A Shocking List of 52 Zionist- & Apartheid Israeli-Nazi Germany Comparisons

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The cruel and genocidal oppression of the Indigenous Palestinians by nuclear terrorist, racist Zionist-run and genocidally racist Apartheid Israel invites comparison with the cruelties of Nazi Germany. However such comparisons made by anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish humanitarians invite false and defamatory Zionist assertions of racism and anti-Semitism. To counter this,  provided below is  a shocking and detailed list of 52 Zionist- and  Apartheid Israeli-Nazi Germany comparisons.

The following 52-item list  of appalling abuses and human rights violations  by genocidally racist, Nazi-style and neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel,  its leaders and its supporters compels qualitative and quantitative comparisons with the conduct of genocidally racist Nazi Germany before and during WW2, and with racist fascists, fascoids, and neo-Nazis in general [for brevity analogous Nazi German activity for each  item is summarized briefly within square brackets].

(1). Race-based discriminatory laws. 1.9 million Palestinian Israelis are Third Class citizens subject to 65 race-based, Nazi-style discriminatory laws. The Israeli “parliament” recently rejected equal rights for Palestinian Israelis [Numerous race-based discriminatory laws were applied to German Jews by the Nazi Nuremberg Laws and thence to other subjects of Nazi Germany during WW2].

(2). Abusive and deadly occupation.  5.2 million Occupied Palestinians live under highly abusive, Nazi-style  military rule (for 54 years now),  are  excluded from all the human rights set out in the 30 Articles of the Universal Declaration Human Rights, and are subject to gross and Nazi-style Israeli-imposed abuse,  dispossession  and deadly poverty in gross  violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention and 15 other International Conventions, notably the UN Genocide Convention. [The horrendously abusive occupations by Nazi Germany were associated with 40 million deaths from violence and imposed deprivation, and are vastly better documented and reported than any other atrocity in history to the extent of presently daily mention in Mainstream media].

(3). Mass expulsion and exile. 8 million Exiled Palestinians are excluded under pain of death from their multi-millennial homeland, mostly live without equal rights in desperately impoverished refugee camps,  and  derive from successive Nazi-style mass expulsions (depopulations) of 800,000 Indigenous Palestinians (500 villages emptied in the 1948 Nakba or Catastrophe) and 400,000 Indigenous Palestinians and Syrians (in the 1967 Naksa or Setback). [Nazi-imposed invasions, occupations, mass murder, mass expulsions and mass population transfers].

(4). Genocide. The ongoing, century-long  Palestinian Genocide has been associated with 2.2 million Palestinian deaths from violence, 0.1 million, and from imposed deprivation , 2.1 million, since the genocidally racist British invaded the Middle East in 1914 for oil and imperial hegemony. [The Nazi-imposed WW2 Jewish Holocaust, WW2 Polish Holocaust and WW2 Russian Holocaust were associated with deaths from violence and imposed deprivation totalling 5-6 million, 6 million and 24 million, respectively. “Holocaust” implies death of a huge number of people whereas “genocide” is defined by Article 2 of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (the UN Genocide Convention) as “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group”].

(5). Avoidable deaths from imposed deprivation. 1950-2005 avoidable deaths from imposed deprivation total 24 million (in 5 countries with territory occupied  by Nazi-style Apartheid Israel) and circa 50 million (in 13 countries actually attacked  by Apartheid Israel). [30 million Slavs, Jews and Roma killed by Nazi-imposed violence or deprivation; Nazi Germany initiated WW2 in which deaths from violence and deprivation totalled 40 million in the Western theatre and 60 million in the Eastern theatre due to its ally Japan].

(6). Holocaust and genocide ignoring.  The neo-Nazi Zionists and neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel effectively ignore WW2  atrocities other than the WW2 Jewish Holocaust, noting that genocide and  holocaust ignoring  are far, far worse than repugnant genocide denial and holocaust denial because the latter at least permit public refutation and public debate. [The Nazi Germany-imposed WW2 Jewish Holocaust (5-6 million Jews killed by violence or imposed deprivation) was part of a largely ignored  Nazi Germany-imposed WW2 European Holocaust (30 million Slavs, Jews and Roma killed by violence or imposed deprivation) and indeed part of an even wider WW2 Holocaust that included the largely ignored Chinese Holocaust (35-40 million Chinese killed under the Japanese, 1937-1945) and the largely ignored WW2 Bengali Holocaust (the WW2 Indian Holocaust and WW2 Bengal Famine in which 6-7 million Indians were deliberately starved to death for strategic reasons in Bengal, Orissa, Bihar and Assam by the British under Winston Churchill,  with Australia being  complicit through denial of food from its huge WW2 grain stores to its ally India. The defeated Nazis sought to hide their appalling crimes].

(7). Egregious holocaust denial. The Nazi-style racist Zionists and their Western supporters  falsely assert in a process of egregious holocaust denial that there has only been 1 holocaust, and refer to the WW2 Jewish Holocaust as “The Holocaust” to the exclusion of other WW2 holocausts and indeed of some 60 genocide and holocaust atrocities in the last 2 centuries [1]. [The Nazis attempted to hide their crimes and post-WW2 neo-Nazis became prominent among “holocaust deniers” but one notes the chilling statement attributed to a genocide-adumbrating Hitler: “Who remembers the Armenians?” (1.5 million Armenians died in the WW1 Armenian Genocide perpetrated by German ally Turkey)].

(8). Proposing and effecting genocide. The Nazi-style Zionists, from genocidal psychopath Theodor Herzl to the genocidally racist Zionists presently running Apartheid Israel, have consistently and explicitly  proposed ethnic cleansing of Palestine from Indigenous Palestinians. Indeed a former US ambassador to Israel and the UN has stated that the Israelis oppose a State of Palestine, would concede no more than 4.4% of Palestine for such a state, and that 100% ethnic cleansing of the Occupied Palestinians is likely in coming years. [There  is a  well-documented record of the Nazis proposing and then effecting  elimination of Jews from Germany and thence from Europe. The Nazis initially  proposed Madagascar as a destination but this was precluded after German defeat in the Battle of Britain, and mass extermination of  Slavs, Jews and Roma was articulated and effected from 1941 onwards].

