We Are Here!

Israel Genocide Palestine Gaza
Never Again and Again and Again – by Mr. Fish

You came
From the gas chambers
With History
On your arms

You came
For justice
For freedom
You said

But we were here
Without knowing
We were waiting
To be told
That we were not
Part of History’s
Or God’s plan

We didn’t know
We weren’t the Chosen People

But nevertheless
We were chosen

To suffer
And to beg

An unattractive coda
To your covenant with God

This land is Holy you said

We agree

We dwelt with God just like you
We loved this land
Like you

But you said
Your God had promised
Only you

And that we deserved no promises

Just vague resolutions
And endless stalling

You hope that we will forget
You hope that we will tire
You hope that we will take our hope
Our sons and our daughters
Into the sea
Or across the desert

But no

We will not leave

Even if you bring
The worst evil
That brought you back here
And drag us from our homes
To unholy slaughter

Victims You
Victims We

The land weeps our blood
Into the sea

What justice?
Whose freedom?
Which history?

Paradise cannot be built on a lie

But hell can burn so much brighter with a hidden truth

We are here
But where, really, are you?

Dan Corjescu teaches at the University of Tübingen’s “Studium Professionale” Program


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