India is really becoming a Lynchistan. A man accused of carrying beef was allegedly beaten to death by a mob in Jharkhand’s Ramgarh district on Thursday. This happened hours after Prime Minister Modi said that killing people in the name of cow protection is not acceptable.

The man has been identified as Alimuddin alias Asgar Ansari. He was allegedly carrying the “banned meat” in a vehicle. A group of people stopped him near Bajartand village and brutally attacked him. His van was set on fire too.

Police personnel dispersed the mob and took him to a hospital where he died during the course of treatment.

This is the second attack this June by cow vigilantes in Jharkhand as a 200-strong mob thrashed a 55-year-old Muslim dairy owner and set his house ablaze after a cow carcass was found near his home in Giridih district on Tuesday.

In May, people lynched four Muslim cattle traders at a village in Saraikelka Kharswan district after calling them child traffickers.

Such attacks waged by so-called cow vigilantes in India have targeted mostly Muslims. These attackes increased after the Modi government banned cattle trade by an unusual decree on May 26, the third anniversary of his government.


  1. Avatar Dr. P.S. Sahni says:

    When Khalistani separatists were demanding a theocratic state, at that time a young revolutionary poet, Paash was gunned down by Khalistanis for his opposition to the demand for a Sikh state. Paash incidentally was a clean shaven Sikh. One of his poems titled ‘The Most Dangerous’ translated from Punjabi to English (by Dr. Satnam Singh Sandhu) will help in these times. The opposition to a Hindu Rashtra has to be in the very spirit in which Paash opposed Khalistan.
    ‘The Most Dangerous’
    “Most treacherous is not the robbery
    of hard earned wages
    Most horrible is not the torture by the police.
    Most dangerous is not the graft for the treason and greed.
    To be caught while asleep is surely bad
    surely bad is to be buried in silence
    But it is not most dangerous.
    To remain dumb and silent in the face of trickery
    Even when just, is definitely bad
    Surely bad is reading in the light of a firefly
    But it is not most dangerous
    Most dangerous is
    To be filled with dead peace
    Not to feel agony and bear it all,
    Leaving home for work
    And from work return home
    Most dangerous is the death of our dreams.
    Most dangerous is that watch
    Which run on your wrist
    But stand still for your eyes.
    Most dangerous is that eye
    Which sees all but remains frostlike,
    The eye that forgets to kiss the world with love,
    The eye lost in the blinding mist of the material world.
    That sinks the simple meaning of visible things
    And is lost in the meaning return of useless games.
    Most dangerous is the moon
    Which rises in the numb yard
    After each murder,
    but does not pierce your eyes like hot chillies.
    Most dangerous is the song
    which climbs the mourning wail
    In order to reach your ears
    And repeats the cough of an evil man
    At the door of the frightened people.
    Most dangerous is the night
    Falling in the sky of living souls,
    Extinguishing them all
    In which only owls shriek and jackals growl,
    And eternal darkness covers all the windows.
    Most heinous is the direction
    In which the sun of the soul light
    Pierces the east of your body.
    Most treacherous is not the
    robbery of hard earned wages.
    Most horrible is not the torture of police
    Most dangerous is not graft taken for greed and treason.”

  2. Avatar K SHESHU BABU says:

    This clearly indicates that the PM merely paying ‘ lip service’ is not enough unless concrete steps taken on the ground yield results. The state in which the incident happened is ruled by the same party at the centre ….ironically!

  3. SUCH HOPLESS GOVERMENT WE ARE HAVING !!! Can’t issue a statement openly condemning such acts. ASHAMED OF BEING AN INDIAN today. TRULY INDIA is slowly becoming a Lynchistan.