(9). Racial fantasies. All humans are born equal, but like the Nazi Germans (and indeed other Europeans) having bizarre and false White and Aryan racial purity, genocide and eugenics  obsessions, the Nazi-style racist Zionists  still  falsely assert the Semitic nature of Ashkenazi Jews and their “God-given right to Palestine”. In reality the politically dominant Ashkenazi Jews (including me) descend from Turkic Khazar converts to Judaism in the 7th – 10th century CE. Indeed the genetic descendants of the Jewish and non-Jewish inhabitants of Palestine at the time of the wonderful Jewish Palestinian humanitarian Jesus are in fact the 7.1 million Semitic and sorely oppressed Indigenous Palestinian subjects of Apartheid Israel  (the Jewish Israeli minority in Palestine today  overwhelmingly descend from Berber, Yemeni and Khazar converts to Judaism in the first millennium CE). [The Nazis were notoriously obsessed with “Aryan” racial purity  with horribly abusive deadly consequences for their assertedly “non-Aryan” subjects such as Slavs, Jews and Roma].

(10). Apartheid. Apartheid was a Nazi-style system of racial dominance and segregation systematized in South Africa post-WW2 (many of its proponents were jailed during WW2 as Nazi sympathizers). US-, UK-, Apartheid Israel- and variously Australia-backed Apartheid South Africa was converted to a one-person-one-vote state in 1994 after 3 decades of international boycotts against Apartheid. Indigenous Palestinians presently  represent 50% of the Subjects of Apartheid Israel (the politically overwhelmingly dominant Jewish Israelis represent only 47%) but nearly three quarters of the Indigenous Palestinian  Subjects of Apartheid Israel are excluded from voting for the government ruling them i.e. they are subject to egregious Apartheid as notably recognized by Jewish and non-Jewish heroes in the fight against Apartheid in South Africa . [Even the racist and Nazi-sympathizing founder of South African Apartheid, Dr Hendrik Verwoerd, agreed with his anti-racist opponents in declaring that “Israel is an Apartheid state”].

(11). Pro-Zionist IHRA is anti-Semitic and holocaust denying. The fervently pro-Zionist International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) has 34 member states that are  overwhelmingly European, and supporters of US Alliance nuclear terrorism  that posits that mass incineration of women , children and the elderly as a “moral” military strategy. On detailed analysis the IHRA is anti-Arab anti-Semitic (falsely defaming ethnically and/or culturally Semitic Palestinian, Arab and Muslim critics of Apartheid Israeli crimes as racist and “anti-Semitic” ), anti-Jewish anti-Semitic (falsely defaming Jewish critics of Apartheid Israeli crimes as racist and “anti-Semitic”), and holocaust-denying (ignoring all WW2 holocausts other than the WW2 Jewish Holocaust and indeed ignoring about 60 other genocides and holocausts) [1]. Over 40 anti-racist Jewish organizations have condemned the IHRA definition of  anti-Semitism. [Nazi Germany was genocidally anti-Jewish anti-Semitic. Many member nations of the IHRA were involved in the Nazi Germany-imposed WW2 Jewish Holocaust].

(12). Zionist-Nazi collaboration.  Zionists collaborated with the Nazis before and during WW2, opposed Jewish refugees finding refuge in any countries other than Palestine, opposed the Joel Brand scheme to save 400,000 Hungarian Jews, and after WW2  continued subverting  Britain at home and killing British soldiers in Palestine. [The Zionists and the Nazis were both genocidal racists and had the same evil goal of removing all Jews from Europe].

(13). Explicit genocidal racism. For the deluge of appalling, genocidally  racist, Nazi-style  Zionist  utterances ranging from variously denying the very existence of Palestine and Palestinians to explicit calls for genocide  see “Zionist quotes re racism and Palestinian Genocide” [2],  e.g. Winston Churchill: “I do not apologize for the takeover of the region by the Jews from the Palestinians in the same way I don’t apologize for the takeover of America by the whites from the Red Indians or the takeover of Australia from the blacks [i.e. Indigenous Australians]. It is natural for a superior race to dominate an inferior one”. [The Nazis were explicit in asserting the “sub-humanity” of their “non-Aryan” and “insufficiently Aryan” subjects and thence exterminating 30 million of them].

(14). “Jews should be Jews – not Nazis”.  For the expert and humane opinions of anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish humanitarians see “Non-Jews Against Racist Zionism” [3]  and “Jews Against Racist Zionism” [4]. Many of these anti-racist humanitarians draw analogies between  racist Zionism  and Apartheid Israel and the Nazis and the Nazi-inspired South African Apartheiders  e.g. Moshe Menuhin (scholarly father of anti-racist Jewish, anti- Zionism and famed musician Yehudi Menuhin): “Jews should be Jews – not Nazis” [Anti-racist Jewish American scholar Professor Bertell Ollman: “An all out struggle against Zionism by Jews, therefore, is also the most effective way to fight against real anti-Semitism. Furthermore, if Zionism is indeed a particularly virulent form of nationalism and, increasingly, of racism and if Israel is acting toward its captive minority in ways that resemble more and more how the Nazis treated their Jews, then we must also say so. For obvious reasons, the Zionists are very sensitive about being compared to the Nazis (not so sensitive that it has restrained them in their actions but enough to bellow “unfair” and to charge “anti-Semitism” when it happens). Yet, the facts on the ground, when not obscured by one or another Zionist rationalization, show that the Zionists are the worst anti-Semites in the world today, oppressing a Semitic people as no nation has done since the Nazis”].

