Governor Newsom’s Veto on SB 403 on Caste Discrimination in California Is Disappointing

It’s unfortunate that Mr. Newsom failed to understand the goals of the nefarious Hindutva nexus.

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Casteism in the United States can be more covert and subtle than in South Asia, but caste continues to maintain its unyielding grip on South Asians in the USA. Often, its effects are easy to hide from public attention here because most locals rarely know or are able to realize the widespread methods in which this oppressive system is systematically practiced by members of the dominant castes. This is the reason why explicit legal protection for the caste oppressed is necessary – to provide safeguards against them being harassed, isolated and facing intense discrimination.

The need for explicit protection became evident when Cisco unequivocally asserted that caste discrimination is NOT unlawful, and failed to acknowledge the alleged caste discrimination experienced by one of its employees. The Department of Civil Rights intervened and had to file an ongoing lawsuit against the company. If caste had been explicitly recognized as a category in California law, it could have provided quicker relief to caste-oppressed employees, sparing them from the protracted legal battle.

The major force opposing SB 403 were Hindu Supremacist organizations that have successfully disguised themselves as religious groups. They carry out their hate filled politics on American soil. Such organizations and their parent organization, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), advance Hindutva politics. It’s unfortunate that Mr. Newsom failed to understand the goals of this nefarious nexus. By succumbing to their social, political and economic might, he has let us down in this battle for justice. The burden of exposing such anti democratic forces while fighting for the explicit legal safeguard of the oppressed castes has always fallen on the anti-caste movement. It is apparent now that this is now a more urgent struggle.

Ambedkar King Study circle extends heartfelt gratitude to all organizations and individuals who supported and campaigned for SB 403. We are determined to strengthen our grassroots movement. We will resolutely continue on this hard, long road to uphold human dignity in the face of casteist oppression that continues to this day in the United States.

Ambedkar King Study Circle, Executive Committee.

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