Neoliberal Australia Re-elects War Criminal, Climate Criminal, Pro-Apartheid, Child-abusing Coalition Government



In July 2016 a  substantially  ignorant, greedy,  racist,  pro-Zionist, US lackey, extreme right-wing and neoliberal Murdochracy Australia re-elected (albeit by a wafer-thin margin) a mendacious, corrupt, anti-equity, anti-science, anti-environment, pro-war, war criminal, pro-coal, climate criminal, human rights-abusing, pro-Apartheid and child-abusing Coalition Government. Those supporting the Coalition are on a continuum from egregious ignorance and stupidity to homicidal greed. Responsibility for this moral vacuity lies heavily with manufacturing consent by the mendacious, US-owned, king-making  Murdoch media empire that dominates Australia.

How did a rich and literate  democracy, Australia, descend into this genocidal, ecocidal, speciescidal, and ultimately omnicidal and terracidal moral pit?  In a word, through lying.  Australian Mainstream media, politician and academic presstitutes  and hence Australian public life are firmly dedicated to lying by omission which is far, far worse than lying by commission because the latter at least means public correction and public debate.  Yet lying is antithetical to democracy and to science-based rational risk management that is crucial for societal safety [1].

Rational risk management successively involves (a) accurate data, (b) scientific analysis, this involving the critical testing of potentially falsifiable hypotheses, and (c) informed systemic change to minimize risk. Unfortunately,  this rational risk management protocol is typically perverted at the individual,  family or local level,   or at the level of the family of nations by (a) lying, self-deception, spin, obfuscation, intimidation and censorship, (b) anti-science spin, this involving the selective use of asserted facts to support a partisan position, and (c) blame and shame that is counterproductive because  it blocks reportage crucial for rational risk management and in the worst cases leads to war [1].

In particular, Polya’s Second Law of Economics explains why we are doomed by neoliberal economics  – deceit, lying by omission, lying by commission, and disinformation subvert science-based rational risk management  but are remorselessly increasing. Polya’s 3 Laws of Economics mirror the 3 Laws of Thermodynamics of science and are (1) Price minus COP (Cost of Production) equals profit; (2) Deception about COP strives to a maximum; and (3) No work, price or profit on a dead planet. These fundamental laws help  expose the failure of neoliberal capitalism in relation to wealth inequality, massive tax evasion by multinational corporations, and  horrendous avoidable deaths from poverty and pollution culminating in general ecocide, speciescide, climate genocide, omnicide and terracide [2].

This essay succinctly summarizes the appalling and dangerous attributes of the  mendacious, corrupt, anti-equity, anti-science, anti-environment, pro-war, war criminal, pro-coal, climate criminal, human rights-abusing, pro-Apartheid,  and child-abusing Australian Liberal Party-National Party Coalition Government (the Coalition Government) that has been re-elected in July 2016 precisely because these appalling attributes   were ignored or  insufficiently explored in the election campaign – any one of these attributes should have excluded the Coalition from public life, let alone public office.

Coalition Mendacity.

The greatest lie of the Coalition’s election campaign was the assertion  that Labor’s claim that the Coalition was trying  to scrap Medicare  (Australia’s publicly funded universal health care scheme) was a lie. In reality the Coalition had been trying to maximize private health and to minimize public health since the inception of Medicare. This Australian public health system  was initially called Medibank when introduced by the reformist Whitlam Government in 1975 and was subsequently renamed as Medicare in 1984 after the Fraser Coalition Government  introduced a government-owned personal medical insurance scheme called Medibank Private in 1976, immediately after the US CIA-backed Coup against the Whitlam Government. Medibank  Private, Australia’s biggest medical insurance company, was privatized by the extreme right–wing Abbott Coalition Government in 2014. The unpopularity of PM Tony Abbott in numerous successive polls led to his replacement as PM by  an all-smiles, charming but nevertheless Abbott-in-sheep’s-clothing , lipstick-on-a-pig , same-policies-nicer-image Malcolm Turnbull in a September 2015 Coup. The yellow, lying  ABC (Australia’s equivalent  of the yellow, lying  UK BBC) ran a campaign that characterized Labor’s campaign as a “Mediscare” campaign. In vain Labor countered with  the clear evidence that the Coalition policies under the Abbott-Turnbull Government was demolishing  the public health system and hence demolishing Medicare “brick by brick” – $50 billion ripped from health to fund tax breaks for the rich, a proposed GP co-payment scheme, a long-term freeze on Medicare payments to GPs, increased cost of medicines, and increased cost of pathology and diagnostic services, with all this  meaning more health costs to be borne  by patients that were formerly free under Medicare, and the prospect of a US-style health  system disastrous for the poor and non-insured.

Of course the greatest Coalition and indeed Australian lies are those  of pre-colonization Australia as terra nullius  (empty land) and denial of the ongoing Aboriginal  Genocide and Aboriginal Ethnocide. In November 2014 Coalition PM Tony Abbott in a Sydney speech honouring war criminal UK PM David Cameron, offensively declared that Australia was an empty land (terra nullius) when the British arrived (invaded)  in 1788: “As we look around this glorious city, as we see the extraordinary development, it’s hard to think that back in 1788 it was nothing but bush” [3]. Former Coalition PM John Howard (who illegally invaded Iraq in 2003 but is lauded by the pro-war, pro-Zionist, US lackey Coalition and Mainstream media )   notoriously attacked  historians talking of an Aboriginal  Genocide , stating “I profoundly reject the black arm-band view of Australian history” and “[to teach children] that we’re part of a sort of racist and bigoted history is something that Australians reject” [4].