[15]. Zionism is genocidal racism.  Zionism is genocidal racism, and is Nazism without gas chambers but with 90-400 nuclear weapons as well as biological weapons, chemical weapons and delivery systems. The century-long, slow-motion  Palestinian Genocide has been associated so far with 2.2 million Palestinian deaths from violence and imposed deprivation. However Zionist domination of US politics since Israeli acquisition of nuclear weapons by 1967 has been associated with deadly and cruel US military interventions in the Muslim world in subsequent decades. In the 21st century alone 32 million Muslims have died from violence, 5 million, and from imposed deprivation, 27 million, in 20 Muslim countries invaded by the fervently pro-Zionist US Alliance since the US Government’s 9/11 false flag atrocity that killed 3,000. [Nazism involved  war and industrial scale mass murder during the 6 years of WW2, an atrocity associated with about 40 million deaths].

(16). Concentration camps. Of 5.2 million Occupied Palestinians 2 million are highly abusively confined to the blockaded and bombed Gaza Concentration Camp and the remainder to ever-dwindling, and highly-abusively military-ruled West Bank ghettoes. Apartheid Israel does not have Nazi-style extermination camps with gas chambers but Palestinian deaths from imposed deprivation presently total 2.1 million in the ongoing, century-long Palestinian Genocide. [Nazi Germany had a huge system of concentration camps that ranged from ghettoes to slave labour and  extermination camps].

(17). Killing women and children. Of 2 million inmates of the Gaza Concentration Camp, 3.2 million West Bank Occupied Palestinians, 1.9 million Indigenous Palestinian Israelis,  5.2 million Occupied Palestinians, 8 million Exiled Palestinians  and of 15 million Palestinians in general  so cruelly violated by neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel, about 50% are children and 75% are women and children. [Nazi Germany did not confine its deadly  atrocities to killing prisoners of war and other men, but applied these same cruelties to women and children, notably  in relation to mass shooting executions (e.g. Babi Yar) and use of gas chambers in death camps (e.g. Auschwitz)].

(18). Inter-ethnic marriage effectively forbidden. Neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel persecutes Israeli-Occupied Palestinian couples (this obscene law was not renewed recently for complex Jewish Israeli  political machination reasons within neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel). [The Nazis criminalized and punished “Aryan”- “non-Aryan” fraternizing and marriage].

(19). Inter-religious marriage opposed. Neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel prohibits  non-religious and mixed marriages (such couples need to be married abroad). [The Nazis criminalized and punished “Aryan”- “non-Aryan” marriage].

(20). Egregious child abuse. 50% of Apartheid Israeli children surveyed report that they have been subject to psychological, physical or sexual abuse (17%). 100% of Occupied Palestinian children have been subject to extreme abuse by the neo-Nazi occupiers variously involving physical deprivation, threats of deadly violence and frequent episodes in Occupied Palestine of deadly violence involving shooting, shelling, rocketing, and bombing by drones and manned aircraft. [“Non-Aryan” child  as well as adult subjects of the Nazis  were subject to horrendous abuses by the Nazis involving brutal subjugation, expulsion, slavery and industrial-scale mass murder in extermination camps].

(21). Torture. Neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel tortures,  threatens and arbitrarily kills Occupied Palestinians, including  women and children. [The Nazis violently subjugated, threatened,  tortured and killed “non-Aryans” , including  women and children].

(22). Imposed bare survival to starvation. While Allied bombing contributed to acute malnutrition and starvation in Nazi concentration camps, neo-Nazi Apartheid Israeli authorities deliberately only permit carefully calibrated minimal  water and food sustenance for the inmates of the blockaded and bombed Gaza Concentration Camp. [Tens of millions died from deprivation in Nazi-ruled Europe].

(23). Existential nuclear and climate threats.  Humanity and the Biosphere are existentially threatened by nuclear weapons and climate change – a post-nuclear holocaust nuclear winter will decimate Humanity and the Biosphere, and a worsening Climate Genocide due to  unaddressed climate change is predicted  to kill 10 billion people this century en route to a sustainable population in 2100 of merely 1 billion. Nuclear terrorist, neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel has 90-400 nuclear weapons (and delivery system) and is planning massive expansion of off-shore gas production (gas exploitation can be dirtier greenhouse gas-wise than exploiting coal, and  the International Energy Association demands prohibition of any  new fossil fuel exploitation). [Nazi Germany developed deadly weapons but fortunately, unlike neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel,  failed to develop atomic bombs. However  imposed deprivation is also a weapon of mass destruction and was employed by the Nazis to kill tens of millions].

(24). Invasions and occupations. Neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel has militarily attacked 13 countries, occupied the territory of 5 countries, and still occupies the territory  of 4 countries (Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Palestine). [Like Apartheid Israel,  Nazi Germany was a serial invader of other countries. In WW2 Nazi Germany invaded and highly abusively occupied the territory  of about 22 countries].

(25). Supporting genocide in other countries.  Not content with its ongoing Palestinian Genocide (2.2 million killed by violence and imposed deprivation), neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel through its remorseless racism and world-leading military industry is complicit in genocidal atrocities in numerous other countries, notably in Myanmar (Rohingya Genocide), Guatemala (Mayan Indian Genocide), Sri Lanka (Tamil Genocide), and Sudan and South Sudan (Sudanese Genocide).  [In addition to its own program of mass murder,  Nazi Germany backed fascist and genocidal  mass murderers in other European countries, notably fascist collaborators  in Latvia and the Ukraine, the Ustase in Croatia and the Arrow Cross in Hungary].

