Long live the fight

“No Bombs Here” photo by Dave Haans

“Thou Shalt Not Kill”(1) is a noble law that did not come from the Creator. Almost everything that lives on this planet needs to kill other beings to survive. Carnivores, herbivores, and micro-organisms all put an end to subordinate lives regularly. Even a plant will suffocate neighbouring vegetation for sunlight, water, and soil. There are exceptions to every rule in the book of existence, some entities may not kill directly but still feed off of death or steal sustenance from those alive which occasionally leads to deadly consequences.

Apparently our entire solar system is part of an endless battleground that began with a massive explosion eons ago.

Today in the heavens above we witness almighty storms on Jupiter as chemicals brawl for dominance and comprehend tremendous nuclear fusions of elemental opponents within our Sun as we all hurtle through a black void alongside countless brigades of burning stars, spinning orbs, gravitational forces pushing and pulling one another in a dance for supremacy. It’s no wonder people fight, it’s a universal truth.

But Earth is also a phenomena amongst miracles. A unique blue jewel in the cosmos blessed with a relatively peaceful balance of atoms that can support life. Love and creativity not only exist in this sacred place and time but are as crucial for human survival as food and water. Don’t be fooled by cold blooded thinking. Caring about others is an evolutionary strength. For a lot of species cooperation empowers the individual and the group. 

Lone warriors and physical prowess are not our strong suits. Anyone who believes otherwise is welcome to prove it by slaying a wild grizzly barehanded.(2) Humanity has succeeded thus far in life because of our brilliant comprehension, compassion, and collective nature. 

We’re incredibly clever toolmakers yet far from perfect. A more sensible race would have realized by now that petroleum is a finite resource and adapted to the fact that fossil fuel energy plus many versatile byproducts will come to an end like Henry Ford’s hemp car vanishing during the 1940’s to appease oil barons, manufacturing kings, and the demands of nations warring. 

“Maybe they love it… seeing us hate each other, watching us kill each other off,”


In the late 80’s a slick sci-fi flick called “They Live” was released in theaters written and directed by John Carpenter based on a Ray Nelson short story from 1963. The 21st Century Insistence of Memes says this movie is about fake news pushing sinister vaccinations during a pandemic hoax as pureblood rebels of freedom fight for their right to drive a truck while saving the children. 

They Live is really a fierce farcical film about this secretive alien sect manipulating humans into becoming insatiable feuding consumers of food and goods that severely pollute Earth’s environment making the atmosphere ideal for hideous outer space colonizers conquering the locals with fabricated lies, subliminal messages, and illusion.

Wake up from fantasy. Oil, plastics, and other petrochemicals are limited resources that will one day run out causing seismic changes to civilization. Can you not see how current lifestyles, investments, and political options affect society’s impending future?

Look around. We are at a crossroads in history. Several paths lead to uncivil war across the globe. Many believe there’s a way that can bring about salvation. 

Religion joining the state in theological governance always ends up authoritarian which is divine for a pious handful and hellish for everyone else. 

This is debatable but the closest example we currently have of a left-wing utopia operating with rights and responsibilities is Norway.

There are several totalitarian countries out there though none are wholly socialist, each resort to capitalistic deeds with greed usually in the lead. Some have valiantly tried to raise their masses and failed under the weight of embargoes and egos. While it’s true the liberal minded often try to extinguish views they oppose, do you really believe progressives would diminish women and punish homosexuals if given the power of contemporary dictators?

Diverse lands mirroring the right-wing vision of: No Taxes, No Big Government, No Public Education, No Gun Laws, No Sexual Liberty under God(3) also exist these days; reflecting the privileged poorly in the eyes of millions.

Just about every type of control including anarchy has been experienced in days of yore and on the evening news. 

There is no perfect sociopolitical structure and we’d probably be better off with a combination of concepts from the left and the right minus the BS. Corporatism, capitalism, neoliberalism, socialism, communism, fascism, and other economic theories are all inventions that can provide lessons. In this lifetime we have the power to build a stronger, wiser, fairer operation for all. 

“He who controls the spice controls the universe.”

-Vladimir Harkonnen (Dune 1984)

Desiring a precious resource that fuels our grand ventures on this vast water planet may very well be the root of most evil yet money can also be a solution to much of the world’s problems.

Monetary funds nourish charitable tasks, healthcare, and amazing achievements in numerous fields. If money is not part of your concept for a better world please ponder how public washrooms would stay clean, stocked, and functioning. Are you planning on volunteering for those duties?

Returning to a barter system would primarily benefit those who already have the most stuff. Envision how you’d be happier getting paid for work in mystery groceries or tokens towards other trades instead of wages for your time.

Thinking that robots are the answer to all labour requirements is like believing a flat earth explains everything like how smartphones can cause naïve confidence like having faith in cryptocurrency pyramid schemes like a fairy tale.

In this era we have the capability to construct a brand new cash system with a code of ethics that’s publicly made, owned, and operated. 

Good things would be elevated; bad things would be deflated. Plenty of folks would decide which is which.

The hopes of multitudes gathering on a common ground could come true. Do you have some cool idea(s) which would benefit almost everyone? Maybe even improve the chances of eternal endurance for family you’ll never meet in person? 

Future generations shall experience our Petro Age legacy. Now is the time to take the foot off the gas and change direction with the blessings of worldwide communication and knowledge at hand.

The big question is could you abide by mutual respect in a shared workspace with people who have different outlooks yet share values like wanting the best for offspring and a decent pension?

MoneyWithMorals.org offers a challenging but practical route for nonviolent global revolution that plans to encompass reality as well as dreams through civil arguments, voting, and most importantly, listening along with understanding in a fight worth living for.

Mark Kirkwood Callingham is a dad who works for a homeless shelter in downtown Ottawa. He’s also the founder of Project for a New Economic Century.

(1) “Lo Tirtzach” : You shall not murder is a truer translation of the Sixth Commandment in the Torah which condemns unlawful killing done with malice.

(2) Yes, in the opus of exceptions there is Chuck Norris and some other martial arts masters who, with a lucky break or two, might have an extremely slim chance of defeating a ferocious grizzly bear in unarmed combat. Just be aware that every extraordinary Homo sapiens fighter needed help from others to learn defensive and lethal moves.

(3) Due to the legendary Supreme Being not appearing in human form for thousands of years God will be portrayed by bullies in the leading role until further notice.


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