Careful Now  

This is the wall of stone faces
This is the plain of lost skulls
How much blood must fallow
Before we’ve had enough?
This is the wall of stone faces
This is the plain of dry skulls
How much slaughter does it take
Before we’ve had enough?No spear, no arrow,
No shield or sabre close at hand
Blast of cannon barely muted
Careful now

Who can remember the two small suns
that flashed and crashed and flayed a people
And who can recall those white hot suns
that trashed the cities ashed the people
In an empty triumph of stolen glory
Two wretched clouds of infernal fury
That burned all hope and poisoned the story
Careful now

We’ve grown too accustomed to spin and slaughter
To soft commands of deadly purpose
To haughty laughter in high places
Careful now

So let us look further let us pause longer
Let us recall those far-off places
As night draws nigh

Shape and shadow of glistening mountain,
Sibilant stream and falling fountain
Whispering water chilling wind
Gold streaked clouds at the end of the day
Remember these
As night draws nigh

Vincent Di Stefano is a retired osteopath and practitioner of natural medicine. He is author of “Holism and Complementary Medicine. History and Principles” published by Allen and Unwin in 2006. His website “The Healing Project” extends the ideas presented in the book and his blog “Integral Reflections” offers an occasional more interactive medium addressing those ideas.

A CD quality mp3 file is available for download here.


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