The realities are otherwise. As UK lackeys or US lackeys Australians have invaded 85 countries as compared to the British 193, France, 80, the US 70 (50 after WW2), Germany 39, Japan 30, Russia 25, Canada 25,  Apartheid Israel 12 and China 2  [5-10]. History ignored yields history repeated and look-the-other-way Australia is consequently now into its Eighth Iraq War and Third Syrian War of the last 100 years. This appalling record, if generally known, would obscure Australia’s  worthy history as a world leader in achieving  major humane social innovations within Australia (albeit effectively only for White Australians before 1967) such as free, secular education, free trade unions, the 8 hour working day and  democratic elections in the 19th century, and female suffrage (1901). Indeed as a UK lackey or US lackey Australia has been involved in 30 genocidal atrocities but these have all been essentially  ignored by Australian Mainstream media, politicians and academics (except for a few dissidents) and by the recent and ostensibly definitive  Cambridge History of Australia [11]. In the century after the British invasion in 1788 the Australian Aboriginal population dropped from about 1 million to 0.1 million through dispossession, deprivation, introduced disease and violence. Since 1788 some 2 million Indigenous Australians  have died untimely deaths, White Australians have destroyed 600 out of 750 distinct Australian Aboriginal groups (and associated languages and dialects), and of the remaining 150 all but 20 are endangered, this qualitatively representing the worst genocide in human history. The Aboriginal Genocide and Aboriginal Ethnocide continues under the Coalition through poverty and Indigenous avoidable mortality similar to that in South Asia, continued  forced removal of children from their mothers, and reduction in bilingual education [12].

In the  mid-20th century Australia was complicit in the 1942-1945 WW2 Bengali Holocaust (6-7 million Indians deliberately starved to death by the British for strategic reasons with Australia complicit by withholding  grain from its huge wartime wheat stores) [13, 14]. Australia participated in all post-1950 US Asian wars (40 million Asian deaths from violence or war-imposed deprivation). Since the US Government’s 9-11 false-flag atrocity in 2001 [15], Australia has been associated with the  US War on Terror (US War on Muslims) in which Muslim deaths in 20 countries invaded by the US Alliance total 32 million comprising  27 million avoidable deaths from imposed deprivation and 5 million violent deaths [16]. This carnage is ignored by the Coalition and by Australian Mainstream media, politician and academic presstitutes. Thus, for example, post-invasion Iraqi deaths total 2.7 million from violence (1.5 million) and war-imposed deprivation (1.2 million) [17] but the Australian ABC has repeatedly asserted that “tens of thousands” had died and the UK Chilcot Report estimates “170,000” [18]. In this extraordinary  environment  of Mainstream holocaust denial one can begin to understand Coalition rejection of any apology for the illegal Iraq War and the reality that Australia was taken to war on a lie. Of course the worst expression of racism is invading and devastating another country. Mainstream Australia ignores the ugly reality that Australia plays a key role in US state terrorism via the joint US-Australia electronic spying facility at Pine Gap in central Australia that targets illegal US drone attacks in Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan [19].

An endless catalogue can be made of Coalition mendacity and this has major security implications because lying short-circuits rational risk management  crucial for societal safety and national security. Of course the mendacious Coalition and indeed Mainstream media, politician and academics presstitutes lie by omission in relation to Coalition mendacity itself and to the other awful attributes of the Coalition analysed below .

Coalition corruption.

According to author and corporate tax expert and insider George Rozvany – formerly a tax expert for ICI, Allianz, Ernst and Young, Coopers and Lybrand (now PwC) and the now-defunct Arthur Anderson –  at least $US1 trillion in tax revenue is lost worldwide, and $50 billion in Australia [per annum], as a result of aggressive tax minimisation schemes established by the four giant accounting firms serving nearly all the world’s major corporations: “And I’m a conservative man, I think the figure is actually much higher. It’s very clear to me that the big four accounting firms are the masterminds of international tax avoidance. They work with government to deliver what they want for their clients. It’s not set in a social context; it’s designed to deliver an outcome for their clients. The people who are most affected are the most underprivileged in our society, those without a voice. The homeless, foreign aid programs… Transfer pricing behaviour clearly is the greatest concern because it’s very easy for a transfer pricing expert to dress up a sham transaction as a real commercial transaction. I’m talking about service arrangements, intellectual property transfers, such as patents or use of patents, and perceived transfer of goods, sham loans between related parties, but in reality it’s all about providing services at too high a price which then shifts [income] to a lower tax jurisdiction… Basically tax avoidance, corruption, terrorism: the money comes from somewhere. And the money typically needs to be hidden for the purpose of the perpetrators. I don’t believe the big four are involved directly in terrorism, but their structures are more than likely being used. Sham structures have been set up in Luxembourg, again, looking like normal commercial transactions but really with a view to being taxed in Luxembourg at 1 per cent as opposed to a 25 per cent or 30 per cent rate in another country. The cost to the international community is enormous”. Critically, George Rozvany says that “legal” does not mean “ethical”: “It’s an interesting thing, ‘within the law’. Many things were once legal. Rape and paedophilia were once legal. If you set up a sham transaction in a tax haven with a view to shifting profits from a high tax jurisdiction to a low tax jurisdiction that should be considered unacceptable to the international community” [20].

