Hindu Rashtra, Khalistan & Indian State – Questions Before Home Ministry

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The PIL Watch Group watches with concern the events unfolding in Punjab. Consequent to the opinion expressed publicly by the police officials, central intelligence agencies, public figures on the recent developments in Punjab pertaining to release of an accused from judicial custody ostensibly due to protest demonstration (at Ajnala police station, near Amritsar) organised by a newly formed outfit ‘Waris Punjab de’, the following questions arise:

  1. Is it a fact that the spokesperson of ‘Waris Punjab de’asked: (Quote)

Why is it wrong for a Sikh to demand Khalistan if advocacy of Hindu Rashtra is not punished (The Times of India, 26.02.2023)

  1. Is it a fact that a dossier is being compiled on the activities/utterances of ‘Waris Punjab de’ head over the last six months or so by the Punjab Police, central agencies?


  1. Have such dossiers been compiled about organisations/individuals espousing the cause of Hindu Rashtra – contrary to the concept of a democratic, secular, republic of India as enshrined in the Constitution of India? Would these names be made public as was done for ‘Waris Punjab de’?


  1. Has the Union Home Ministry’s attention been drawn to the statement of Satya Pal Malik, former Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Goa as also of Meghalaya to the effect: (Quote)

There is a need to control this Hindu Rashtra rhetoric (Indian Express, 25.02.2023)

  1. What action, if any, has been taken/envisaged by the Union Home Ministry vis-à-vis the suggestion of Satya Pal Malik?


  1. If no dossier has been compiled on organizations/individuals who espouse the cause of majoritarian theocratic state, would it not lend credence to the view that different yardsticks are applied to majoritarian/minority transgressions of provisions of Indian Penal Code and Indian Constitution?


  1. Has the Union Home Ministry noticed the cause and effect inherent in the ‘Waris Punjab de’ statement:(Quote)


…agar Hindu Rashtra ki baat chalegi, to Khalistan ki baat kyon nahin chalegi. (Indian Express, 25.02.2023)


  1. Would the Union Home Ministry make it clear that transgressions of the constitutional provisions of a secular Republic have no place in modern democratic India?


  1. Would the Union Home Ministry re-iterate that genuine Federalism would be the guiding principle to negate the perception in some minds that over-centralised governance is being forced/favoured by a few at the top?


  1. Has the Union Home Ministry read media reports/views to the effect: (Quote)

… growing narrative around a Hindu Rashtra pushed by elements with links to RSS-BJP. This further plays into the insecurity among Sikhs over its implication for minorities like them. (Indian Express, 25.02.2023)


Decades earlier Parliament Street of New Delhi would reverberate – during protest demonstrations – with the slogan:

‘Na Hindu Rashtra, na Khalistan

Ek Rehega Hindustan’

Concerted efforts are needed to ensure a united secular Republic of India.

PIL Watch Group


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