, the native inhabitants who managed to remain in their homes when European Jews conquered parts of historical Palestine in 1948, shall be without sovereignty or agency, forever living at the mercy of Israeli Jews” [34].

Susan Abulhawa on the present Adelaide Writers’ Festival fuss: “The Israel Lobby… I will say, however, that it’s quite remarkable how quickly your politicians and ministers fell in lock step with pro-Israeli forces trying to sabotage the Adelaide Festival because I and Mohammad [El-Kurd] refuse to be silent on more than seven decades of systematic Israeli terrorism against us. The fact that some people think our words are too harsh means they either do not know the full extent of Israel’s daily barbarity and apartheid, or they do and support it…As you know, I have been critical of Ukraine’s right wing government, as many Ukrainians are, too. But we don’t hear from the opposition in western media, in part because Zelensky’s regime banned, assassinated, shut down, or otherwise silenced internal opposition. This war concerns me greatly, as it should all citizens of the world, as the repercussions are global. As a US citizen, it is my duty to examine our role in this war, which goes back to the dissolution of the USSR and broken promises made to Mikhail Gorbachev not to expand NATO eastward. We know the US was involved in the overthrow of the democratically elected Ukrainian government of Viktor Yanukovych in 2014 to replace him with the current right wing government… That said, my criticism of Zelensky does not absolve Russia. The fact is that I disdain hero worship of politicians as we see happening with Zelensky. I do not idolise politicians, nor do I love them. So the claims that I am a cheerleader for Putin are sensational fabrications…I have been very critical of Mahmoud Abbas, and was even more critical of Yasser Arafat during his time. No one ever accused me of spreading Zionist propaganda. Leaders have a responsibility to first and foremost protect their people. Zelensky failed on this most basic premise and the world deserves to know how and why. Australians should have the right to hear different narratives and viewpoints, particularly views about this war that are shared by huge swaths of humanity, primarily in the Global South, who make up the majority of the world…The devastation in Syria is unimaginable. It is worth noting that Israel took the opportunity to bomb Syria as the country was reeling from deaths in the tens of thousands, trying desperately to dig survivors out of the rubble” [35].

Mohammed El-Kurd (Palestine correspondent for The Nation, a major US magazine,  reporting on Apartheid Israeli crimes, and author of “Rifqa”, a book of poetry; his family home in Sheik Jarrah, Jerusalem,  was invaded and substantially taken by Nazi Zionist Occupiers).

By way of just one example of media and politician attacks on Mohammed El-Kurd, The Australian Jewish News  in criticizing  the 2 Palestinian writers and quoting people demanding their exclusion from the Adelaide Writers’ Festival, commented thus on Mohammed El-Kurd’s writing: “Featured writer Mohammed El-Kurd has publicly denied Jewish indigeneity to the land and compared Israel to the Nazis. He has also described Israel as a “terrorist, genocidal nation” and makes allegations that Israel is ethnically cleansing Palestinians, and that “Israelis at large are thirsty for Palestinian blood” [36]. However these Mohammed El-Kurd assertions are actually true:

,(i) as set out in sections 1 and 2 above, the Ashkenazi Jews who are politically dominant  in Apartheid Israel and in the US are non-Semitic, have no ethnic connection with the Jews of Palestine at the time of Jesus, and descend from  Turkic Khazar converts to Judaism in the circa 8th century CE [25]. I come from a very famous Ashkenazi Jewish Hungarian family and DNA analysis says that I am mostly Ashkenazi Jewish but with zero Middle Eastern  (i.e. Semitic) contribution. The ethnic and cultural descendants of the Jewish and non-Jewish inhabitants of Palestine at the time of Jesus are actually the Semitic Indigenous Palestinians, whereas  most Jewish Israelis descend for Yemeni, Berber and Khazar converts to Judaism in the first millennium CE [12, 16, 25, 26, 37-42].