(26). Global Avoidable Mortality Holocaust. By massively diverting much of the US foreign  aid budget to military support for Israel and Egypt, neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel and its Zionist supporters make a disproportionate contribution to the Global Avoidable Mortality Holocaust  in which 7.6 million people presently die avoidably each year from deadly deprivation around the world. [Nazi Germany and its ally Japan were involved in a World War in which about 100 million people died in the major combatant areas of Europe, North Africa, East Asia, South East Asia and the Pacific. However the attendant global disruption would have delayed progress and increased avoidable mortality from deprivation in both combatant and non-combatant areas.  Thus , for example, in 2003 – nearly 60 years after the end of WW2 – avoidable mortality from deprivation in the non-European world  totalled nearly 15 million [5]].

(27). Intentional mass murder by deprivation. Apartheid Israel-imposed poverty is deadly. The per  capita GDP is $3,400 for Occupied Palestinians and $46,400 for neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel. While Israelis violently  kill an average of 550 Occupied Palestinians each year, about 4,000   Occupied Palestinians die avoidably each year from imposed deprivation in a continuing process of remorseless passive mass murder, and about 85,000 have died avoidably from imposed deprivation this century [5].  [War-imposed deprivation due to the Nazi and Axis world  war killed tens of  millions [5]].

(28). Denial of life-preserving requisites. Neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel refuses to vaccinate its 5.2 million Occupied Palestinian Subjects (except for 5,000 medical personnel and 120,000 “day workers”) nor to provide “ventilators per million of population” comparable to  that in Israel. Presently about 99% of COVID-19 deaths are of unvaccinated people and thus at a global COVID-19 deaths occurrence  of about  2% of infection cases, as many as  100,000 unvaccinated Palestinians may die). This is in  further gross violation of Articles 55 and 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention that unequivocally demand that an Occupier must supply its Conquered Subjects with life-sustaining food and medical requisites “to the fullest extent of the means available to it”.  [The Nazis imposed dire and deadly deprivation on Subject populations, and most disastrously so on the tens of millions of inmates in Nazi concentration camps].

(29). Lying propaganda. US-born but later British  citizen Lord Haw Haw (William Joyce) was hanged for treason by the British after WW2 for broadcasting Nazi propaganda. Neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel and its traitorous Zionist and pro-Zionist supporters around the world are second to none for grossly violating truth, logic and semantics to wage war on truth, democracy and human rights through massive false propaganda (hasbara). [Nazi Germany invented and applied the “Big Lie” and took lying propaganda to new depths with sophisticated use of print media, radio and film].

(30). Subversion of the US. Neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel and its Zionist supporters have subverted and perverted the US since Israeli acquisition of nuclear weapons by 1967 with US and French help (Apartheid Israel is a dirty tricks surrogate for the US across the world from the Ukrainian Coup to successive Fijian Coups and is intimately involved in the US-imposed  post-9/11 Muslim Holocaust and Muslim Genocide; Zionists have responsibility for the deadly fiscal perversion in which $6 trillion has been committed to killing over 30 million Muslims abroad instead of trying to save the lives of the 30 million Americans who have died preventably since 9/11 from “life-style” and “political choice” reasons; pro-Zionism is now de rigeur in US politics; presently 30% of President Biden’s cabinet are Jewish Zionists and the remainder are moderate Christian  Zionists; the Trumpist Republican opposition is dominated by fervently evangelical Christian Zionists; hugely disproportionate Zionist representation on top Mainstream media boards and among billionaires means Zionist domination of Corporatocracy America and might-is-right US One Percenter domination of Americans  and much of  the rest of the  world). [Nazi Germany had massive support within the US and the rise of Nazism was  notoriously supported by some major US corporations and indeed by George W. Bush’s grandfather].

(31). Subversion of the UK. Zionists and thence neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel and its Zionist supporters have subverted and perverted the UK since the 1917 Balfour Declaration that was designed to get Jewish Russian Communists to try to keep Russia in the war against Germany, and was issued 2 days after the key Australia victory for the British Empire over the Turks at Beersheba, Palestine, on 31 October 1917 (Zionist support for the genocidally racist British Empire and US intervention in WW1 is inextricably linked to Nazi anti-Jewish anti-Semitism and thence to the horrors of the Nazi Germany-imposed WW2 Jewish Holocaust). Zionist subversion of the UK ranges from hugely disproportionate presence in Mainstream media and Big Money in Corporatocracy Britain to the Zionist-engineered political  destruction of Labour leader and leading anti-racist Jeremy Corbyn and the crippling of the Labour Party opposition. [Nazi Germany and fascism in general notoriously found support within the British upper class, notably  the abdicated Duke of Windsor and Sir Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists].

(32). Subversion of Australia.  Neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel and its Zionist supporters have subverted and perverted Australians and Australian institutions notwithstanding the principled anti-Zionism of eminent Jewish Australians, most notably Sir Isaac Isaacs (the first Australian-born Governor General of Australia): “The honour of Jews throughout the world demands the renunciation of political Zionism” and “the Zionist movement as a whole…now places its own unwarranted interpretation on the Balfour Declaration, and makes demands that are arousing the antagonism of the Moslem world of nearly 400 millions, thereby menacing the safety of our Empire, endangering world peace and imperilling some of the most sacred associations of the Jewish, Christian, and Moslem faiths. Besides their inherent injustice to others these demands would, I believe, seriously and detrimentally affect the general position of Jews throughout the world”.  A pre-war Jewish non-Zionist Freeland League scheme  to colonize North Western Australia was finally vetoed in 1944 through  Australian Intelligence advice (probably that the British War cabinet had decided to partition Palestine post-WW2).  Zionist subversion of Australia  ranges from hugely disproportionate presence in Mainstream media and Big Money in Corporatocracy Australia to the Zionist-engineered political  emasculation of Labour and the sidelining of the decent Labor Left (popular Labor PM Kevin Rudd angered the Zionist and  Mining Lobbies and was removed in a US-approved, Mining Corporation-backed and pro-Zionist-led Coup in 2010).  Australia regards the South Pacific as its “patch” but Apartheid Israel was involved in the 1987 and 2000 Fijian Coups. [Nazi Germany and fascist Italy garnered considerable right-wing support in Australia before WW2, with Robert “Pig-iron Bob” Menzies, founder of the conservative Liberal Party, praising  the Nazi Germany national spirit  and economic advance, and permitting pig iron shipments to Japan as it was devastating China].

