Is it possible to stop Israel from pursuing its brutal oppression of the people of Gaza?

This video was produced by the International Movement for a Just World ( In this video, the organization’s president, Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, offers valuable insights into the following questions:

1) What is the most urgent challenge awaiting the world in the present Israel- Palestine conflict ?

2) Is it possible to stop Israel from pursuing its brutal oppression of the people of Gaza ?

3) Many Western political leaders and commentators put the blame on Hamas for the current turmoil in Gaza. Is there any basis to such an argument?

4) What are the root causes of the Israel- Palestine conflict ?

5) Why is it so difficult for many Western political leaders, activists, opinion-makers, media columnists and academics to accept Israeli Occupation of Palestinian lands and Palestinian Dispossession as the root causes of the Israel- Palestine conflict ?

6) The Israeli authorities are now urging the residents of Gaza to move from the Northern part of the Strip to the South ? What is the real motive behind this order ?

7) Since Israel is hell-bent on perpetuating its occupation and the Palestinians are as determined as ever to exercise their right of self-determination, to achieve their freedom, is it possible to find some solution to this longstanding conflict ?

8) Is the much talked about two-state solution the key to the future ?

9) Many Palestinians and some Israelis are convinced that the only viable solution is a single, unified democratic State that guarantees freedom and equality to all its citizens — Jews and Arabs, Christians and Muslims. Is this the alternative ?

10) How will regional and global changes which may usher in a new world order in the near future impact upon the shape and structure of a Palestinian state in the coming years ?


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