According to the ABC (2016): “The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is investigating 800 Australian residents named in a massive leak of tax and financial records known as the Panama Papers” [21]. Australian Coalition leader and PM Malcolm Turnbull has been named as  a former director of a company set up by Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca in the early 1990s but denies any impropriety [22]. PM Turnbull, a former banker with Goldman-Sachs and worth $200 million with his wife Lucy, was also identified as having investments  in the Cayman Islands [23]. PM Malcolm Turnbull denies any impropriety and no doubt it is all legal – but it is a very poor look for  a prominent politician in a country in which 85,000 people die preventably each year [24, 25]. statement prior to the 2016 Federal election: “How the polluters buy our politicians and what they get in return. $3.7 million donated by the fossil fuel industry to the major political parties since the last Federal election [September 2013]. $7.7 billion in taxpayers’ money will be paid to the big polluters as subsidies in 2016-17. $2000+ – for every dollar paid to our politicians since the last election, the big polluters will receive $2000+” [26].

According to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC ) the big Mining companies spent $22 million on destroying PM Kevin Rudd (overthrown in a US approved, Mining Industry-backed, pro-Zionist-led overnight Coup on 24 June 2010) and thence emasculating the Mining Super-profits Tax enacted under the subsequent Labor PM Julia Gillard [27].

In recent years the  pro-coal COALition and Labor Right (aka the Lib-Labs) have had exactly the same climate change inaction policies of a derisory “5% off 2000 GHG pollution by 2020” and unlimited coal, gas and iron ore exports [28]. Carbon burning kills 10,000 Australians each year [29] – the corrupt, fossil fuel industry-supported  Lib-Labs are passively killing 10,000 fellow Australians each year (climate terrorism by climate terrorists) [29]. Pollutants from the burning of Australia’s world-leading coal exports ultimately kill 75,000 people each year [30].

The bottom line is that Australia is a corrupt kleptocracy, plutocracy, murdochracy, lobbyocracy, corporatocracy and dollarocracy in which Big Money purchases people, parties, policies, public perception of  reality, political power and hence more profit. A catastrophic plus 2 degrees Centigrade temperature is now unavoidable but vested interests funding the Coalition determine that the Coalition Government resolutely supports fossil fuel burning, methanogenic  livestock production, unlimited fossil fuel exports and unlimited exports of meat that make Australia one of the world’s worst GHG polluters [31-35].

Anti-equity Coalition.

The extreme right-wing Australian Coalition has an extreme neoliberal agenda of maximizing the freedom of the smart and advantaged to exploit the human and natural resources of the world for private profit. This currently globally dominant  neoliberal agenda is in stark contrast to social humanism (democratic socialism, the welfare state) that seeks to maximize the happiness, dignity and opportunity of everyone through evolving intra-national and international contracts [36, 37]. Neoliberalism kills – thus each year 17 million people die avoidably from imposed deprivation on Spaceship Earth with neoliberal First Worlders in charge of  the flight deck [7].  However it gets worse. It is now extremely unlikely that the world will avoid a catastrophic plus 2 degrees Centigrade temperature rise [38, 39] and the worst culprits in this catastrophe in terms of “per capita income weighted annual per capita greenhouse gas pollution” include the rich Anglosphere countries of Australia, Canada, UK and the US. It is estimated that failure to address man-made climate change this century will wipe out much of the Biosphere and kill all but 0.5 billion people i.e. kill about 10 billion people this century [40].

In the recent Federal Election campaign the Coalition had a position of phasing in $50 billion in tax cuts for the rich  at the expense  of the health system. This massive wealth transfer from  the vulnerable to the rich must be seen in the context of 85,000 preventable Australians deaths each year, the breakdown  (involving some overlaps) including   (1) 26,000 annual Australian deaths from adverse hospital events, (2) 17,000 obesity-related Australian deaths,  (3) 15,500 smoking-related Australian deaths, (4) 10,000 carbon burning pollution-derived Australian deaths, (5). 4,000 avoidable Indigenous Australian deaths, (6). 5,600 Australians die alcohol-related deaths, (7) 2,100 Australian suicides, (8) 1,400 Australian road deaths, (9) 630 Australian opiate drug-related deaths with 570 linked  to US restoration of the Taliban-destroyed Afghan opium industry, and (10) 300 Australian homicides (80 being of women killed domestically) [24, 25].

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said in an Australia Day speech in 2016: “As long as 2.5 million Australians live below the poverty line, and one out of every four are children … We cannot say the fair go belongs to all” [41]. Poverty kills – thus the avoidable death rate as a percentage of population is 0.6% for Australian Aboriginals as compared to as compared to 0.4% pa for impoverished South Asia,  1.0% for impoverished sub-Saharan Africa  and  essentially 0.0% for White Australians i.e. about 4,000 Indigenous  Australians die avoidably each year from deprivation and deprivation-exacerbated disease [42] (cf 3,000 died in the US Government’s 9-11 false-flag atrocity in 2001 that was used as an excuse for the post-9-11 US War on Terror or US War on Muslims in which 32 million Muslims have died in 20 countries subject to US Alliance invasion from violence, 5 million, or from violently-imposed deprivation, 27 million) [16].

