G20 Delhi Declaration – A Postscript

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The internet portal CRUX named India, Russia & African Union as Winners of the G20 Meet in New Delhi (Sept.9-10 2023).


The general euphoria sonograph now certifies India as a de facto world power coming on the heels of another of India’s spectacular success with Chandrayaan 3 Moon Mission recently, the first country in the world to land a spacecraft on the edge of the dark side of the moon, considered in space-tech as a unique feat per se. That image is now ornamented with the latest success of G20 Delhi Declaration(G20DD). What these two completed events prove is that INDIA CAN DELIVER!

A recognition is therefore on that a strong India is in everyone’s interest (reluctantly also by enemies like Pakistan or a rival like China). Nevertheless, India has a long way to go before becoming world’s genuine darling. Difference now is, there is that new acceptance worldwide, that India can deliver, that India’s service is needed. This new trust India harvested needs to be taken care of, meaning responsible wise actions ought to follow, not mundane home election gains only. It is a unique historical bonanza as a new diligent role awaits Delhi. Africa will never forget India’s Narendra Modi.

Needless to say, India and the Modi Government are jubilant, justifiably. Even the opposition warmly welcomed this success. The true winner is India’s adept and fairly sophisticated Foreign Ministry that not only employed a far-sighted vision of things, but also worked round the clock to craft this success. For the PM it was essentially vital that he got this magic Declaration through against all heavy odds to puff up his re-election chances. President Biden aided by G7 leaders saw to it that India was awarded victory this time by making a compromise not to insist Russia being mentioned as an aggressor.

Apart from the 3 winners of G20DD mentioned by CRUX there are invisible LEFT-OUTS. The EU, the NATO. and the still imperial U.S. All grabbed their own medals. Significant are their hidden political gains. For NATOSTAN (EU & NATO) the glaring de facto “Defeat” vs Russia staring them in face in Ukraine, the G20DD offered a new hope for economic revival and engagement, and for the U.S. the burden of a mega-blemish Biden earned around the world in addition to the Hunter Biden scandal in a forthcoming election year, seemed now lifted and for the U.S Treasury the chance of a para-dollarisation, if not a re-dollarisation. Janet Yellen’s presence in the meeting behind Pres. Biden did not go unnoticed as much as NATO Secy-General Jens Stoltenberg’s presence at the Summit. Biden seems to be convinced now that the India Ticket is far more vital and prominent one than what Bitcoin or digital Dollar can ever buy.

The India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEEEC), a mammoth trade connectivity deal, a brainchild of the U.S. Intelligence, got firmly established bringing India closer to Europe via chosen Middle-East nations Saudi Arabia, UAE and Israel who are India’s bilateral and multilateral partners elsewhere too. This is a strong trade connectivity deal Biden preferred to name a real “big deal”. Many have missed to see that the U.S. is the Biggest Invisible Winner of the G20 Delhi Summit. Biden is taking home a Big Golden Tiger. Another great invisible beneficiary is the unsung world-at-large with a new Hope for a better economic future sans poverty for over one-and-a half billion people on Earth, and an extremely important re-start for world’s most urgently needed climate actions. Finally, the last but not the least, is the augmented status of the Empowerment of Women in public life and services.

How far these will progress from here, whether as a true reality or a mere game-play only future can tell. But a start has been initiated and India blazed the trail. After being sucked dry of its wealth for centuries the Delhi Declaration gave home to the African Union of 1.4 billion people to become equal partners in the world community, something that was long wanting. Now, Black Africa is part of the world’s most powerful nations the G-21.

Many in euphoric profusion have naively commented heaping praise on India for the G20 success. While Russia will wait in the wings, and with exception to China that immediately sounded a warning, few seem aware of the embedded strategic implications or say the potential strategic eventualities – speak vulnerabilities, that might follow this G20DD. Let’s get a bit microscopic.

An UnHoly Ghost?

At the outset it is quite mystical why an outside jumbo mil-power across the Atlantic should take active interest and propose an India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEEEC) that factually concerns only India, Saudia Arabia, UAE, Israel and Europe with a proposed augmented connectivity worth multi-billion-dollar investment. What is the American dig in this trade connectivity deal? An old argument could always surface to say, U.S. military and NATO should ensure the flow of oil and goods from these countries to Europe and America. These countries in the IMEEEC provide the legitimacy for U.S. military surveillance, NATO involvement and presence because of terror entities like Al-Kaida and ISIS being active in the region. It justifies a strong U.S. military presence in the Middle-East, ensuring multi-billion dollar revenue for the U.S. Military-Industrial-Complex. Additionally, for the U.S., to build such a vast network is chance for American contractors to grab whopping deals if the U.S. is in the venture.

The larger, unrecognised but smothering suspicion is – Are India, Saudi Arabia and UAE as BRICS members (from January 2024- America’s election year) indirectly trapped into a new dependency on NATO & the U.S.? The G20DD has clearly bared that it is directed against China’s BRI. Is this not an open attempt to weaken BRICS and the de-dollarisation Moscow and Beijing are working hard at?

Conspiracy theory says it was and it is in the U.S. interest to make India an indebted nation or at least indirectly as a hooked up proactive-ally. Scenarios of the kind – through their over-printed dollars Big U.S. finance corps could give loans to Indian companies and finally make these companies go broke damaging Indian economy to the status of a sick economy like the one Sri Lanka now – will have plenty of pickers.  Trade imbalance in favour of India it seems will also not help India as has happened to China that is now trying to get rid of over USD 1 Trillion worth combined treasury bonds and trade surplus dollars. The U.S. track record is, it is a world champion trickster,; stands out as the sole nation that severely lost world’s credibility, thanks for its indiscriminate power-play and cowboyism. Unfortunately, the U.S. government does not care.  But the American Public can win it back if they have a chance at all to install its man or woman in the Oval Office and not by a sub-fractional super-billionaire Deep State Ghosts placing their puppet to rule dancing to prescribed tunes, so the standard cynical reading.