(33). Maltreatment of Australians. Neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel and its Zionist supporters have variously been involved in the human rights abuse, kidnapping, shooting, tasering, mangling, wounding, killing, falsely imprisoning, torturing, violating, robbing, deceiving, intimidating, censoring, threatening, bullying, manipulating, misrepresenting, and falsely defaming  of Australians with no response from Zionist-subverted Australia governments except for apologetic protest over the kidnapping of Australians and apologetic expulsion of an Israeli diplomat  following repeated and large-scale Israeli forging of Australian passports (a month later the Australian PM Kevin Rudd was removed in a pro-Zionist-led Coup). US lackey Australia is second only to the US as a fervent supporter of neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel. [Nazi Germany actively subverted other countries, notably the UK, US, Latin American countries,  Vichy France territories and Occupied European countries,  and horribly and murderously persecuted people it did not like throughout Germany and Nazi Occupied Europe].

(34). Home destruction. Neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel practises horrendous and war criminal collective punishment on Occupied Palestinians through deliberate home demolition in the West Bank and merciless rocketing, shelling and bombing of homes in the Gaza Concentration Camp, the third most densely population entity in the world. Zionists created Apartheid Israel through successive mass expulsions of Palestinians from cities, towns and villages. [Nazi Germany imposed immense cruelties on Occupied and resisting people of which particularly cruel and deadly were  mass expulsions from villages, towns and cities and destruction of civilian homes through bombing, shelling and burning].

(35). Western-tolerated ghettoes and concentration camps. Neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel highly abusively imprisons 5.2 million  Occupied Palestinians in ever-dwindling West Bank ghettoes or in the blockaded and regularly bombed Gaza Concentration Camp. However the Zionist-subverted West simply looks the other way. [Nazi Germany highly abusively confined subjects it did not like on a gigantic scale in  numerous concentration camps  that ranged in cruelty from Theresienstadt in Czechoslovakia (holding) and ghettoes (abusive population concentration prior to transfer to death camps and leading to mass murder in the case of the Warsaw Ghetto),  to Auschwitz and related death camps (mass murder variously through deprivation, slave labour and industrial-scale gassing). Polish hero Jan Karski was disbelieved when he escaped Nazi-occupied Europe and tried to tell Western authorities about German atrocities in Poland].

(36). Genocidal racism. Zionism can be described as genocidal racism (8 million Exiled Palestinians  out of 15 million Palestinians) and Nazism without gas chambers  but with 90-400 nuclear weapons. However passive murder through deprivation is just as deadly and more cruel than active killing through violence. Deaths from violence and imposed deprivation total 2.2 million in  the century-long Palestinian Genocide. [Deaths from violence and imposed deprivation totalled  5-6 million in the Nazi-imposed WW2 Jewish Holocaust, 6 million in the WW2 Polish Holocaust, and 30 million in the WW2 European Holocaust of Slavs, Jews and Roma].

(37). Deadly arms. Apartheid Israel is among world leaders in military technology and arms exports, and its merchants of death around the world boast that its weapons are “pre-tested” on Palestinians and Arabs. [Nazi Germany invented all kinds of  novel killing machines including jet planes, V2 rockets, super submarines, super guns and super tanks, and employed them in total war. Fortunately Nazi Germany did not have time to develop nuclear weapons].

(38). Disproportionate violence.  Neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel is notorious for disproportionate violence  against its enemies. Thus this week Apartheid Israel commenced bombing economically devastated Lebanon in retaliation for possibly Palestinian rockets that killed nobody but caused some fires in fields. Over 20 years Palestinian rockets from Gaza have killed 40 Israelis,  Israeli reprisals have killed over 4,600 Gazans (an over 100-fold disproportionality) and wounded 28,500,  Israelis have murdered about 2,600 fellow Israelis (a low murder rate), and 85,000 Occupied Palestinians have died avoidably from imposed deprivation (a 90,000/40 =  2,250-fold disproportionality).  [In response to an Italian partisan attack killing 30 German soldiers, Hitler ordered 10 Italian men and boys shot for every German death (a mere 10-fold disproportionality) with this order being  carried out in the 1944 Ardeatine Caves Massacre].

(39). Sanctions suffered and applied. The nuclear terrorist states of Apartheid Israel and Zionist-subverted UK, US and France variously apply sanctions against non-nuclear weapons Iran. Sanctions were successfully applied by the World against Apartheid Israel-backed Apartheid South Africa after the 1960 Sharpeville Massacre (69 Africans killed). Apartheid was finally abolished in South Africa in 1993 and will ultimately be abolished in Palestine. As Nelson Mandela stated: “The UN took a strong stand against apartheid; and over the years, an international consensus was built, which helped to bring an end to this iniquitous system. But we know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians”.  Decent Humanity is applying  Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Apartheid Israel and all its supporters.[WW1 and WW2 ultimately occurred because of French,  British and Russian imperial exclusion of Germany from global markets dominated by these empires. Sanctions are legitimate and peaceful responses to cruelty and evil but the racist Zionists, pro-Zionists and the IHRA falsely claim that BDS is “anti-Semitic”, and  make false and offensive comparisons between BDS and  pre-WW2 Nazi boycotts of German Jewish businesses].

