12th Fail – An Inspirational Movie

12th Fail

“12th Fail” is a brilliantly scripted movie, masterfully delivered by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. It instils the belief that with energy and clear goals, anything is achievable in life. Similar to “Super 30,” this movie effectively conveys its message through emotive storytelling. Each character delivers exceptional performances, adding depth to their roles. Emotions remain consistently portrayed throughout the film, captivating the audience from the opening scene to the conclusion, spanning nearly two and a half hours. Despite a modest budget and the absence of prominent Bollywood stars, the movie’s strength lies in its script and the filmmakers’ confidence in the entire cast. The actors, in turn, have proven their worth, justifying the trust placed in them by the filmmakers.

The characters Vikrant Massey (Manoj) and Anshumaan Pushkar (Gauri Bhaya) evoke thoughts of Plato and Socrates. Just as Socrates’ wisdom lives on through Plato, Gauri Bhaya’s essence is seen in Manoj’s character, adding significant value to the movie. Manoj faces and overcomes numerous challenges, eventually passing one of India’s prestigious IPS exams. The film highlights the struggles of honest individuals and the limitations they confront. Despite these obstacles, the movie justifies the satisfaction that comes from sticking to moral principles, which is undoubtedly deserving.

 Characters like Anant V Joshi (Pandey) is always a significant presence in anyone’s life because a friend who is empathetic, understanding, and values your emotions is truly invaluable. Similarly, Medha Shankar’s (Shraddha) character, loving a boy who lacks financial resources, speaks volumes about the depth of the script and its underlying intentions. Particularly in a time where marriage and selecting a life partner are often influenced by wealth and materialistic desires, Shraddha’s choice of a man with no financial means imparts a significant lesson to the current generation. The movie also sheds light on the educational system and coaching institutions, showcasing both their positive and negative aspects.

“12th Fail” is not merely a movie; it’s an emotional journey that deeply resonates. This film beautifully captures life’s struggles, triumphs, and complexities through vivid characters and gripping storytelling. It strongly reinforces the belief that determination and a clear vision can conquer any challenge. It serves as a poignant reminder that success is not solely about societal norms, but about personal integrity and valuing relationships. Family support and the courage to restart after failure are essential themes echoed throughout.

This emotionally charged and thought-provoking cinematic masterpiece evokes empathy, inspires resilience, and highlights the importance of moral values, elevating it to a significant pinnacle in Indian cinema. It transcends mere entertainment, educating and challenging norms, leaving an indelible mark on the heart and mind of the viewer. The movie serves as an excellent source for understanding life’s challenges while pursuing significant goals, emphasizing that opportunities are accessible regardless of one’s background. The commendable characters crafted by the writer and brought to life by the director contribute to its status as an outstanding film in Indian cinema. To conclude, dedicating two and a half hours to this movie is a better choice than spending time gossiping. Moreover, Manoj’s unwavering determination and eventual success portrayed in the film contribute more depth and significance to its storyline.

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