Prime Minister – recently you replaced Gandhi with your own image on the Khadi and Village Calendar. We see this as an attempt at Modi-fication of Gandhi rather than Gandhi-isation of Modi. You seem to be projecting your own image by the act of replacement. In no way you seem to be the kind of person who can replace the image. You neither are close to his political and economic philosophy nor aim to accommodate into your own actions. The ideas that you represent are an anti-thesis to Gandhian philosophy. We see this as an attempt at further gaining larger than life image of you.

We do not mind your image on the Khadi Calendar, provided you had undertaken initiatives for revival of Khadi and Village industry. You seem to be more interested in encouraging ‘production for masses’ rather than ‘production by masses’. Your whole ‘Make in India’ program is based on the concept of ‘production for masses’. In the process of carrying this out, the multinational and Indian corporate giants get heavy subsidies and incentives to undertake production. They create little economic opportunities for the masses but create wealth for the few. It creates large production for the masses but hardly makes large masses beneficiaries of the mass production process. Your Make in India is the process of creating a ‘wealth for the few’ rather than ‘poverty eradication for the many’.

Your RSS never seemed to have a position on Khadi and Village industry at the time of independence. However, they now seem to displace Gandhi and replace it with your own image. His philosophy of economic self-reliance never seems to be guiding your economic policies. Rather it seems to be more oriented towards encouraging bigger players.

Yes we would have accepted your image on Khadi Calendar if you had really done an act in this direction. You should have carried out initiatives to revive Khadi and Village industry. If you brought out policies for encouraging ‘production by masses’ through reserving certain items for production by the Khadi and Village Industry, incentivised the sector through offering tax exemptions, brought in labour policies which encouraged favourable payment to labour within khadi / village industry, attempted at protecting the production undertaken by Khadi / Village industry. If instead of policies incentivising the production by large corporate and multi-national giants, if a similar thing had been set forth for the Khadi and Village industry sector, we would have accepted you. You should also have made increased allocations to budgets in KVIC sector.

In absence of all these, we do not accept your act of replacement by displacement.

By a Concerned Citizen

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  1. udaya kumar says:

    why they are bent upon murdering Mahatha once again?

  2. K SHESHU BABU says:

    The Godses are on the nook and corner of the country with their right – wing and fascist ideas…! Gandhi is being not only displaced and replaced by the rulers but also ‘ misplaced’ by quoting and moulding his ideas out of contest. Gandhi’s philosophy may not suffer one bit , but Modi’s philosophy may take a nosedive and lose credibility severely