(40). Nuclear terrorism. Neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel, that is politically  dominated by its 6.8 million Jewish Israeli population (47% of the subjects of Apartheid Israel as compared to the Indigenous Palestinian 50% ), has 90-400 nuclear weapons as well as sophisticated  delivery systems. By way of comparison,  the nuclear weapons possessed by the other nuclear weapon states are as follows: the US (7,315), Russia (8,000), France (300), UK (250), China (250), Pakistan (120), India (100), and North Korea (about 10). India , Pakistan, Apartheid Israel and North Korea have not ratified the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), and none of the nuclear weapons states have signed or ratified  the Treaty for the Prohibition of  Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). Neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel has a military strategy based on the mass murder of billions of human beings. [Nazi Germany fortunately failed to acquire nuclear weapons but effected mass murder of 40 million people by “conventional” means].

(41). Slavery. Neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel (per capita GDP $46,400) allows 120,000 Occupied Palestinian workers from the Occupied Palestinian Territories  (per capita GDP $3,400) to work for very low pay in Apartheid Israel proper or in illegal West Bank Jewish settlements. The average monthly wage is $207 (Gaza Concentration Camp) versus $323 (West Bank) and   $3,300 (Apartheid Israel). However in neoliberal Western countries wages have been stagnant for decades in a trade-off involving State provision of health care, education, infrastructure, security and a social welfare safety net. The popular,  right-wing, pro-Zionist and “US asset” PM of Australia, Bob Hawke,  successfully introduced this kind of deal in the 1980s. However even if Occupied Palestinians workers got paid the same as Israeli workers (very unlikely), each day they return home to egregiously impoverished Occupied Palestine (per capita GDP $3,400) in which  State-provided services are threadbare and minimal i.e. they are effective slave labour. In addition, wealthy Apartheid Israel, like other wealthy Western countries, buys consumer goods made by effective slave labour in impoverished Developing Countries. As fervent pro-Zionist Churchill famously stated of indentured labour in the Transvaal : “The conditions of the Transvaal ordinance … cannot in the opinion of His Majesty’s Government be classified as slavery; at least, that word in its full sense could not be applied without a risk of terminological inexactitude”. [Nazi Germany had an evil and cruel system of slave labour involving tens of millions of badly malnourished slaves from Occupied countries].

(42). Lebensraum and ethnic cleansing. Through forcible expulsions and expropriations about 90% of Palestine has been ethnically cleansed of Indigenous Palestinians by Zionist colonizers in an ongoing Palestinian Genocide (note the related Australian Aboriginal Genocide of Indigenous Australians that like the Palestinian Genocide involved about 2 million Indigenous deaths from violence and deprivation, and a racist “terra nullius” policy that rejected the continuous, multi-millennial Indigenous ownership of and connection to the land). Genocidally racist Zionist psychopaths articulate a dream of a Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates. Neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel opposes a Palestinians state and would concede no more than 4.4% of Palestine  for such a “sham state”. An expert prediction is that all the Occupied Palestinians will eventually be induced to leave [Nazi Germany was obsessed with being cut out of Western European, American  and Russian global imperialism and colonialism, and sought “lebensraum” (living room) in the Slavic lands of Eastern Europe with initial plans put into effect to Germanify Poland by eliminating  the Jewish and Polish inhabitants that the Nazis regarded as belonging to “inferior races”].

(43). Ethnocide: language and culture removal.  A key aspect of centuries of Western settler colonialism in the US, Canada, Australia, the Caribbean and Latin America   has been post-invasion and post-genocide removal of Indigenous languages and cultures (ethnocide). Arabic has been the language of Palestine for at least 1,400 years, and Arabic-speaking Indigenous Palestinians represent 50% of the subjects of Apartheid Israel with Jewish Israelis representing 47% ,  but Apartheid Israel’s recent Nation-State law declares Israel  a Jewish State,  makes Hebrew the official language, and relegates Arabic to an inferior status as a “special language”. 500 Palestinian villages (and most of the associated mosques and churches) were destroyed by the Zionists in 1948, the Palestinian Genocide continues, and total expulsion of Occupied Palestinians is foreshadowed. [Nazi Germany  set about a Polish Genocide and Jewish Genocide in Poland with this involving the killing of  6 million Poles including  3 million Jews. 300 Polish villages were destroyed. As part of wider efforts to destroy Polish culture, the Germans limited schooling of Polish children to several years, plundered Polish cultural assets, closed or destroyed universities, schools, museums, libraries, and scientific laboratories, and  destroyed national monuments.]

(44). Spying and total surveillance. Apartheid Israel’s spying agencies Mossad (international) and Shin Bet (domestic)  are legendary. In Australia (a member of the Anglosphere 5 Eyes intelligence-sharing club comprising  the US, UK, Canada , Australia and New Zealand) the US shares bulk, low-grade intelligence on Australians with Apartheid Israel. The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has been compelled to remove very expensive Israeli command and control systems from its hardware for fear (evidently prompted by the US) of these being used to spy on the military technology involved. Neo-Nazi Apartheid Israeli NSO’s “Pegasus” system (like the  related UK and US hacking systems e.g. UK BAE “Evident” and US “Karma”)  allows repressive regimes (e.g. UAE and Saudi Arabia) to spy on anyone via hacking smart-phones,  and target journalists, activists and human rights lawyers in particular. [Nazi Germany spying was the best for the technology available at the time].

(45). Violation of core moral messages. For anti-racist Jews and indeed all anti-racist humanitarians the core moral messages from the WW2 Jewish Holocaust (5-6 million dead, many dying from deprivation) and from the more general WW2 European Holocaust (30 million Slav, Jewish and Gypsy dead) are “zero tolerance for racism”, “never again to anyone”, “bear witness” and “zero tolerance for lying”. Apartheid Israel and its Zionist and pro-Zionist supporters grossly violate these sacred injunctions through continuing genocidal racism and mendacity. Indeed allowing for some  poetic licence Apartheid Israel and its supporters violate all of the Biblical Ten Commandments. The Occupied Palestinians are variously excluded from the all the human rights set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. [Nazi Germany deprived scores of millions of “untermenschen” (assertedly inferior  humans) of all rights with the consequence that 30 million human beings  suffered horribly and thence died from violence and imposed deprivation].