Of course a key way impoverished Australians can escape from poverty is through education. Under the Lib-Labs (Coalition and Labor Right) Australia’s Educational Apartheid system the 2/3 majority of Australian children attending state schools are disproportionately excluded from a decent education, university, top universities, and top courses such as medicine and law; that 80% of NT Aboriginal children fail to meet basic literacy and numeracy standards [43] ; that 47% of Australians are functionally illiterate  and 53% are functionally innumerate [44];  and that children attending taxpayer-funded private schools are subject to religious brainwashing (intellectual child abuse) that variously teaches them to accept sexism, misogyny, homophobia, sexual guilt, unsafe sex, creationism, intelligent design, anti-science miracles and the right to invade, occupy, devastate and ethnically cleanse other countries. The Coalition has refused to back the so-called Gonski reforms to make the education system more equitable, has ripped $40 billion out of school funding, wants university fee deregulation with the prospect of $100,000  degrees when university education can and should be free as in 20 other countries [45], and has proposed that the Federal Government  only fund private schools (for the rich and/or religious) and cease funding the impoverished state school sector.

The One Percenters now own half the wealth of the world and income inequality is steadily increasing in Anglosphere countries, including Australia. In 2016,  2.575 million Australians (19.7% of the workforce) are unemployed or under-employed “working poor”. According  to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) (2014): “The top 20% of households when ranked by their level of wealth, owned 62% of total [net] household wealth in 2013–2014. By comparison, the bottom 20% of households, owned less than 1% of all [net] household wealth”.  According to French economist Professor Thomas Piketty, the present wealth disparity is bad for democracy (money buys votes) and bad for the economy (the poor cannot buy goods and services they produce). Piketty suggests an annual wealthy tax [46, 47]  and indeed there is an annual wealth tax of up to 1.5% in France and for 1,400 years Islam has mandated a 2.5% annual wealth tax (zakat). A 1% annual wealth tax on the top 20% of Australian households would yield  A$65.2 billion each year that would enable  pro-equity health and education funding and address the annual Federal Budget deficit of A$40 billion [48].

Poverty kills but the Australian-killing  Coalition would be ferociously opposed to an annual wealth tax on all assets (including  those parked in tax havens). Yet Australia already has a huge, hidden annual wealth tax – thus modestly prosperous middle class Australians are already subject to large and discriminatory  wealth taxes by asset-based exclusion from the old age pension (circa A$400 per week for a single pensioner)  and retirement home subsidy (circa A$490 per week) that are given to the poor but would be negligible additions to the income of the One Percenters [49].

Anti-science Coalition.

The neoliberal Coalition is resolutely anti-science unless private interests can make a buck out of it. The Coalition closed down the expert Climate Commission (that quickly reconstituted itself as a privately-funded, volunteer-based,  Australian-informing  Climate Council) [50] . The Coalition  attempted to close down the science-based Australian Renewable  Energy Agency (ARENA)  and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) and when that failed did its best to emasculate both organizations. The Coalition has cut funding for universities, university research, Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs) and Australia’s premier research organization, the  Commonwealth Scientific and  Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO). In response to Coalition cut-backs the CSIRO management has sacked or re-redeployed hundreds of CSIRO climate scientists who hitherto have made a crucial contribution to global climate change research.

While scientific  opinion overwhelmingly perceives a worsening climate emergency due to man-made greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution, Australia is among world leading nations for per capita GHG pollution and climate change inaction under corrupt, fossil-fuel industry-supported Coalition Governments [34, 35]. While about half the Coalition MPs are explicit climate change deniers, the Coalition as whole is effective climate change denialist  through world-leading climate change inaction. Ultimately for societal safety we must seriously consider the expert views of scientists.  Thus a 2010 Open Letter from 255 eminent scientists of the prestigious US National Academy of Sciences (including 11 Nobel Prize winners) concluded: “Delay is not an option” [51] and the Synthesis Report of the 2,500-delegate 2009 scientific Copenhagen Climate Change Conference concluded: “Inaction is inexcusable” [52].

Science-based rational risk management crucial for societal safety successively involves   (a) accurate information, (b) scientific  analysis (this involving the critical testing of potentially falsifiable hypotheses) , and (c) informed systemic change to minimize risk to society. The mendacious, corrupt, neoliberal Coalition is resolutely committed to anti-science spin-based risk management  that successively involves (a) lying by omission, lying by commission, censorship, intimidation , spin and slies (spin-based untruths), (b) anti-science spin-based  analysis (this involving the selective use of asserted facts to support a partisan position aka “cherry-picking”) and (c)  spin-based “blame and shame” that discourages crucial reportage and in the worst case, war [1] (e.g. Coalition PM John Howard  led Australia to war on a lie in the illegal 2003 invasion of Iraq that was eventually associated with 2.7 million Iraqi deaths from violence, 1.5 million, or from war-imposed deprivation, 1.2 million) [16-18].

The Coalition supported legislation that made it a crime punishable by 10 years in prison for a scientist without a permit informing non-Australians  (in conversation, tutorials, lectures, conference papers, scientific papers etc) about numerous  technologies and thousands of chemicals and organisms  listed in a presently 353-page Defence and Strategic Goods List [53].

Despite an annual Federal Budget deficit of $40 billion , the  anti-science Coalition Government spends $30 billion annually on subsidizing organized religion, this including $8 billion for supporting religious schools in which children are variously brainwashed (intellectual child abuse) into accepting repugnant falsehoods including sexism, misogyny, homophobia, sexual guilt, unsafe sex, creationism, intelligent design, anti-science miracle claims and the right to invade, occupy, devastate and ethnically cleanse other countries [54].

