Love is a Revolution, Love is Liberation

woman sunrise                                                                              

Love is interpreted by philosophers with different variations

Love is romanticized by the poets, who have their own narration

Love is painted in the movies in restricted dimensions

Love is confined by the television in a limited description

Love is hijacked by the greedy market forces for their vested interest to manipulate and twist information

Love is reduced to bundles of superficial honour, narrow nationalism, and patriotism by power-hungry politicians

Love is divided by the narrow concept of caste, territory, and religion and by paternalist notions

But amidst all this chaos, the way I understood, love is a rebellion,

Love is a revolution; Love is liberation


Love is the mutiny, not confined by the individualist expression or emotions

Love could not be restricted to profit or loss calculations

Love awakens the conscience and enables one to think beyond egoistic transactions

Love is not supremacy, prejudices, superstitions, or preconceptions

but love is a powerful expression that challenges all such delusions

Love is an expression that transcends the boundaries of territories, caste, class, or religion

Love is not about seeking the divine in temples; it is about admiring nature and all its creations

Love is harmony with nature, and preserving all natural species on the verge of extinction

Love is the rationality, wisdom and life’s celebration.

Love is a quest for justice, Love is about freedom and self-determination


In normal times,

Love is the grit of a mother teaching her daughter to dream and break age-old traditions

Love is the act of a father supporting his daughter to fulfil her aspirations

Love is the revolt of a lover who breaks all conservative traditions

Love is about shattering all stereotypical conventional illusions

Love is in the revolt of the citizen, demanding her entitlements and just solutions

Love is the roar of a worker who agitates against exploitation

Love is shattering the narrow walls of limiting traditions

Love is a brave act of demanding the elimination of poverty, starvation, excesses and immoderation


In the dark times,

Love is bending, molding, and transforming all unjust institutions

Love is challenging all forms of discrimination

In the times of repression, love is a pedagogy of revolution

Love is exposing the lies of those in power; it is an act of standing resilient against injustice and oppression

Love is an act of documenting the history of brutalities, violence and suppression

Love is speaking against all forms of subjugation


In times of hatred,

Love is bravery and courage to tell the truth with conviction

Love is testifying against the realities of tyrannies and domination

Love is seeking justice, righting wrongs, and reclaiming the spirit of the Constitution

Love is a sparkle of hope amidst all chaotic and absurd situations

Love is grit and resilience in times of autocracy and dominion

Love is countering misogyny, sexism, hate and detestation

Love is standing against all the gruesome hatred and division


In short.

Love is solidarity, a collective, imagining an alternative world founded on humane values, kindness and compassion.

Love is writing poems and stories in times of despair and depression

Love is singing songs of resistance and contestation

Love is a celebration of peace, justice, passion and collaboration

Love is creating a better world for future generations

Love is imagining a world free of treachery, cruelty and suppression

Love is dreaming of a world where crime against humanity has no place, there are no superficial separations

Love is a revolution; Love is liberation

Adv Dr Shalu Nigam is an activist, lawyer and a researcher working on gender, human rights, law and governance issues. Her latest books are Dowry is a Serious Economic Violence; Rethinking Dowry Law in India 2023; Domestic Violence Law in India: Myth and Misogyny, 2021 Routledge; Women and Domestic Violence India: A Quest for Justice, Routledge 2019; The Founding Mothers: 15 Women Architect of the Indian Constitution, 2016, co-author). She is a Tedx speaker.


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