(ii). There is a huge catalogue of Zionist falsehoods  [26], and  a shocking list of 52 Zionist- and Apartheid Israeli-Nazi Germany comparisons [27].

(iii). Apartheid Israel is indubitably a “terrorist, genocidal nation”. Terrorism is as terrorism does and the terror of the 1948 Nakba (Catastrophe) involved 800,000 Palestinians fleeing their homes, 15,000 Palestinians killed by British-trained and British-armed Zionists, over 530 villages ethnically cleansed, and 120 mosques eventually destroyed. A further 400,000 Arabs were expelled in the 1967 Naksa (Setback). 90% of Palestine has now been ethnically cleansed, and the present fascist Israeli Government (elected in racist mock elections in which  73% of the 50% majority Indigenous Palestinian Subjects were excluded from voting) claims all of Palestine (plus some) for the so-called “Jewish State”.  On average in the last 2 decades, each year 500 Occupied Palestinians were violently killed  and 4,000 passively murdered through imposed deprivation. The ongoing and century-long Palestinian Genocide  has involved 2.2 million Palestinians killed by violence, 0.1 million, and imposed deprivation, 2.1 million [8-10, 12, 43. Zionist terrorism and genocide indeed.

(iv). Placards stating “Kill all Arabs” are commonplace in Apartheid Israeli demonstrations, and indeed a  Google Search for the term “Kill all Arabs” yields about 14,000 results. Apartheid Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territory is among world leaders for “killing of children per million of population”. Apartheid Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territory is the world leader for “killing of journalists per million of population”. All major Zionist leaders  from genocidally racist psychopath Theodor Herzl to serial war criminal PM Benjamin Netanyahu have called for the ethnic cleansing of Palestine [11].

Below are some examples of  Mohammed El-Kurd’s forthright writing on the violent and genocidal Zionist occupation and subjugation of Palestine.

Mohammed El-Kurd: “Palestinians reel from deadliest year in the occupied West Bank in two decades, a young woman who lost two loved ones pleads for the world to notice” [44].

Mohammed El-Kurd on a sneak Palestinian trip to the beach: “Not long ago, The Nation’s Palestine correspondent snuck into a moshav to sunbathe, because no one owns the sea” [45].

Mohammed El-Kurd on the murder of Shireen Abu Akleh: “From the fact of Abu Akleh’s murder to the true, liberatory meaning of her funeral, the media proved yet again that it’s not equipped to cover Palestine” [46].

Publisher’s summary of Mohammed El-Kurd’s book of poetry,  “Rifqa”: “Each day after school, Mohammed El-Kurd’s grandmother welcomed him at the door of his home with a bouquet of jasmine. Her name was Rifqa—she was older than Israel itself and an icon of Palestinian resilience. With razor-sharp wit and glistening moral clarity, El-Kurd lays bare the brutality of Israeli settler colonialism. His poems trace Rifqa’s exile from Haifa to his family’s current dispossession in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem, exposing the cyclical and relentless horror of the Nakba. El-Kurd’s debut collection definitively shows that the Palestinian struggle is a revolution, until victory” [47].

Mohammed El-Kurd in interview (2023): “I am trying to engage, develop, and contribute to the existing [Palestinian] resistance literature that is so potent and explicit in Arabic, but is often censored and timid in English. My goal is to convey that unabashed fury, that natural human response of resisting, into English. When somebody’s hand is around your neck, your natural reaction is not going to be to sit by and wait until it ends, you’re going to resist. And you have the right to have that resistance be whatever you want it to be. But because of smear campaigns, misrepresentation, demonization of Palestinians, racism, the “war on terror,” 9/11 – among many other things — our resistance and literature have been largely defamed. Mainstream literature now has to adhere to these guidelines set first by international actors and second by international funders who want to uphold a certain status quo. That’s what accounts for the language of things like “two states” or “nonviolent” or “peaceful resistance” — as if resistance could ever be peaceful in a technical sense. That’s the genre to which I want to contribute” [48].

