Hate Crimes in India

rpf constable kill four

The hate mongers are succeeding. India’s #manustream media can be redefined now as #hatemedia or simply #nafartimedia has been impactful in creating divisions and hatred in people’s mind. The incident in the Mumbai-Jaipur train where a constable of RPF Chetan Kumar Chaudhry fired at his senior ASI Tika Ram Meena and then killed three other passengers in the different coaches who happened to be Muslims. It is not known as what happened in this early morning terror attack but reports suggest that the constable might had an political altercation with ASI Meena and killed him instantly. He then goes to different coaches and kills three other people based on their physical identity and shout if you have to live in India, you have to follow Modi and Yogi.

This purely is indicative of what has happened in our civilian and military human resource. Most of them are being fed through whatsapp the hatred that are emerging from the Sangh Parivar’s vicious and poisonous propaganda. The government of the day has no interest that there be peace in the country. It is basically working for more and more division. We have not heard, a single leader of the ruling party expressing any shock, remorse or regret of such acts which threaten national security. When the country want the prime minister to reassure them, he look other way. In the last 9 years, he rarely expressed any regret. He does not even speak to his cadres to be more responsible. Instead, he has become a Baba, who do every effort to deflate the attention. He want to be in the news 24×7 and provide ‘homework’ to a docile and servile class of ‘devotees’ whose history sense emerge from the hatemongering whatsapp and whataboutery.

What happened in the train is not surprising as the there are numerous videos every day on social media where the champions use foulest language against Muslims. The discourse has become such a nasty that being Muslim itself has been made as a crime.

The Sangh and its various offshoots are acting with complete impunity. Nobody bother about their religiosity but they are not religious but fanatic suffering in hatred against the fellow citizens of the country. The fire of hatred is now engulfed Gurgaon and Haryana. Look at how this is done in a systematic way and then put the blame elsewhere. The new modus operandi of the Hindutva gangs are that they deliberately raising provocative slogan, will force to take their procession from the Muslim localities. Will be more aggressive and violent when they see a Muslim or a their house, places of worship. They wait for them to come and fight. If the Muslim retaliate or react, the #nafartimedia is ready with the narratives about ‘Jehadi’ and ‘pttharbaj’.

Look at what happened in Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. An honest police officer acted against the unruly mob of the Hindutva’s political devotees who wanted to go through the Muslim localities. He acted decisively and saved the city from a possible riot but rather than respecting him and acknowledging his firm stand, the state government transferred him immediately. What are the police officer expected to do ? Well, in Uttar Pradesh, they are supposed to ‘pour’ flowers from the sky over the ‘devotees’. Even those who are protecting us at our borders have not received this kind of ‘adulation’ and pampering as these political devotees of Hindutva have been given. Clearly, the BJP netas know that their bhakts cant do anything more than spreading hatred and they encourage them. The power politics have ensured to normalise their behaviour and convert them into VIP mob which can do anything with impunity. The police and administration is just an onlooker making ‘pathways’ for them. The Kanwad yatra is now a new VIP yatra which is projected as if they are doing a great favor to the nation or Kanwariyas doing ‘nation building’. Well you cant build the nation through hating your fellow citizens just because they dont agree with you or follow the path of faith that you are engaged in.

A few days back, a video surfaced on the social media. A man praying on his seat in the railway was countered by the fellow passengers with aggressive chanting of Hanuman Chalisa. Nobody suggest that you can read it or pray but if your prayers are merely an attempt to humiliate others or to disturb others who are not ‘like’ you, then it is nothing but pure hatred.

Hatred ultimately takes us no where. India could progress and prosper when there was peace and respect. Why we still love the cinema of fifties and sixties, songs, drama, stories and everything not because it is our history but because progressive movement in literature and cinema happened that time as the state was secular in nature. Ofcourse, with a few aberrations. Nobody, justify violence. Nobody would say discriminate. Hindus and Muslims relationship grew. India’s secular model was ideal for the rest of the world and appreciated us.

What is happening in India today is looking similar like what Zia ul Haq did in Pakistan with rabid Islamisation process of his sytem. He wanted to make Pakistan, the leader of Islamic world but ended up in destroying the entire country. Today, having a Pakistani passport means, among the most unwanted. Politics with religion is a lethal weapon of mass destruction. You dont need WMDs but hatred. It is worst than a nuclear or chemical bomb. You not only destroy others but also yourself. Hate takes us nowhere.

India need to stand together and that is the only answer to those who want to use hatred as Weapon of Mass Destruction against the minorities and marginalised. The thing is WMD destroy everybody. The only way to counter this is more and more interaction and working together of our shared cultural heritage.

Our shared cultural heritage is our biggest strength. They will hate it, attempt to destroy it, disown it but we need to own that heritage to protect the idea of an inclusive India which our constitutional forefathers gave us.

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Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Vidya Bhushan Rawat is a social and human rights activist. He blogs at www.manukhsi.blogspot.com twitter @freetohumanity Email: [email protected]

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