Analytical science critically involves sampling and analysis. To determine how much a an illegal drug is in the blood of a drugged driver, 10 mL out of the 5 L of the driver’s blood is expertly taken for analysis rather than lethally extracting the full 5 L and isolating all the drug therein.  Thus a succession of expertly-conducted polls have determined that a considerable majority (currently about 75%) of Australians support marriage equality (same-sex marriage) . However the  gay rights-violating, anti-science Coalition hit upon the delaying tactic of a $160 million plebiscite to determine public support for marriage equality with no guarantee that Parliament would enact the required legislation.

Despite the worsening, science-indicated  climate emergency representing a major threat to humanity – the other really major threats including nuclear weapons that threaten extinction  humanity, poverty which currently  kills 17 million each year and air pollution that kills 7 million annually – the Coalition is firmly  committed to climate change inaction domestically and also globally through world-leading GHG exports via coal, gas, iron ore and meat exports [31-35, 55, 56].

Anti-environment Coalition.

The fossil fuel industry-backed neoliberal Coalition  has an appalling record of environmental vandalism, disproportionately high GHG pollution  and climate change inaction amounting to effective climate change denialism. Australia is among world leading nations in per capita GHG pollution and climate change inaction, and  ranks third in per capita income-weighted per capita GHG pollution  under corrupt, fossil-fuel industry-supported Coalition Governments [31-35, 55, 56]..

Rapid achievement of zero emissions will involve  a  rapid switch to the best non-carbon and renewable energy (solar, wind, geothermal, wave, tide and hydro) options that are currently roughly the same market price as coal burning-based power and 5 times cheaper if the human and environmental  cost is considered. Installation of 100% renewable energy is feasible and 100% renewable energy by 2020 is on already track for a number of  corporations,  towns, cities and countries [57].  Thus 100% renewable energy could be achieved for Australia in 10 years for a cost of A$350 billion  (US$263 billion) [28]  whereas  the  damage –related Carbon Debt associated with Business As Usual (BAU) GHG pollution would be US$4,000 billion over 10 years [58]. However the Coalition has been resolutely opposed to rapid uptake of renewable energy.

The Coalition has approved the world’s biggest coal mine (the Adani Carmichael mine in Queensland) at a time when science demands cessation of coal burning. Further, massive coal exports from this development will traverse the Great Barrier Reef which is already under dire threat from agricultural  run-off, siltation from dredging, acidification due to atmospheric  CO2 pollution,  and bleaching due to ocean warming. Australia is a world leader in land clearance (ecocide) and associated species extinction (speciescide) [59].

The Coalition’s commitment to unlimited fossil fuel extraction and export means that Australia is set to exceed by a factor of three (3) the whole world’s terminal GHG pollution budget that must not be exceeded if we are to have a 75% chance of avoiding a catastrophic 2C temperature rise. Australia exceeded its fair share of this Terminal Carbon Budget in 2011 (via its Domestic plus Exported GHG pollution) and in 2013 (via its Domestic GHG pollution), and under the Turnbull Coalition Government is still remorselessly stealing the entitlement of all other countries [55, 56]. The Turnbull Coalition Government is committed to long-term fossil fuel burning domestically and to unlimited coal and gas exports, a climate criminal position that is effective climate change denial that ignores the acute seriousness of the worsening climate emergency and the need for urgent action now e.g. divestment from fossil fuels, 100% renewable energy ASAP, and cessation of carbon fuel burning ASAP.

The Coalition permits deforestation in old growth South East  Australian  Eucalyptus  forests that are the best forest carbon sinks in the world, and its GHG pollution and coal export policies represent a major threat to the very existence of the Great Barrier Reef.

World Bank analysts have re-assessed global greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution taking a realistic  global warming potential (GWP) for methane, methanogenic livestock and land use into account – they have estimated global GHG pollution at 64 Gt CO2-e per year as compared to the previous FAO estimate of 42  Gt CO2-e per year [33]. This revised estimate means that the World will exceed within 3 years the Terminal Carbon Pollution Budget that must not be exceeded of we are to have a 75% chance of avoiding a catastrophic 2C temperature rise [55]. Anti-science Coalition policy is to maximize exports  of methanogenic livestock as well as GHG-generating coal and gas via various Free Trade Agreements.

The 2013 Coalition pre-election energy policy document essentially ignored renewable energy except in proposing more investigation into  possible  harmful effects of wind turbines – yet expert medical inquiries have found no evidence for harmful effects of wind turbines whereas 10,000 Australians die annually from the effects of carbon fuel burning pollutants. The Coalition’s 2016 Federal election campaign essentially ignored climate change as a key issue.

Coalition pro-war.

The US lackey Coalition has supported all post-1950 US Asian wars, atrocities that have been associated with 40 million Asian deaths from violence or from war-imposed deprivation.

Under the pro-war, pro-Zionist, US lackey Coalition Government Australia is currently  involved in the ongoing Afghan Holocaust and Afghan Genocide and  in  its 8th Iraq War and 3rd Syrian war in a century.  Australia remains closely linked to US nuclear terrorism and illegal drone strikes via the Pine Gap and other facilities. Successive pro-war Coalition and Labor Governments  have made most Australians complicit in the Iraqi Genocide and the Afghan Genocide – deaths from violence or violently-imposed deprivation total 4.6 million in post-1990 Iraq and 5.5 million in post-2001 Afghanistan [60].