No wonder the mendacious and genocidally racist Zionists and Mainstream pro-Zionists who support a nuclear terrorist, genocidally racist and grossly human rights-abusing Apartheid Israel want to silence Susan Abulhawa and Mohammed El-Kurd.

(4). Expose and resist the subversion and censoring of Australia by mendacious, traitorous and genocidally racist Zionists assisted by pro-Zionist Mainstream journalist, editor, politician, academic and commentariat presstitutes.

Palestinian writers Susan Abulhawa and  Mohammed El-Kurd are not alone in facing Zionist censorship in Australia A growing list of such truth-tellers includes renowned  Arab journalist  Essam Al-Ghalib (temporarily suspended by SBS for legitimate criticism of Apartheid Israel) [49], top columnist Mike Carlton (effectively forced out of his job for criticizing Apartheid Israel’s 2014 Gaza Massacre) [50], academic Dr Sandra Nasr (vilified and censored by Notre Dame Australia and the London School of Economics for comparing present-day and Biblical ethnic cleansing in Palestine) [51], anti-racist and pro-peace Sydney University academic Dr Jake Lynch (vilified, and seriously threatened by Apartheid Israeli “lawfare”) [52], sports journalist Stuart McIntyre (sacked by SBS for anti-war comments) [53], and  ABC journalist Yassmin Abdel-Magied (vilified and sacked for  posting the following 7 words on her Facebook page: “Lest we forget (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine)” [54].

Outstanding peace and humanity advocate,  founder of the prestigious Sydney Peace Prize, and author of “Cruelty or Humanity” [55], Professor  Stuart Rees, has written a novel called “A Lover’s Country” [56] based on Zionist attempts to silence Palestinian writer, scholar, legislator and peace activist Hanan Ashrawi who was awarded the Sydney Peace Prize in 2003.

And then, of course, we have the world’s most famous journalist, and Australian and world hero, Julian Assange, incarcerated for10 years in London (3 years in Belmarsh Prison) for truth-telling about the  war crimes of Zionist-subverted and Zionist-perverted America.

Indeed any Australian  protesting the genocidally racist subjugation and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians is vilified by the traitorous Zionists, notable examples being Bob Carr (former New South Wales (NSW) Labor State Premier and former Australian Foreign Minister), Melissa Parke (outstanding human rights lawyer and former Federal Labor MP), Shaoquett Chaher Moselmane (former (NSW Labor MP), and Senator Lee Rhiannon (former Greens Senator).

Goodness knows how many decent, truth-telling, anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish Australians with a sole allegiance to Australia have been damaged by false defamation by Zionists fervently supporting  nuclear terrorist, racist Zionist-run, genocidally racist, serial war criminal, grossly human rights-abusing, child-abusing, mother-abusing, women-abusing, democracy-by-genocide, and neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel.

Conversely, it is clear that anyone supporting Apartheid Israel and hence the vile crime of Apartheid is unfit for public life in a one-person-one-vote democracy like Australia.

Further, Zionism is genocidal racism and Nazism without gas chambers but with high technology violence and subjugation and 100 nuclear weapons. Zionism is an obscene racist ideology akin to that of white supremacists, South African Apartheiders, Nazis, neo-Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). All major Zionist leaders from genocidally racist  psychopath Theodor Herzl (founder of Zionism) to serial war criminal Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu today have shockingly and explicitly stated genocidal intent in relation to removal of the Indigenous Palestinians [11].

Zionist mendacity, intimidation and censorship is now out of control in Zionist-subverted Australia. The 2 major political  parties,(the  Liberal Party-National Party Coalition and the Labor Party, aka the Lib-Labs), the South Australian Parliament, the Victorian Labor State Government,  the New South Wales Coalition State Government, Melbourne University, and Wollongong University have adopted the anti-Jewish anti-Semitic, anti-Arab anti-Semitic, pro-Apartheid, genocide-ignoring and holocaust-ignoring IHRA Definition  of anti-Semitism that has been condemned by scholars and over 40 anti-racist Jewish organizations .

