Remembering Shanti Bhushan

Shanti Bhushan

Tributes to respected Shanti Bhushan-ji, a tall lawyer, great teacher and humble leader ! Instrumental in dethroning Indira Gandhi, gathering of forces for the post-Emergency Janata Party and bringing AAP and Kejriwal to the political forefront. I remember his surprise appearance for me in the Operation Bluestar Report – bail matter in the district Court of Tis Hazari, when I was unconditionally set free. A senior advocate appearing in the district court was very rare.

He was my first Senior and mentor before I joined the bar, when I used to visit him at his NOIDA residence every afternoon. He had assigned me the special task of looking through the case law and selecting the relevant judgments to be presented before the court the next day. He was strong in intent but gentle in speech and mannerisms. Come to think of it, I was so fortunate for he was my first teacher for law training . Shanti Bhushan-ji took meticulous interest in the cases I brought before him each day. My heartfelt gratitude. My deepest condolences to my friend Prashant, and the family. We will miss you Shanti Bhushan-ji. You will live in our hearts.

Aurobindo Ghose, lawyer, writer and Human Rights activist. Can be reached at

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