“Israel is a Criminal” US Columbia Professor Says Unequivocally

Professor Geoffrey Sachs says Israel is literally starving the Palestinian people of Gaza and for that it is in a non-stop war crime of genocidal status. See his full commentary. 

“Israel has deliberately starved the people of Gaza. Starved. I am not using an exaggeration. I am talking literally, starving a population,” says Professor Jeffrey Sachs, who is the current director of the Center of Sustainable Development in Columbia University.

“Israel is criminal”

“Israel is a criminal, is in non-stop war crime status. Now. I believe in genocidal status, and it is without shame, without remorse, without truth, without insight into what it’s doing,” he recently told the Judging Freedom Podcast run by Judge Andrew Napolitano.

“But what it is doing is endangering Israel’s fundamental security because it is deriving the world to believe that the Israeli state is not legitimate,” the world’s top economist and an advisor to the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warns.

It will stop being a danger to itself “when the United States stops providing the munitions to Israel,” he firmly points out.



Israel has no “self-control” and “there is none in this government” Dr Sachs adding in reference to the Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet, saying “there is a murderous gang in government right now”.

“These are zealots, they have some messianic vision of controlling all of today’s Palestinian lands” and “are not going to stop. They believe in ethnic cleansing or worse, depending on whatever is needed.”

What is worse he points out that “it is the United States that is their sole support. And it’s our mumbling, bumbling president and the others that are not stopping this slaughter,” he ends with great dismay.

Professor Sachs is ranked by the Economist as among the three most influential living economists in the world. He is a great intellectual, a best-selling author and a global leader in sustainable development.

Dr Asmar is an Amman-based writer specializing on Middle East Affairs

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