Australia is now well on the way to criminalizing  criticism of nuclear terrorist, racist Zionist-run, genocidally racist, serial war criminal, grossly human rights-abusing, child-abusing, mother-abusing, women-abusing, ethnic cleansing, and  democracy-by-genocide Apartheid Israel.

Given the fervent support for Apartheid Israel by Zionists, Australian and overseas  Zionist attempts  to censor anti-racist Australians, including  pro-human rights  journalists, writers, and academics visiting Australia, violate the spirit of Section 44 of the Australian Constitution that seeks to minimize malignant foreign interference in Australian public life: “Section 44 of the Constitution states: 44. Any person who (i.) Is under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or citizen of a foreign power… shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives” [57].

The false adoption of the IHRA Definition of anti-Semitism and hence support for  Apartheid Israel by Australian universities, Australian State Governments, and the 2 major political parties (the Liberal Party-National Party Coalition and the Labor Party, aka the Lib-Labs) also violates the spirit  and possibly the letter of  recent Foreign  Interference legislation that criminalizes support for a foreign country against the national interests of Australia [58, 59].

Thus the Australian Government: “In June 2018, the Australian Parliament passed legislation, which criminalises foreign interference and strengthens our ability to successfully prosecute acts of espionage National Security Legislation Amendment (Espionage and Foreign Interference) Act 2018. These laws criminalise covert and deceptive or threatening activities by persons intending to interfere with Australia’s democratic systems and processes, or support the intelligence activities of a foreign government. The laws also introduce offences for preparing or planning foreign interference, which gives law enforcement agencies the means to investigate preparatory conduct and arrest a person before Australia’s national security is prejudiced or the national security of a foreign country is advantaged” [58]. Australian SBS News reports: “Migrant communities will receive advice on how to report threats of intimidation by foreign governments, following fears dissidents are increasingly being targeted by foreign agents in Australia… Police stress that for an offence to meet the legal definition of foreign interference, it must be carried out at the direction of a foreign power. Ultra-nationalists committing offences on their own accord would not fall under that definition” [59].

The Chinese Government,  like other governments including  Australia’s, seeks to increase its influence and  to obtain information both overtly (licitly)  and covertly (illicitly). However while Australian politicians have been severely punished for merely having dinner with Chinese business figures,  there is massive Israeli subversion of Australian politicians and journalists through free trips to Apartheid Israel [60], and benign media coverage if they ignore the horrendous crimes of this neo-Nazi Apartheid state.  Indeed the number one  rule of Australian politics (as for UK, Canadian and US politics)  is not to offend the genocidally racist and  Australia- and human rights-betraying Israel Lobby. Thus Ali Kazak (former Palestinian Ambassador  to Australia): “Forget China, no country has interfered, spied and endangered Australia’s security, sovereignty and the integrity of its national institutions more than Israel and its powerful lobbyists” [61]. The utterly  cowardly, timorous, gutless and yellow  Australian  Lib-Labs (the major parties)  ignore the kidnapping, shooting, tasering, imprisonment, robbing, mangling, killing, torturing, defaming, abusing, deceiving, perverting, threatening, intimidating, censoring, and subverting of Australians variously by genocidally  racist  Israeli Zionists or by traitorous  Australian Zionists [62-65]. Further, the US shares raw intelligence on Australians with Apartheid Israel [66]. In my perception Palestinian Australians with family in Palestine potentially subject to persecution by Apartheid Israel are clearly intimidated from public expression of views and human rights activism, as indeed are other Australians with family members living under repressive authoritarian regimes.

