Pakistan: The Generals Plan Fraudulent National Elections

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The Generals who could not think to Serve the Nation

Pakistan is in the midst of a fraudulent trajectory of national elections. Progressive nations produce new, educated and intelligent people of young generation to manifest progress in future-making.But  Pakistanis are stuck to fight the old bags and few inept generals for their survival and future-making. Since April 2022, Pakistan had no legitimate government except a small and egoistic group of few generals managing the governance from behind the scene. Imran Khan, the PTI leader was ousted by the whim of a few generals aligned to politically cursed Sharif family – is that the mental microscope of the military leaders to rejoin the dead political entities? Under false and politically orchestrated impulses, Imran Khan has been sentenced to 10 years in jail. Few generals have no sense of time and history and they are playing with the destiny of the Nation for which they have no capacity, no right or legal mandate to do so. 

A snapshot of critical moments in time and history unfolds dark imagery of political governance and military coups in Pakistan. We, the People of Pakistanlost half of our country (East Pakistan), and India swallowed Kashmir by force and we continued to lose more in socioeconomic and political domains because of the dishonesty and failed leadership of Bhuttos, Sharifs and the Generals. These thugs stole billions and billions to own palaces in the UK, France and Spain. The Thinking People of the New Generation of Pakistanis view the Bhuttos, Zardari, Sharifs and General Musharaf –  all in one slot – the most corrupt and crime riddled monsters. They never imagined–how the present and future generations remember them?  

Pakistani Generals could be bought and sold at market places disclosed by one of Obama’s Advisor on Pakistan and Afghanistan in 2009.Wherever US-Aid operates there ought to be moral, intellectual and political systematic corruption to trade-in national interests. When the US occupied Afghanistan in 2001, Pakistani Generals according to the NY Times (May 18, 2007), were paid by the US to act on its behalf – abduction and killing of thousands of Pakistani and Afghani nationals to fill Guantanamo Bay Prison. America and India had a Strategic Plan to undo Pakistan by capturing its nuclear arsenals and asking for surrender. Also See “US NATO AgendaThe Destabilization of Pakistan” 04/17/2009 by Professor Michel Chossoudvsky(  Would these 5- 6 generals under General Assam Munir respect our national interest and apologize from the nation for theri mistakes and return to serve the nation? 

Most dreadful tragedies have infallibly resulted in victimizing the masses. Today, the nation is crippled with catastrophic events of insecurity, mismanagement and socioeconomic and political exploitation. The Pakistani ruling elite and the Generals are not open to reason and accountability. They cannot realize the imperatives of hopes and expectations of a new generation of educated and morally and intellectually competent people. Future belongs to the new generation of educated people, not to the naive and obsolete Generals. They view “power” and “Pakistan” as their own property. The authoritarian leaders played with its destiny and future without being questioned. They are the wrong people, with wrong thinking and doing the wrong things. Please see “Pakistan Imperatives of Political Change for a progressive Nation”2019; “Pakistan where Politics and Corruption are the Same” 2014.

Bogus Elections could Unleash Street Battles and Political Insanity

Imran Khan had almost four years in office and despite optimism he failed to use the time and opportunities for any major socio-economic and political change. Either he lacked the vision or was encircled by corrupt colleagues. The overwhelming culture was infested with corruption and mismanagement by the previous corrupt leaders. Comparatively speaking, Imran Khan did not kill anybody nor robbed any banks and was keen to have legal accountability for the stolen wealth and killings by Sharif brothers, Bhuttos, and Zardari and others. To change the society, Khan needed people of new age education and intelligence to work out creative strategies for political change. That simply did not happen and he was hurriedly ousted by a political–military conspiracy.  Please see by this author:“Pakistan Imperatives of Political Change for a Progressive Nation”2019; “Pakistan where Politics and Corruption are the Same” 2014;  and “Pakistan, Planned Political Chaos: Imran Khan a Victim of Hope for the Future”, Global Research: 11/06/2022; “Pakistan in Search of Its Soul.” Uncommon Thought Journal: 8/06/23

The Pakistani masses view Imran Khan with great deal of optimism and integrity and hope for a new beginning, free of political corruption paving opportunities for sustainable change. please view “Pakistan in Search of Freedom and Security”, Uncommon Thought Journal and Global Research: 10/20/22, and “Pakistan Confronts its Future under Betrayal of Generals”,:Uncommon Thought Journal:1/15/2024

Pakistan appears financially, politically and intellectually a bankrupt entity scorched by the Generals and their civilian accomplices over 50 years. It owes some 100B or more to the World Bank but is unable even to pay the applicable annual interets. Where did the borrowed money go?  There is no credible record if such funds were used to develop the economy, agriculture or other manufacturing and productive projects. Western strategic analysts claim Pakistan to be a ‘failing state’ as it is run by dubious political-military elite. Tyranny is always powerless and transitory. Often when sadistic politicians cannot solve one set of problems, they come up with other naïve ideas to create more critical problems to distract the masses. What is the solution to the morally and intellectually sickening political culture of Pakistani politics? History will judge the imposters by their actions, not by their claims to serve the nation

Towards Problem Solving and Restoration of Normalcy

We, the Conscientious People of Pakistan are searching for logical and workable approaches to undo the violence and increasingly sectarian divides for the unity of the nation. None of the Generals or their accomplice could think intelligently to understand this vital linkage for the survival and progress of the country. Under military Generals, nations are destroyed, humiliated and not developed for future-making. The following message was recently shared with fellow Pakistanis:

Pakistan once again faces a critical situation of LIFE and Death for its survival. General Asim Munir and Five of his colleagues, vengeful, paranoid and pursuing wrong thinking and wrong action to hold fraudulent national elections by depriving the PTI and its leadership. The Generals lack understanding of time and history and repeating the 1971 story of the loss of East Pakistan. Pakistan is NOT for sale and its destiny and future belong to the PEOPLE of Pakistan , and NOT to the whim of Few Generals.

1. The General’s insane ambitions and actions are the outcome of the briefing and dictate by the US interest.

2. If bogus elections are held to bring the indicted criminals and money launderers – Nawaz Sharif family back to power as appears to be the case, there will be massive socioeconomic and political chaos, disruptions, street battles and bloodbath between the armed forces and common people.

3. America-India Strategic Alliance has been in-waiting for such political chaos to emerge and to move-in under the guise of protecting the Pak nuclear arsenals – a new challenge to the freedom and security of the nation.

4. Being a non-partisan, non-political scholar in global affairs and a fellow Pakistani, our statements are truthful, rational as we love our country and people and its present and future is of utmost importance to all of us. PLEASE RISE UP to the challenge and help to save Pakistan from a catastrophic disaster in the making by few selfish and terribly naive and unprofessional Generals currently running the show and so called system of law and justice. We are fast becoming a joke on the global screen of political affairs.

5. Your thoughts and services to defend our national freedom and future at this critical moment of our lives, you can organize yourselves and make your VOICES heard loud and clear to stop the egoistic Generals from acts of insanity against the very people they claim to serve.

6. Please do not wait for another tragedy to hit the hearts and minds of the Nation. There must be a free and fair national election inclusive of the PTI and its leadership. Pakistanis believe if a free election is held, Imran Khan will be the next legitimate elected leader of the country. 

Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja specializes in international affairs-global security, peace and conflict resolution with keen interests in Islamic-Western comparative cultures and civilizations, and author of several publications including the latest: One Humanity and the Remaking of Global Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution. Germany, 12/2019.

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