Israeli Army Generals will meet the fate of what Nazi Generals Faced at Nuremberg – Suicide/ Execution/ Jail

Al Shifa Hospital
In this image taken from a video released by the Israeli Defense Forces on Wednesday, November 15, 2023, Israeli soldiers conduct combat operations in Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City. [AP Photo/Israel Defense Forces via AP]

“Every soldier is a coward at heart.”

Major Bluntschli in ‘Arms and the Man’, George Bernard Shaw

In juxtaposition to the cowardice of Israeli soldiers, every revolutionary aiming for Palestinian freedom bravely faces the Zionist Israeli army which is slaughtering civilians/ non-combatants in Gaza Strip, West Bank and East Jerusalem in full glare of public view globally. The Israeli Generals should revisit the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Code of Ethics which states inter alia:

Purity of Arms

The IDF serviceman will use force of arms only for the purpose of subduing the enemy to the necessary extent and will limit his use of force so as to prevent unnecessary harm to human life and limb, dignity and property.

The IDF servicemen’s purity of arms is their self-control in use of armed force. They will use their arms only for the purpose of achieving their mission, without inflicting unnecessary injury to human life or limb; dignity or property, of both soldiers and civilians, with special consideration for the defenseless, whether in wartime, or during routine security operations, or in the absence of combat, or times of peace.”

The IDF needs to relook at the plight of Nazi Army Generals and political leaders at Nuremberg trials. Just a few of these citations will make them look at the reality:

  1. Nuremberg Executions (Wikipedia)
  2. Final moments of Nazis executed at Nuremberg (The Guardian, 11/09/2009)
  3. Nazi war criminals sentenced at Nuremberg (History Channel)
  4. ‘Death by hanging’: the Nuremberg Trials (The National Archives, 20/11/ 2015)
  5. ‘I knew my father would be hanged’: Remembering Nuremberg(Al Jazeera, 20/11/2020)
  6. The Execution of Nazi War Criminals (Famous Trials)
  7. Eight Nazi S.S. Officers Sentenced to Death for 1944 massacre At Ascq (You Tube)

The 2.3 million Palestinians have exposed the fascist character of the self-styled western liberal democracies. Any teenager without exposure to socialism/ communism can appreciate this and hence forth Karl Marx’s work would be more sought after than ever before. This is a positive fall out of Israel’s war on Palestinians.

During the peak of Nazi era the megalomaniac Hitler may not have ever remotely imagined the fall of his empire and top Nazi leaders being brought to justice. Zionist Israel with its mentors/ allies will go down in history likewise. True that only a miniscule number of Nazi political leaders/ army generals, soldiers were convicted; but it is equally true that an international trial took place over several years and a few were indeed convicted.

No power on earth can stop the aspirations of freedom loving Palestinians. It is the working class with a broad unity of all forces/ sections of society which have the interest of masses at heart that will overthrow the present ruling classes in Israel, USA, UK, France and Germany.

[P.S. Sahni is a qualified orthopaedic surgeon. He has worked extensively at India-Bangladesh border during the Bangladesh Liberation War resulting in 1971 Bangladesh Genocide of Hindus; the victims of Sikh Genocide in 1984; and amongst victims of 1992 anti-Muslim violence.

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