An eminent mentor when I was a child in Tasmania  was a Jewish refugee from Nazi Europe who used to say that what happened in Europe under the Nazis could happen in Australia – however, I protested this because we were taught in the 1950s that Australia was the best country on earth, and like most White Australians we were unaware of the appalling and continuing  maltreatment of Indigenous Australians. 70 years on Australia is one of the 35 members of the racist, anti-Jewish anti-Semitic, anti-Arab anti-Semitic, pro-Apartheid, genocide-ignoring, holocaust-ignoring, serial war criminal and nuclear terrorist IHRA that falsely defames anti-racist Jews, non-Jews, Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims as “anti-Semites” for protesting the century-long and genocidal abuse of Indigenous Palestinians by genocidally racist Zionists and neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel. Indeed in 2022 Australia joined the US, Ukraine and all but 4 of the pro-Apartheid Israel IHRA members in  voting No to the annual UNGA Anti-Nazi Resolution for “Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance”. The term neo-Nazi has a precise meaning for political scientists but is variously loosely used to describe  racist and fascist Right-wing extremists. “Neo-Nazi” could well describe those such as Zionist-subverted Australia refusing to support the UNGA Anti-Nazi Resolution. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. 

Final comments and conclusions.

The false defamation and attempted censorship of the acclaimed Palestinian writers Susan Abulhawa and Mohammed El-Kurd, invitees to the Adelaide Writers’ Festival, is repugnant and symptomatic of a wider malaise in Zionist-subverted, and Zionist-perverted Australia that is a craven lackey of an endlessly warmongering  and Zionist-subverted America. US lackey Australia is second only to the US as a supporter of nuclear terrorist, genocidally racist and neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel.

Presently only 3 out of 8 Australian State and Territory Governments (the Victorian, New South Wales,  and South Australian State Governments) endorse the anti-Jewish anti-Semitic, anti-Arab anti-Semitic, pro-Apartheid,  genocide-ignoring and holocaust-ignoring IHRA Definition of anti-Semitism that has been rejected by scholars  and over 40 anti-racist Jewish organizations around the world. However  both the Labor Federal Australian Government and the Coalition Opposition endorse Australia’s membership of the IHRA, and accordingly all the other  State and Territory Governments are likely to follow suit unless decent anti-racist Australians stand up against this evil Zionist perversion.

People supporting Apartheid Israel and hence the vile crime of Apartheid are utterly unfit for public life in one-person-one-vote democracies like Australia. Decent anti-racist and anti-Apartheid Australians simply cannot vote 1 for  either Labor or the Coalition in Australia’s compulsory and preferential voting system. Abolition of any foreign ownership of Australian media would stop subversion of presently Murdochracy Australia by the dominant and fervently Zionist US Murdoch media empire.

Presently only 2 out of 43 Australian universities (Melbourne University and Wollongong University) have endorsed the false, anti-Semitic and holocaust-ignoring IHRA Definition of anti-Semitism, and thus threaten the free speech of all their staff and students. More may follow. Free speech and truth are core values of decent universities, and staff and students  around Australia are voicing their anger over this worsening threat to academic free speech and the academic ethos. No decent overseas students will study at Zionist-subverted  Australian institutions committed to Racism and Lies instead of the academic and humanitarian  ethos of Kindness and Truth. Wake up Australia before it is too late!


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Dr Gideon Polya taught science students at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia over 4 decades. He published some 130 works in a 5 decade scientific career, notably a huge pharmacological reference text “Biochemical Targets of Plant Bioactive Compounds”. He has also published “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950” (2007, 2022) and “Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History” (1998, 2008, 2023). He has recently published “US-imposed Post-9-11 Muslim Holocaust & Muslim Genocide” (2020), and “Climate Crisis, Climate Genocide & Solutions” (2020), and contributed to Soren Korsgaard (editor) “The Most Dangerous Book Ever Published – Dangerous Deception Exposed!” (2020). For images of Gideon Polya’s huge paintings for the Planet, Peace, Mother and Child see: http://sites.google.com/site/artforpeaceplanetmotherchild/  .


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