(46). Stolen symbols. From my poem “And then they stole the falafel” (about Zionist grand larceny ):“They stole the flag of Apartheid Israel/ From the innocent  Greeks, with the Star of David/ Stolen from anti-Zionist  Orthodox Judaism;/ Their national anthem they stole from Smetana”. [The Nazis like other Western European imperialists appropriated the grand imperial architecture of the brutal and merciless Roman Empire. The Nazi symbol, the swastika, was an ancient Hindu and Indo-European religious symbol, and was appropriated by the Nazis for the purposes of multi-millennial validation that is also at the core of Zionist imperial fantasy].

(47). Takeover of religions. Religion was always intimately associated with and regularly invoked by State power from prayers for victory and “God is on our side” to the half-serious British imperial “God is an Englishman”. Indeed the presently politically dominant Ashkenazi Jews descend from Turkic Khazars ordered to adopt usury-tolerating Judaism by the ruler of Khazaria. For 2 millennia Orthodox Judaism has said that return  to Zion (Jerusalem) was prohibited until the Messiah arrives to reveal the glory of the Lord to all of Humanity. Serial war criminal Netanyahu is not the Messiah (indeed is quite the opposite). Aided by the Nazi mass extermination of European Jewry, the largely US-based Zionist  movement  has rejected this core article of Orthodox Judaism and obscenely and utterly  falsely equates Zionism with Judaism. Zionist Judaism acts an agent of the CIA and MI6  for devastating and crippling the Middle East in the interests of  Anglo-American oil and geopolitical hegemony. Apartheid Israel destroyed most of the mosques and churches in 500 ethnically cleansed and demolished Palestinian villages. [Nazi Germany cowed the major Christian denominations, destroyed synagogues and consigned Jews, the pacifist  Seventh Day Adventists and other dissident Christian heroes to concentration camps].

(48). Fascoid spectrum. Italian Fascism was named after the Roman power symbol of “fasces”(a strong bundle of  sticks often with the blade of an axe showing) representing cooperation of an authoritarian  state with key societal elements such as Big Business, the Church  and government-beholden unions  (syndicates).  However the fascoid (fascist-like) spectrum is seen to range from fervent admirers and practitioners of extreme nationalism coupled with brutal neoliberal economic “efficiencies” of corporations (e.g. Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, and Victor Orban today)  to the German Nazis. Apartheid Israel is a fascoid state. [Nazi Germany was a fascoid state and  collaborated  with fascist  regimes notably those of France, Italy, Croatia and Hungary].

(49).  “Me too” settler colonialism and exceptionalism. Germany and Zionism came late to settler colonialism. Germany picked up leftovers in the Pacific (notably New Guinea and in Micronesia) and in sub-Saharan Africa (present-day Cameroon, Burundi, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Namibia) but all were “lost” after WW1. In Namibia (South West Africa)  the Germans carried out the first genocide of the 20th century in exterminating most of the Indigenous Hereros and Namibs by driving them into the desert to die. This genocide tactic was employed by the Germany-allied Turks in the WW1 Armenian Genocide (1.5 million killed). The rise of Zionism in the 19th century UK is attributed to Queen Victoria’s  Jewish British  PM Benjamin Disraeli, a mass murderer and genocidal British imperialist.  The rise of Zionism in Continental Europe in the late 19th century was led by genocidally racist psychopath, Theodor Herzl,  a degenerate and ignorant Hungarian journalist (a hill  in the holy city of Jerusalem, Al Quds)  was  named Mount Herzl by genocidally racist Zionist psychopaths. In the 19th to 20th centuries there were about 20 “schemes” around the world for imperialist-aping Jewish colonies. The British Government offered land in Kenya for Jewish settlement  in the so-called Uganda Scheme but withdrew the offer when there were insufficient takers.  Indeed Theodor Herzl  seriously and specifically considered newly ethnically cleansed Argentina as an alternative to Palestine (the white Argentinians like the white Australians had endeavoured to exterminate  the Indigenous inhabitants). The anti-Zionist Jewish Freeland League disapproved of Zionist  maltreatment of Palestinians and promoted exclusive Jewish settlement in newly ethnically cleansed  North West Australia, a supporting  Polish Jewish poet Melekh Ravitsh obscenely stating: “The blacks in Australia cannot be regarded as owners of the land. They belong to the very lowest level of human civilization”. Zionists argue that they have a “right” to a “nation-state”  like 193 member nations of the UN,  but this extraordinary  exceptionalism ignores the realities of 7.8 billion other  human beings  in the world,  the prior inalienable rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the deeply moral arguments of anti-racist Jews  who would not dream of violating such rights. [Nazi Germany also wanted the “me too” “right” to settler colonialism and applied the Zionist-like exceptionalism involving horrendous genocide].

(50). Alliance of the mob and capital. Anti-racist Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt described the political enabling of Western colonialism, including Nazi German colonialism in Europe, as involving an “alliance of the mob and capital” in which Big Money (capital)  was able through  exciting nationalism, jingoism, greed and racism to convince the poor (the mob) of the evil falsehood that invasion, occupation, ethnic cleansing and  violent colonization of other countries was noble, patriotic and profitable. [The Nazi German fervour, compliance,  fanaticism  and deadliness over 12 years  matched that of the settler colonialism of other Western European countries who had centuries to effect genocidal mass murder of Indigenous people].

