Ballad of People


In the base of Himalayas, one day,
Where splendid tea gardens lay,
Migrant labourers, workers and peasantry
Repulsed landlords in the village of Naxalbari

The Mundas and Santhals united
Mass protests ensued
Women and children killed
In police firing in Naxalbari

But the struggle did not die
Despite rulers’ outcry
From Shingur to Niamgiri
Continued the legacy of Naxalbari

From a small village revolt
Capitalists felt the fury of thunderbolt
Pronounced the biggest threat to internal  security
The ideology inspired by Naxalbari

Fifty springs have passed
Number of people martyred
But, till democratic equality is not attained
Future torch – bearer is Naxalbari


Naxalbari is a village in Darjeeling district of west Bengal
Migrant labourers from Bihar formed peasants and workers …tribals Munda and Santhals tribe  ( Naxalbari movement in India …. Yourarticlelibrary — essay — 39347)
On 25 may, 1967 police opened fire killing nine tribal adults and two children …Wikipedia history
Shingur … Tata motors wanted to establish car factory in Bengal. The people opposed it. Finally , the company has to stop it’s factory
Niamgiri …hill range in kalahandi odisha India …. The people opposed Vedanta company and POSCO
Biggest threat to internal security, Manmohan Singh, the Hindu may 24, 2010  interview
Sheshu Babu is a writer from anywhere and everywhere and who want to foster the wole world



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