The US lackey Coalition permits 2,500 child-killing US Marines to be stationed on Australian soil at Darwin and has adumbrated naval facilities in Western Australia for nuclear armed US warships and the Cocos-Keeling Islands in the Indian Ocean for war criminal US drone espionage and bombing operations.  The neoliberal, US lackey Coalition provides diplomatic  support for and is variously directly complicit in continuing US Alliance invasions of 20 largely or significantly Muslim countries  from Mali to the Philippines [16].

The Coalition helped the pro-Zionist and nuclear terrorist US Alliance apply sanctions against the non-nuclear weapons state  Iran that have been  associated with 0.1 million avoidable Iranian deaths annually. In contrast, Australia under the Coalition is intimately  connected with US nuclear terrorism and is shamefully opposed to nuclear disarmament [61].

War criminal Coalition.

Successive Coalition and Labor Governments have made most Australians (circa 80%) complicit in horrendous US Alliance war crimes associated with the post-1990  Iraqi Genocide and the post-2001 Afghan Genocide (deaths from violence or from violently -imposed deprivation totalling 5 million and  6 million, respectively) [60].

Under-5 infant deaths have totalled 2.0 million in Iraq (1990-2011), 2.9 million in Afghanistan (2001-20112) and 1.3 million in Somalia (1992-2011), 90% avoidable and due to gross US Coalition violation of the Articles 55 and 56 of the Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War which demand that an Occupier supplies food and medical requisites to the Conquered Subjects to “the fullest extent of the means available to it” . Australia under the Coalition has been variously involved in all of these war criminal atrocities

In relation to Iraq, Coalition PM John Howard lead Australia to an illegal  war on a lie – it was expertly surmised before the invasion and quickly established after the illegal invasion that there were no Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) as claimed by Bush, Blair and Howard [18]. Similarly, in relation  to the invasion of Afghanistan , the US-installed Afghan President Hamid Karzai recently disputed the US claimed existence Al Qaeda in Afghanistan  and US claims that Osama bin Laden was responsible for the 9-11 atrocity – indeed other intelligence experts and numerous science, engineering, architecture, aviation and military experts assert that the US Government itself was responsible  the 9-11 atrocity as a false-flag operation to provide an excuse for US invasions of the Muslim world [15, 60, 62].

Under the Coalition Australia has been intimately involved via the joint US-Australia Pine Gap electronic spying  facility  in supporting US nuclear terrorism and in targeting illegal US drone strikes that presently occur in a swathe of Muslim countries including Libya, Somalia, the Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan [19, 60].

The Coalition would not exist but for a huge body of racist, greedy, war mongering, genocide-ignoring ,  conservative  supporters. Evidence for this  genocide-ignoring constituency is given by the exclusion of any mention of 30 genocidal Australian atrocities from the recently published, 2-volume “Cambridge History of Australia” [11, 63].    The Coalition has helped cover up Australian complicity in these genocidal atrocities, most notably Australian complicity in the WW2 Bengali Holocaust in which Britain with Australian help deliberately starved 6-7 million Indians to death for strategic reasons (Australia was complicit in this atrocity by withholding grain from its huge wheat stocks from starving India) [13, 14]. Genocide ignoring and holocaust ignoring are far, far worse than repugnant genocide denial and holocaust denial because at least the latter permit the possibility of public discussion.

Pro-coal Coalition.

The climate criminal Coalition and Labor are both committed to unlimited black coal exports, have approved brown coal exports,  have provided huge subsidies to coal burning power plants and have permitted huge coal exporting developments in coastal Queensland that provide a huge threat to the iconic Great Barrier Reef  in addition to  that posed by man-made global warming and ocean acidification [28]. Indeed the climate criminal Coalition has threatened to take licences off mining companies if they are not sufficiently assiduous in extracting and exporting fossil fuels. Further, the pro-coal Coalition (aka the COALition or KOALition) has advanced legislation to block environment groups such as the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) from taking legal action against climate criminal fossil fuel exploitation projects. Pro-coal Coalition PM Malcolm Turnbull is committed to long-term coal burning domestically and to unlimited coal gas and iron exports (e.g. stating that “Coal is a very important part…the largest single part of the global energy mix and likely to remain that way for a very long time”) – however this flies in the face of science that says we must stop burning fossil fuels ASAP. Turnbull’s Luddite , anti-science and anti-environment stance on this  issue alone makes him unfit to be Prime Minister of Australia.

Setting aside the threat of continued coal burning  to the every existence of  most of  Humanity and the Biosphere, pollutants from carbon fuel burning   ultimately  kill 7 million people each year, this including the 75,000 people who die each year from the burning  of Australian coal exports and the 10,000 Australians who die each year from air pollution from carbon fuel burning. By way of comparison, it is estimated that the barbarous ISIS non-state terrorists  and the similarly barbarous US Alliance state terrorists  kill about  12,000 Iraqis each year [30].

Climate criminal Coalition.

It has been estimated that about 0.5 million people die from climate change each year but this may be a huge under-estimate since climate change is increasingly impacting life in the Third World in which 17 million people die avoidably from deprivation each year. 7 million people die from, air pollution each year, this including  75,000 people who die from the effects of pollutants from the burning  of Australia’s world-leading coal exports and 10,000 Australians who die from air pollution each year. It is estimated that climate change inaction may result in the avoidable deaths of 10 billion people this century [40].

