Gaza1 2

Will not touch
This land

God will not
Wave His hand

Over this land
He will not point

Or give direction

Silence is this land

The men pray
The women screech
And the children quickly scatter
Towards the weeping edges of oblivion

God never quite came to this land
There was no true beginning
It seems

Pain appears infinite
It is only love
That tames Time

Everyone looks away
Nodding over electronic newspapers
Forecast in foresaken blood

The world is distant

This land torn
This land unborn

This land betrayed
By golden lords

The rivers of blood
Cover this land
Until it sinks
Into violet memory

The sun will not rise here

The sun never rises

In this land
That God gave to man

Our bodies
Our minds
Are the rubble of power

Walk through us
Touch the silent stones
That we have become

And you too be silent here

For what you hear

Is the truth of what you are

A Godless people
Busy burying the hearts of men

The land is on fire
The land is your judgement

It is our tomb
It is our fate

Be silent here

We are still speaking

Dan Corjescu teaches at the University of Tübingen’s “Studium Professionale” Program

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