rose 1

They wanted love. The young.

The desire was inside them.

A candle in the night.

A match

in a bedroom of fireworks.


They wanted to tumble in pairs

into the prayers of

another world – hot

unions of bodies and souls.  To

smell, to taste, to

touch, to feel, and

to experience

(as if dreaming together)

the light of the rose

of immortal wishes.


Old men

hard rulers, takers

with dry bodies

with desiccated souls, devoid

of heart and empathy

issued orders, commanding

yet another generation

(again and yet again)

into the nightmare maelstrom

of political death.  Crushing

youth and life

beneath the mechanized

sledgehammers of loveless war.


But the young

wanted only love. To

smell, to taste, to

caress and be

caressed by the blissful

light of the rose

of immortal wishes.


The desire burned inside them.

A longing for peace.


David Sparenberg: An eco-poet, essayist and storyteller, David Sparenberg is author of four books: EARTH KEEPER: an Ecosophy of Poems, EARTH CRISIS HUMAN CRISIS: Urgent Essays, BEING HERE & BELONGING: Visions, Talks & Meditations, volumes 1-3 in the Grassroots Reader Series, and CONFRONTING the CRISIS: Essays & Meditations on Eco Spirituality from Moon Books.  David lives in Seattle, WA in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.


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