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Test Firing of the Hwasong

An Option Taken Off the Table

As most readers know, whenever the US seeks to force a nation to accede to its wishes, a spokesperson will say, “All options are on the table,” meaning the use of military force is at least a possibility if not likely. Seldom, however, will one ever hear a US spokesperson say, “The use of military force has been taken off[Read More…]

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F-35B landing on JS Izumo

Japanese Stealth Aircraft Carriers?

Although unfamiliar with the details, most people recognize the purpose of stealth technology is to make aircraft effectively immune to radar detection at normal combat ranges. The question is, would it be possible, employing the same technology, to make stealth aircraft carriers? The answer, even with Japan’s undoubted technical prowess, is a decided no, at least not for the foreseeable[Read More…]

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USS Reagan and Japanese ship (JS) Izumo jointly patrolling the South China Sea in June 2019.

Is Japan’s Security Environment Deteriorating?

In recent months, hardly a day goes by when the Japanese media, as well as their Western counterparts, don’t comment on the increasingly dangerous security situation surrounding Japan. Needless to say, the two nations identified as responsible for the increased danger are China and North Korea. But are they really the cause? It is certainly true that North Korea continues[Read More…]

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"17th Special" Seabees with the 7th Marines on Peleliu (public domain)

Something Worse than Slavery?

With the advent of the Black Lives Matter movement, together with the emergence of Critical Race Theory, the spotlight has once again been shone on the heinous institution that was slavery and its aftermath, racial discrimination. Could anything be worse than a system in which a human being becomes the property of another, to do with as the slave owner[Read More…]

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