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 We can’t keep on neglecting the future and survive

 We can’t keep on neglecting the future and survive

The eighteenth century was the start of the end of civilisation. That was due to burning fossil fuels to power society’s energy needs instead of using muscle, and renewable power. Now our end is near and we are speeding it up. Our hopes are fading as fast as we try to grow our economy. So we flutter about in the[Read More…]

October 12, 2019 World
Hummingbirds are among the 88 species included in a new study which shows that the warming of the planet has thrown off the timing of relationships between predators and prey as well as plant-eaters and pollinators. (Photo: Jen Goellnitz/Flickr/cc)

We can survive and live well if we fully cooperate with the planet and its life

Capitalism successes are based on economic growth, attain and sustained by burning fossil fuels. The key one for nearly a century is oil, it’s involved in all our activities, and it’s what sustains world societies, also its gradually changing our benign planet to an unliveable one. Its due to two factors one been the emission of carbon dioxide, which keeps[Read More…]

May 11, 2019 Counter Solutions
The origin of labour-saving economies that’s now leading to our demise

The origin of labour-saving economies that’s now leading to our demise

But first a summary of my life My ancestors farmed the same blot of land in Switzerland for over 10 century and I spent my whole working life in factories with my fellow workers supplying society’s domestic needs, to assist primary producers, the extractive industries, and manufactures. So, I’m interested in the history of people who sustain societies rather than[Read More…]

January 1, 2019 World
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We have little time to save our children. Life is facing extinction within the near future. In the last session we all stated our major concerns and what needs to be prioritised to improve our lives. We were given statistics that showed there’s both improvement on many vital measures and some worries. So it looks as if we are managing.[Read More…]

May 25, 2018 Counter Solutions
We Need To Re-Educate Ourselves To Survive And Live Life At Its Best

We Need To Re-Educate Ourselves To Survive And Live Life At Its Best

We presently are using whatever we can, with little to no concerns for our children’s future, as they, on present trend have little prospect and less to no chance that their offspring will be able to survive. Yet the continuation of life is life’s primary concern. But not in civilisation, with the new socioeconomic system of global capitalism, education primary[Read More…]

October 9, 2017 Counter Solutions
Regardless Of Lifestyles We’re Too Numerous To Be Sustainable

Regardless Of Lifestyles We’re Too Numerous To Be Sustainable

To survive and live well we must reduce our population back to 2 billion as it was 80 years ago. Why did we allow our world population to keep growing to an unsustainable 7.4 billion, and passing on to our children the task of feeding and managing 9 billion people on a planet of degrading soils, acidifying and rising oceans[Read More…]

April 28, 2017 Counter Solutions
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Today’s Terminal Social Malady

The state of the planet The hope of the fifties as soured to the despair of this century. Why is rarely asked. But more important and difficult, is to feel hopeful again, to see a better life ahead that’s peaceful, calm, and joyous, but presently the future looks not only foreboding but hopeless for many if not most of the[Read More…]

January 15, 2017 Counter Solutions
Capitalism or Life

Capitalism or Life

The global socioeconomic system of capitalism, is forcing us to work harder to surpass previous consumption and population numbers until we have devoured everything that maintains life, ending up with a polluted, lifeless, and a scorched planet. Civilisation’s present and ultimate mode, capitalism is the system that can only lead us to our annihilation. This isn’t any individual’s, or any[Read More…]

November 13, 2016 Life/Philosophy
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Let’s Become A Part Of The Commons Once Again

Alas education in civilization justifies and encourages ruthless greed. It seems that all vertebrates go through a learning process and all mammals need or do better with an education from their parents and siblings. However, people are completely dependent on human interaction to be able to participate in any social setting. That is we must learn from other people to[Read More…]

August 22, 2016 Life/Philosophy
What We Need To Do To Survive And Have A Good Life

What We Need To Do To Survive And Have A Good Life

We must assess the consequences of our lifestyle on the planet’s declining liveability, as we already have a rising chemical imbalance in the biosphere which impairs life’s ability to control its climate. Furthermore, we’re expecting  9 billion people within thirty odd years; this, in a world of depleting organic and inorganic resources, rising sea levels, and increasing temperatures, that will[Read More…]

July 13, 2016 Climate Change, Resource Crisis