(51). Silence  is complicity. Ordinary people do not have anything like the effective free speech available to the wealthy. Thus, for example, 50% of American billionaires are Jewish as are 14.5% of the Australian Top 200 Rich List.  These people have the wealth that enables them to “buy” the front page of major newspapers to express their opinions. However I am unaware of any of these people using their effective free speech to dissociate themselves from the appalling crimes of Apartheid Israel – silence is complicity and these people are thus complicit in these awful Zionist crimes. Conversely, a large body of anti-racist Jewish humanitarians (such as myself) and other anti-racist humanitarians endlessly speak out but their effective free speech is  extremely limited and they are subject to extraordinary sidelining, vilification and censorship by Zionist-subverted Mainstream media. [Nazi Germany imposed the death penalty on people whose views they did not like in a process of comprehensive state terrorism].

(52). Cruelty. “Cruelty Or Humanity” by Stuart Rees is an important book that should be in every institutional and public library. Despite the  Mainstream   hiding or softening horrific crimes, we are all aware of global cruelties, from  deadly Developing World poverty to equally deadly war atrocities. We utterly abhor cruel people of personal acquaintance, and my reading of this powerful book  instructs us to extend this sheer abhorrence to all politicians, elected or otherwise, who inflict cruelties on Humanity. Racism is cruel because people cannot help where or to whom they were born. War is the penultimate in racism and genocidal war is the ultimate in racism, with Apartheid Israel being involved in both. The victims, notably  the sorely oppressed Palestinians, have been effectively born into cruel and racist  subjugation. Zionists and like racists such as the Ku Klux Klan, Nazis, neo-Nazis, white supremacists,  and Apartheiders  are unfit for public life  because of their entrenched racism and their horrible cruelty to others. [Nazi Germany inflicted horrendous cruelties on scores of millions of subject people, and is utterly condemned not just for  its war crimes but also for the utterly vile cruelty of its policies and actions].

Final comments.

Over 150 years of genocidally racist Zionism have inflicted horrendous cruelties on hundreds of millions of people, from anti-racist Jews  with a sole allegiance to the country of their birth, and 5-6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis,  to the 2.2 million Palestinians killed through violence or imposed deprivation in the ongoing Palestinian Genocide, 15 million Palestinian victims today of Apartheid Israeli cruelties, and of  over 30 million Muslims killed through violence and deprivation in the ongoing , US-imposed, post-9/11 Muslim Holocaust and Muslim Genocide [1].

This nightmare has to end and will end when Humanity decides that (a) the racist Zionists and their associates  inflicting  cruel evils on others are repugnantly cruel and thus utterly unfit for human company and commerce [6, 7], and (b) that neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel and all its supporters should be subject to comprehensive Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) as were successfully applied to neo-Nazi Apartheid South Africa.

These cruelties can end tomorrow. However the racist Jewish Nation-State Law of Apartheid Israel [8]. makes it abundantly clear that the racist Zionists running Apartheid Israel are resolutely committed to a neo-Nazi Apartheid State and endless, deadly subjugation of the Indigenous Palestinians with the ever-present threat of 100% ethnic cleansing of Palestine. The world must act over Apartheid Israel as it did over Apartheid South Africa. A clear, humane solution to the continuing human rights catastrophe in Palestine is a unitary state (a “one state solution”) as in post-Apartheid South Africa that would involve return of all refugees, zero tolerance for racism, equal rights for all, all human rights for all, one-person-one-vote, justice, goodwill, reconciliation, airport-level security, nuclear weapons removal, internationally-guaranteed national security initially based on the present armed forces, and untrammelled access for all citizens to all of Palestine. It can and should happen tomorrow.


[1]. Gideon Polya, “US-imposed, post-9/11 Muslim Holocaust & Muslim Genocide”, Korsgaard Publishing, Germany, 2020  (see Amazon: https://www.amazon.com.au/US-Imposed-Post-9-Muslim-Holocaust-Genocide/dp/8793987048  ) .

[2]. “Zionist quotes re racism and Palestinian Genocide”, Palestinian Genocide : https://sites.google.com/site/palestiniangenocide/zionist-quotes .

[3]. “Non-Jews Against Racist Zionism”: https://sites.google.com/site/nonjewsagainstracistzionism/ .

[4]. “Jews Against Racist Zionism”: https://sites.google.com/site/jewsagainstracistzionism/ .

[5]. Gideon Polya , “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950”, G.M. Polya, 2007, that includes an avoidable mortality-related history of every country since Neolithic times and is now available for free perusal on the web: http://globalbodycount.blogspot.com/  ; an updated  2021 edition is at a pre-publication stage.

[6]. Dr Gideon Polya in Australian Government, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, “Feasibility study on strengthening trade and investment with Israel: submissions”, April 2021: https://www.dfat.gov.au/trade/engage/feasibility-study-strengthening-trade-and-investment-israel-submissions#received .

[7]. Gideon Polya, “Australia must stop Zionist subversion and join the World in comprehensive Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Apartheid Israel and all its supporters”, Subversion of Australia, 15 April 2021: https://sites.google.com/site/subversionofaustralia/2021-04-15 .

[8]. Gideon Polya, “Israeli Jewish Nation-State Law enshrines Apartheid and genocidal racism”, Countercurrents, 24 July 2018: https://countercurrents.org/2018/07/24/israeli-jewish-nation-state-law-enshrines-apartheid-and-genocidal-racism/ .

Dr Gideon Polya taught science students at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia over 4 decades. He published some 130 works in a 5 decade scientific career, notably a huge pharmacological reference text “Biochemical Targets of Plant Bioactive Compounds”. He has also published “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950” and “Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History”. He has recently published “US-imposed Post-9-11 Muslim Holocaust & Muslim Genocide” (2020)  and “Climate Crisis, Climate Genocide & Solutions” (2021). For images of Gideon Polya’s huge paintings for the Planet, Peace, Mother and Child see: http://sites.google.com/site/artforpeaceplanetmotherchild/  .

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