Love Is King

Love Is Not A Crime

I have a sad secret to tell you:
Love does not conquer all

Only Power can do that

Love is:
That much is true

But it can break
And be stolen
Much more easily
Than even the greatest lovers
Ever knew

In a world of fathomless

It is perpetually on the run

Taunted and tricked
By long fingered wizards
Who unlock hearts
With careful pins of ice

It is a perpetual stranger
In this world of vice
And constant danger

And the greater the love
The more dark vultures come
To feast upon and deplete it

No Caesar can rule with love
Indeed, he eternally fears it

For it is an unruly power
That must be broken
If swelling high

The destiny of every great Man of Love
Weeping for his brother
Calling out to his sister
Is to be murdered by the sinister

Yes, love stands
So piteously fragile
Every now and then

And men turn their eyes
And raise their fists
And shout:

Love is here
We shall be free
Love is King

But whether
The Gracchi
Or Martin Luther King
Or Gandhi
Or Jesus
Or even Camus

Love will not be allowed
To overturn the world
But will be brutally
Buried by it

The heartless
Work hard
Against the heart

They fear the liberator
They fear the dream

They will do anything
To stop it

So it is that I weep
For the next Man or Woman
Rising from the transcendent flame

For their destiny is written
Like a brief exploding star

Of whom all of us will remember
As we fix our eyes upon the skies
Waiting for more signs and favor
Rattling chains never meant to be broken

Love is King
Long live the King!

Dan Corjescu teaches at the University of Tübingen’s “Studium Professionale” Program


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