No relaxations just because you
call yourself Rain.
No permission granted for a drizzle
as per your wish.
You should rain in a row at
scheduled timings for
specified centimeters.

Plots for Spring to blossom
have been pre-allotted.
Don’t violate the boundaries
and carpet the roads with blossoms
and call it freedom of expression.

Winter should no more
talk to the leaves. It’s immoral.
Take an early bath, worship the sun
wrapped in white uniforms and disperse.

Law and order, from now on,
is the duty of Summer.
If it whacks you with canes of
the sun’s glare, learn to appreciate.

It’s for your good conduct.
It’s for you to grow up noble.
It’s all for the nation’s well being.

(from a free sea rain beyond the frontiers of the national waters.)

Latitude: 7* 42’ South
Longitude: 102* 35’ West.

Translated by by Ra Sh

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One Comment

  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    If you desire to become a good citizen
    In a patriotic nation …
    Stand up holding a saffron flag
    Or else, you’d made to run like a ‘ stag’ …!