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Dear Global citizen, I invite you to think about what I learned from ‘giants’, as I consolidate their wisdom.

You probably know, and feel the same, what American Astronomer Neil DeGrasse Tyson said, “When legions of experts alert society of impending catastrophe, yet warnings go unheeded, with fatal consequences, I’m left weeping for the future of civilization.” Why is humanity in this predicament? One reason is the great divide between science and religion.

This separation in mentality was evident in a 2014 National US TV debate with Bill Nye the atheist, and Ken Ham the Christian, where a journalist wrote; “they were separated by infinite intellectual space. The clash of infinite worldview was vividly displayed for all to see,”

I’ve asked Richard Dawkins, Bill Nye, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Lawrence Krauss and other secular/atheist scientists; when will you admit that you only debunked, from your perspective, man-made gods and other stories in ’sacred’ literature? Whereas a Creator of the universe, He – She – or – IT, or Whatever, is gazillion times more of anything, than we could ever imagine.? In the 70s – I came to my own conclusion about Creation and evolution, and named it Creavolution, Creativity in evolution. In today’s lingo – evolution with software, that describes all evolutionary and biological processes in nature, that are invisible, just like the Software that drives our modern technology. Don’t they require an intelligent source? Why has Richard Dawkins never thought of it – as every incrementally small change in the evolutionary process requires thought-foresight and intention?

Scientists present knowledge/presumption, that there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on all the worlds beaches, should have resulted in a fundamental new thinking. But some secular scientists, especially Richard Dawkins seem to be still wrestling with early childhood bible indoctrination, as he wrote in his book, THE GOD DELUSION on page 73. ”If He existed and chose to reveal it, God himself could clinch the argument noisily and unequivocally in his favor.” What a naive request/statement from a ‘scientist’? But Dawkins is regarded as the most prominent opinion maker in the atheist/skeptical movement of the world; but it serves the establishment well, with such materialistic, mechanical world view.

Millions of scientists/technicians have, incrementally and partially ‘discovered’ what an atom is made of, and its use of wonderful things that enrich our life’s. But sadly, this power was also used for evil purposes to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and still, many countries spend billions on more powerful killing methods. Another evil/crime is the killing of people by drones, half-way around the world, by immature teenagers, who afterwards become suicidal.

Imagine, ten thousand scientists worked at the LARGE HADRON COLLIDER in Cern, lhc images – Google Search trying to understand what the atom is made of. They still don’t know, as they are planning a 4 times bigger Collider. Yet not one scientist, as far as I know, came out and admitted, probably for fear of ridicule, that an atom couldn’t possibly be plain happenstance, and requires an Intelligent Source.

In a German video presentation on ZDF on 16.07.2012, astronomer and physics prof. Dr. Harald Lesch was asked by a visitor, “I learned in school that Perpetual Motion does not exist, but how can a hydrogen electron continuously revolve around the nucleus,* this bothered me for years. *(With about a hundred million/billion revolutions per second)  Professor Lesch had to admit that no scientist can explain it.

And how much more complicated is a Plutonium atom with 94 electrons in 7 different shell/orbitals, where each shell/electron must have a different speed to balance the centrifugal/centripetal forces?

The late Austrian physicist Victor F. Weisskopf said to Hubert Reeves in the Attachment, “tell the public…what science is all about, how exciting it is, and how it can strengthen the bond between man and nature.”

Here is a simple model* of the hydrogen atom. Imagine, the fundamental secret of life, for enlightenment in the hands of the people?  https://youtu.be/HOawYNFTxPI Excuse the noise, I’m just an amateur. The spinning ball bearing is about the same size and weight as the pea size energy that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Attachment available on request. *Who can help to make it available to the world? Yes – life on Earth existed, without serious threat, from and to humans, until scientists and Guglielmo Marconi discovered that electrical signals can be send through the air and space around 1900. Now we can send videos all over the world and outer space. This awesome WONDER that exist in the atom should have produced a philosophy of awe and respect of a Creative INTELLIGENCE that logically and obviously exists, even if it’s way beyond our comprehension.

This partial knowledge was withheld by religious and political authorities from the common people, and is now controlled by ‘ethically challenged’ people, like Klaus Schwab and Yuval Noah Harari, who are the mentors of politicians; on behalf of old and new tech savvy, but wisdom deprived billionaires. They made their money from the young and foolish older consumers, who eagerly embrace and look forward to new conveniences, and in so doing alienate themselves from the natural world. Banksters are cashing in on this frenzy, and with their magical ‘money creation out of fresh air,’ that will soon be digital; bedazzle the gullible humans into slavery. This is the plan of the new Technocrats/New World Order, already partially functional in the atheist communist China, what is a perversion of something that could have been. Read UTOPIA or OBLIVION, Dandelion, Ostermann. http://dandelionsalad.wordpress.com/2011/11/20/utopia-or-oblivion-by-gunther-ostermann

Elon Musk’s grandfather, Joshua Haldeman would be very disappointed that his once promising idea of Technocracy, a world without poverty and wars, is now exploited for selfish/egotistical reasons by billionaires to the hilt.

In the WHIRRRLO video background of Planet Earth ‘Cherish or Perich’, is Buckminster Fuller’s prediction-UTOPA or OBLIVION.

Haldeman and Fuller lived at a time where technology already produced plenty enough of everything for everybody. Fuller wrote in his book, CRITICAL PATH 1981: “It is now possible to give every man, woman and child on Earth a standard of living comparable to that of a modern-day billionaire…This fact is obscured from public knowledge by the exclusively conceived and operated money game and its monopolized credit system accounting.” A single Credit Card/Certificate was proposed, at that time, that would give everybody equal purchasing power. But Haldeman was disillusioned with people and Technocracy, as it was corrupted and destroyed from within and without, and moved to South Africa with his family.

On 15. of March in 2022 Elon Musk challenged Vladimir Putin to a duel, to end the conflict with the Ukraine, but he was rebuffed by Putin. I wrote to Elon, ‘As a frail 86 old I cannot join you in the arena, but for the sake of peace, lets have a mind to mind conversation/debate, privately, for a tenth of one % of your wealth, against mine. But no politician, Global News Networks and newspapers would deliver my message to Elon, because I offered no cost WISDOM, instead of weapons?!

So, the war is ongoing with no end in sight, and now, all of humanity faces a far greater threat, as Dr. Mareena Robinson Snowden said in the pre/Oppenheimer movie, “the hydrogen bomb is a thousand times more powerful as the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bomb; and we may/will never know how many are trigger ready – in secret, of course. Actually, this ‘bomb’ pales in comparison to what AI could do to humanity, by design or accidentally, and is of great concern to Elon Musk.

An antidote to those threats, requires a knowledgeable/understanding and privileged world citizen, who understands that our planet as well as all accumulated technology, belongs to ALL of humanity, temporarily. for use-sharing and safekeeping.Such a human being would never develop-nor drop a bomb. Any wannabe leader, CEO, prime minister or president should demonstrate, by example a mature philosophy,”Do not expect from others to live with less than what you’re willing to live with.”

Imagine for a moment the 7 octillion atoms we consist of; and now imagine removing all the space and air out of these atoms: there would be no ‘matter’ of us to look at. So much for the importance of our present existence. It behooves us to think about of the impossibility of communicating with an ant, in reverse order-we-being the ant to the CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE that made life possible, and needs us to preserve it. And with Carl Sagan’s inspiring video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nl5dlbCh8lY

Gunther Ostermann, Parksville, BC. Canada [email protected]


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