Human rights-abusing Coalition.

Australia imprisons boat-borne  refugees  in off-shore concentration camps on Nauru and Manus Island, Papua New Guinea. The imprisonment involves men, women and children, is indefinite and without charge or trial. Those who ignore, obfuscate, deny, support, advocate or are otherwise involved in gross abuse of mothers and their children have crossed the line between decent humanity and Nazi-style barbarism.

Driven by Neocon American and Zionist Imperialist (NAZI)-promoted terror hysteria and Islamophobia, the Coalition has added to Australia’s already draconian anti-terrorism laws. Thus a doctor, nurse or other care-giver now faces up to 2 years imprisonment for reporting  the sexual,  physical or psychological abuse of refugees in Australian refugee concentration camps. Failure to answer questions during extensive imprisonment without charge can  result in 5 years in prison as does revealing the arrest without charge of a spouse.  A journalist revealing details of an illegal Australian Intelligence operation could face 5-10 years in prison. Metadata retention laws have now entrenched comprehensive state violation of privacy in Australia of the kind exposed in the US by Edward Snowden – this is predicted to have a further chilling effect on already highly censored and self-censored  Australian Mainstream journalism [64, 65].

The Coalition excluded Afghan refugees and Northern Territory Indigenous Australians from the protection of the 1975 Racial Discrimination Act brought in by the reformist Whitlam Labor Government, and has returned refuges fleeing the Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka.

Pro-Apartheid Coalition.

Apart from the US and UK Governments, the Australian Coalition and Labor Governments have been  perhaps the strongest supporters of Apartheid Israel,  just as a succession of racist Coalition Australian Governments were supporters of Apartheid Israel-backed Apartheid South Africa. Fundamental to democracy is one-person-one-vote but the pro-Zionist, US lackey Lib-Labs (Coalition and Labor Right) ignore the racist, undemocratic realities of nuclear terrorist, genocidally racist, racist  Zionist-run, democracy-by-genocide Apartheid Israel – only 7% of 12 million Palestinians and only 14% of the circa 6.0 million Palestinians actually living in Palestine under violent Jewish Israeli rule (the adults of 1.7 million Palestinian Israelis) can vote for the government ruling all of Palestine, and 6 million Palestinians are forbidden to even step foot in their own country [66]. The Coalition Government recently  joined with the US and a handful of US lackey states to oppose the flying of the State of Palestine flag at the UN. Of course genocidal racism, Apartheid and race-based human rights abuse as effected by the Coalition-backed Apartheid Israel are utterly abhorrent to all decent humanity and all decent anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish Australians are morally prevented from voting for the racist Coalition over this issue alone.   The Turnbull Coalition Government is obliged to support democracy, one-man-one-vote, anti-racism and  civil rights at home but in being a world leader second only to the US in supporting grossly human rights-abusing, democracy-by-genocide Apartheid Israel it  is abrogating these fundamental human rights precepts abroad – decent pro-human rights Australians (and especially anti-racist Jewish Australians)  cannot vote for people supporting egregious violation of  these precepts  that are fundamental to a democratic society.

Child-abusing Coalition.

25% of adult Australians (4.4 million in total) have been sexually abused as children and about 24,000 suffer  premature deaths each year  linked to their childhood sexual abuse. Lib-Lab Australia has a longstanding policy of highly abusively imprisoning child refugees without  charge or trial in remote concentration camps. Australia’s Educational Apartheid system discriminates against the majority of children attending relatively impoverished, state-funded schools but children attending state-subsidized private religious schools are subject to egregious child intellectual abuse [67-69].

Lib-Lab Australia has a longstanding, bipartisan  policy of highly abusively imprisoning child refugees without  charge or trial in remote concentration camps in gross violation of the Universal Declaration of the  Human Rights and the Rights of the Child Convention. Australian medical experts, the Australian Human Rights Commission, Amnesty International and the UN have protested this vile child abuse.  Those who ignore, obfuscate, deny, support, advocate or are otherwise involved in gross abuse of mothers and their children have crossed the line between decent humanity and barbarism. The Australian socialist weekly Red Flag put the moral proposition bluntly on its front page recently : “They’re Turnbull’s torture camps now. The unspeakable crimes occurring in Australia’s detention centres are now Malcolm Turnbull’s responsibility”.

Coalition- and Labor-complicit under-5 infant deaths in the post-1990 Iraqi Holocaust and the post-2001 Afghan Holocaust total 2.0 million and 3.0 million, respectively, 90% avoidable and due to gross violation of the Geneva Convention by the US Alliance and Australia [60]. Successive pro-war, pro-Zionist, US lackey Coalition and Labor Governments have made most Australians complicit in the passive mass murder of millions of Muslim children through violently-imposed deprivation. Thus under-5 year old infant deaths (90% avoidable and due to horrendous, Australia-complicit US Alliance war crimes in gross violation of  Articles 55 and 56 of the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War ) total 6 million (post-1990  US War on Muslims), 4.4 million (post-2001 US War on Terror), 2 million (post-1990 Iraqi Genocide), 1.3 million (post-1992 Somali Genocide), and 3 million (post-2001 Afghan Genocide) [60]. Both Articles 55 and 56 of the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War demand that an Occupier must provide conquered subjects with life-sustaining food and medical services “to the fullest extent of the means available to it”. A Coalition Government under John Howard made a massive contribution to mass murder of Iraqi children through Australia ‘s illegal and war criminal invasion of Iraq in 2003 [17, 18] .

