Atmosphere polluted
Food adulterated
Water contaminated
Earth! Why are you silent?

Meandering along
The strife – torn lands
With people lynching
River ! Why are you silent ? (1)

Crops failures
Farmers suicides
Wailing bereaved families
Conscience ! Why are you silent?

Bombings and shootings
Killing Innocents with drones
Battles on borders
Peace! Why are you silent?

Rapes and murders
Silencing protesters
Arresting dissenters
Humanity! Why are you silent?

Biased verdicts
Without proper trials
And concocted evidences
Justice! Why are you silent?

Loans waiver for wealthy
While masses live in penury
Homeless and hungry
Economy! Why are you silent ?

When oppression and suppression
Uniting people against exploitation
Towards complete liberation
Revolution! Why are you silent?
Why are you silent?
Collective voices!
Slogans and noises!
Break the dead silence!!

(1) Song of Bhupen Hazarika written by pundit Narendra Sharma ‘ Ganga behti hai kyo ‘?

Sheshu Babu is a writer from anywhere and everywhere

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  1. Sally Dugman says:

    This is a very powerful poem, Sheshu. It suggestively speaks volumes about all of the many actions that we humans need to take to improve the quality of life for all living entities on this planet. … Your categories for the different types of actions that need to be undertaken are wonderful! Thanks for providing the motivation for many people to address the concerns that you and so many of the rest of us have!

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