“Mission Impossible: Palestine” – River to the sea, Palestine will be free!

Palestine home occupiers

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Hey Hi Hello you Human Animals….

Let me clarify first.

I belong to a generation that grew up, thinking that BBC was   the most truthful most honest news reporting channel in the world.

Now throw bricks at me. But I am already buried in my unique nincompoop-ness.  

Throw these bricks on us the other type of  human animals who have unnecessarily tried to awaken our already ‘  dewakened’ conscience.

What you do not know, we and our ancestors were fed the #BBC diet that made us such fat heads to not realize that it was the country of BBC that colonizer of the first rate  that created Israel out of Palestine.

Palestine was digged up , holed up to give it away to Israel…

Like it was magic and we continued to believe that @BBC was the most honest fucker around.

Hold it on. No more Palestinian history from  BBC minds.

Indians were hit and killed by the British for they were Indians.

Same way Palestinians.

And no, I am not digging up old quote of  #Malcolm X , White man is the devil?


Allow me a bit of hypocritical silence.

No, big deal.

If you sit to count massacres by Israel then you will need to take a vacation to Hawaii and sit for seven days and more to just start listening to the initial stories.

But who listens to the massacres when in Hawaii?



No, no, I would not ask you to imagine, how if someone grabs your home, kills your family and,

And nothing.

Blah, blah.

How many times are we going to listen to your same sob stories? We have been doing this since 1948.

 Bombarded . Mind it.

And how to use the same dead metaphors to describe the world’s worst nightmare?

Aren’t you bored? O,you Human Animals?

How long are  we  going to sit numb and dumb listening to those ghastlies throwing a tear here or there?

Damn it yaar…you can’t even be a proper Munafiq.

What have we done to you, O, dear weirdy Human Animals?

You have made the use of the phrase; Man is a social animal, obsolete.

It was good that social animal was a man and not a woman, and anyhow even without the term [social] we know well who the real animal is.

Apologies to the animal kind for this obnoxious comparison to us the ‘man’ kind.

What I don’t understand is the source of energy for these so called Palestinians. Your entire family is being wiped out in an instant, your homes, your neighborhoods made to disappear in seconds yet you do not want to abandon Palestine?

Impossibles you are!

Here we start feeding our kids the ghutti of Amrika and Canada once they start to stutter but you do not stutter at all. You stand on the rubbish heap that was once your home and shout at your loudest…

Nay…we ain’t going anywhere!

Were you making a jig and shaking your “still joined” hips with your torso while making this proclamation?

What yaarr….

You are impossible.

You do not even allow us to oppress you. Which wellness class or Personality Development sessions you had learnt from?


Kamaale kamaal.

 O, you naughties, what your stuff is made  of?


We knew it.

O, you Philistine, Palestinians….you have made it very difficult for us to see the mirror. 

We see horrible monsters cursing back at us.

What we can’t even look into the mirrors after hundreds of dollars of treatment for our facials and hairs.

What have you done? You should not have committed this massacre of our appearances.

Appearances for us, there are many.

Loads of, as they say.

You can go on without food water for days together but thinking of you I can’t sip my Starbucks in peace.

I can’t even call you human animals because after all you are truly bluely human like me like those Native Americans.

If it were permitted I would have liked to call my Ma in law a human animal at the most. She was such a jerk. Would hurt her DIL just for the sake of hurting…..

You Palestinians have reduced us normal, non –human animals we…. To our lowest common denominator of humanity, if we possess one, that is.

Even the simplest of daily motions and actions have become grim.

You pick up your phone after you wake up from a distraught sleep and you see blood and gore.

O, you human animals…don’t you take rest from dying?

How much will you die?

Oh, God, I would have got damn tired dying every day.

I mean, seeing you dying with aah ooh ouch, who would not get tired?

And all those kids of yours….

They too keep dying with you.


You fail my imagination

You make everyone fail their imagination.

What American can now not make those bomabrdest of movies with an imagined enemy?

Avatars……we are.

“You make that movie Armegeddon  and all those other American movies that deal and fight with an imagined enemy…..look paler before you.”

Steven Spielberg must learn a lesson or two from your art of death and destruction.

You loving it?

God…you are the impossible of all the impossibles

I have no idea what  I should write…or write at all

You defeat my imagination and shall continue defeating  me and my literally poor imagination with your broad  smiles and Salams on the heap of your nation destroyed.

Who can smile while walking among the rubbish of your homes and still send Salams to the world?

Are you literally that crazy?

Asking for a bit of a hair of the dead before they are buried.

 Asking your dead mother to get up and talk to you.

Refusing to wash off the hands stained with your child’s blood.

Batshit crazy

You surely do not look like Lady Macbeths for sure.

In fact here we simply brush off our mothers after they make coffee or dinner for us.

What, you don’t like coffees? Oh, ho, it is Qehwa for you…

You have shamed all us Muslims of the other world to know and comprehend life and death.

The moment I start my day, I have to think about death, all because of you.

You remind me of the Aakhirah, the Hereafter…

Why do you do this yaar?

I am happy posting on insta my daily rituals and making reels…

You have disturbed all that,O,You Human Animal

Few are liking my posts and views are less than few.

You should not have done this ,to me.

How cruel it is to want to hog all the lime light…?

Since 1948 and

To be continued

You O,Human Animals are sure to win someday.

We are with you.

Proud and happy.

I am a Palestinian.

We all are Plaestinians.

Dr. Asma Anjum Khan from Maharashtra teaches English, a motivational speaker, has written for  prestigious national and international publications and websites on social, ethical, and gender related issues. FEEL (Foundation for English and Ethical Learning) is her NGO that wants to bring change by equipping people with the language of English. Twitter: @AsmaAnjumKhan


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