The right of Northern Territory  Indigenous children to a decent childhood and a decent education is denied by the PC racist Coalition and Labor who also grossly violate the human rights  of child asylum seekers who, if they arrive by boat,  are almost immediately shipped off to a remote concentration camp on Nauru [67, 68]. Those who ignore, obfuscate, deny, support, advocate or are otherwise involved in gross abuse of mothers and their children have crossed the line between decent humanity and Nazi-style barbarism – Australia needs de-Nazification.

Labor instituted a Royal Commission that is confined to investigating horrendous institutional child sexual abuse (up to 40,000 cases over the last 40 years by Catholic Church personnel). However both the Coalition and Labor continue to ignore the awful reality that 34% of Australian women and 16% of Australian men – 4.4 million Australians in all – have been subject to child sexual abuse i.e. the Coalition and Labor have ignored huge non-institutional child sexual abuse. It is estimated that about 24,000 Australians who have been sexually abused as children suffer  premature death  each year linked to their childhood sexual abuse [68, 69].

The effective climate change denying Coalition is imposing a huge Carbon Debt on young Australians and future generations (intergenerational injustice, intergenerational inequity, intergenerational crime). Assuming a damage-related Carbon Price in USD of  $200 per tonne CO2-e as estimated by Dr Chris Hope from 90-Nobel-Laureate Cambridge University,  Australia has a Carbon Debt of $7.5 trillion that is increasing at $400 billion per year and at $40,000 per head per year for under-30 year old Australians [58]. No wonder more young people are saying “Climate Revolution Now” [70]. Whichever Murdoch-brainwashed Australian cohort the   climate criminal Coalition  think they are representing (e.g. the Ten Percenters, the One Percenters, the fossil fuel industry) they are  certainly not acting in the interests of young people or future generations.

Concluding comments.

On 2  July 2016 a  substantially  ignorant, greedy  and racist Australia re-elected a Coalition Government under PM Malcolm Turnbull (albeit by a wafer-thin margin).  The Coalition needed to gain 76 out of 150 seats in the House of Representatives in order to provide a Speaker and still have a voting  majority of 75 versus 74. However PM Turnbull has gained the support of 2 independent MPs. If the Labor candidate wins the re-count for the seat of Herbert (the last undecided seat in the election) the Coalition will have a bare majority of 76 seats.

The Coalition Government  will not have a majority in the Senate, the upper house of the bicameral Australian Parliament. In this “doubled dissolution” election, all Lower and Upper House seats were contested. In an appalling development, as many as half a dozen seats in the Senate may go to the racist, bigoted One Nation Party of Senator -elect Pauline Hanson who wants a Royal Commission into Islam, a ban on the burqa and niqab in public places, a ban on halal certification, investigation of all Muslims receiving welfare payments, surveillance cameras in mosques, and a ban on Muslim immigration (shades of Donald Trump).

As analysed above, Australia has re-elected a mendacious, corrupt, anti-equity, anti-science, anti-environment, pro-war, war criminal, pro-coal, climate criminal, human rights-abusing, pro-Apartheid and child-abusing Coalition Government. One wonders  how  half the Australian electorate ignored the appalling conduct of the Coalition. The answer is complex but clearly those supporting the Coalition are on a continuum from egregious ignorance and stupidity to homicidal greed. A key reason lies in the brainwashing of the  Australian  electorate  by  the mendacious, effective climate change denialist,  US-owned, king-making  Murdoch media empire that has about 70% of the daily newspaper readership in Australia.

All  decent people can do is to (a) inform everyone they can, and (b) urge a boycott of Murdoch media  and all those supporting the war criminal, climate criminal, pro-Apartheid and child-abusing Coalition. Decent, science-informed Australians will vote 1 Green and put the Coalition last. Of course in the context of a worsening global climate emergency,  an indignant world is likely to take action against a climate criminal Australia by Green Tariffs, litigation before the International Court of Justice, prosecutions before the International Criminal Court, and Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS).


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Dr Gideon Polya taught science students at a major Australian university for 4 decades. He published some 130 works in a 5 decade scientific career, most recently a huge pharmacological reference text “Biochemical Targets of Plant Bioactive Compounds” (CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, New York & London , 2003). He has published “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950” (G.M. Polya, Melbourne, 2007: ); see also his contributions “Australian complicity in Iraq mass mortality” in “Lies, Deep Fries & Statistics” (edited by Robyn Williams, ABC Books, Sydney, 2007:

) and “Ongoing Palestinian Genocide” in “The Plight of the Palestinians (edited by William Cook, Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2010: ). He has published a revised and updated 2008 version of his 1998 book “Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History” (see:  ) as biofuel-, globalization- and climate-driven global food price increases threaten a greater famine catastrophe than the man-made famine in British-ruled India that killed 6-7 million Indians in the “forgotten” World War 2 Bengal Famine (see recent BBC broadcast involving Dr Polya, Economics Nobel Laureate Professor Amartya Sen and others:  ;  Gideon Polya:  ; Gideon Polya Writing: ; Gideon Polya, Wikipedia: ) . When words fail one can say it in pictures – for images of Gideon Polya’s huge paintings for the Planet, Peace, Mother and Child see: and .

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