One can only hope that BRICS-Plus strategists are definitely considering all these dimensions. Assuming India profits enormously from these U.S. designed projects via IMEEEC entity, what if someday the U.S. slaps sanctions on India in a blitz move if India does not follow U.S. wishes and dictates? What if the U.S. all of a sudden asks many EU countries to stop buying Indian goods? Will not thousands of biz entities in India go bankrupt? The U.S. Zionist Big Capital has done that to Germany. They will do it anywhere else if it suits them. This writer also doubts if the U.S. had ever returned all those substantial tonnes of gold bars from a total German Gold reserve of 3000 and odd tonnes deposited in U.S. custody vaults under whatever security reasons.  There abounds a remarkable silence about it even today whether it has been fully returned to Germany or not!


Many corridors have surfaced in the past connecting East and West. None had functioned properly or fully says Palki Sharma in her news report in First Post https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32NA3-XiQ48

What’s so novel and grand about this new corridor? New in this plan is that it is couched in profit fragrance for a strong India emerging with the aim of weakening it by a nation whose “universal” power is waning substantially and supported by one slumping European economy Biden initially wanted to destroy and enslave, but now needing an urgent “emergency oxygenation” from India and oil-rich Saudi Arabia and investment-friendly UAE. In this connection a new post-G20DD Saudi-India trade alliance is the best thing that could happen with a mutually protective function, the best apple that could fall from the G20 tree. Even Turkish Pres. Erdogan complained about the IMEEEC in New Delhi sooner it was launched, but heralded as grand big thing by Biden. What should be of concern is, India cannot remain over-joyed, if this attractive IMEEEC ultimately means West Asia-M.E. and India straying away from BRICS and getting re-and meta-colonised by the cunning West. Putin and Xi are watching this very carefully with Russia and China already venting cautionary tones. Accordingly, The West wants to subject us back to dollar dominance.

Euro-India Corridor is a master plan cleverly hatched in fast speed by the U.S. Intel, speak the Deep State. But the Ukraine war has clearly proven that American Military might is not what the U.S. claims. The proxy NATO and U.S. forces with best modern weapons (along with junky old ones) were and are being defeated on ground, contrary to all the Western lies propagated. Critical U.S. specialists and reviewers have confirmed, NATO has lost the war in Ukraine.

Is the IMEEEC after all a probable ploy to polish Biden’s pre-election image that he is a great achiever of something phenomenal, that he is a veritable maker and not a senile flop? All along hitherto he wanted to demolish European strength and make it a slave serving Uncle Sam. Why now the opposite of wanting to make Europe strong? Trojan horsing seems back in the arena. Or has the Zionist Deep State realised its capital folly in Ukraine war strategy since 2014 that has now propped up BRICS as an alternative to the U.S. as world power launching a successful de-dollarisation and proving U.S. military strength a dismal bluff and failure in the battlefield in Ukraine? Truth is, not India, Russia or China, it is the U.S. that cannot deliver.

In light of this new IMEEEC development Russia and China will redouble efforts to counter the West. China, however would want to try use the Adani-bought port in Israel to infuse its mass-produced goods into the EU from its Gwadar port in Balochistan (Pakistan) which is nearby.


If this IMEEEF is well-designed as a trap to down India, Indian strategists are well advised to do their own meticulous analyses, and may also consult within the RIC framework.

Unexpectedly, Beijing played professionally smart. Against the prediction China would be severely embittered, Beijing bared just the opposite. It simply praised the Delhi outcome as a face-saver despite Xi ‘s deliberate absence. The Chinese PM’s smiling face while greeting Modi and at Rajghat again revealed a mature carrier of Eastern wisdom, at least a semblance of it. Pres. Xi’s absence could be explained that he may not have wanted to meet someone who is his sworn enemy (President Biden) and one who wanted to show his U:S. home crowd for re-election purposes that he is in good terms with Xi and can handle the Asian Tiger. Xi probably did not want this American “super-deceptionist” re-elected in America, one who had given him all the troubles in China’s neighbourhood. China is quite possibly reckoning with Biden’s ouster next year. So, there was no need meeting him now.

Interestingly, the economically down-sliding West has found a good friend in India in the Delhi meet. Europe has not yet offered India an FTA or most-favoured nation status which is what would help India in trade terms. But the European economy is crumbling. That’s chance for India nudging China aside a bit. No fears, China will definitely comeback with new offers to Europe and India. Let’s wait and see.

Regarding tech-transfers India hopes to get from these alliances, one should be clear in mind that assembly lines, be it semi-conductors or fighter aircraft manufacturing, unless it is a vertically-integrated production, i.e. secure raw materials availability, as for e.g. in semi-conductors, purified (99.9999 pc) rare-earth gallium and nitrides (GaN), dislocation-free wafer manufacturing facility, epitaxial wafers (multi-junction 200 layered) via high quality-high yield CBE reactors using Chemical Beam Epitaxy (Japan has this tech) latest lithographic machines for chip manufacture and the domestic ability to make them etc- and a host of others (the list is long),  you cannot call such ventures as genuine technology transfer, but only as  eye wash forcing you to buy them at high costs.

All in all, at G20-Delhi India horned a silver-line. Our world is not hopeless. We can be united and get things done, and not perennially face Armageddon or drown in apocalypse. A no mean achievement for world peace! Will PM Modi go to Oslo this year?!

George Chakko, former U.N. correspondent at the Vienna International Centre, now retired in Vienna, Austria.


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