The butcher gets his reward
For reducing the polestar of the oppressed
To a suicide note and
A fistful of anonymous ash.

The chief executor and the
Master conspirers celebrate the murder
Of the modern Ekalavya on an open stage,
In absolute mockery of the Secular and Democratic spirit.

The venomous smiles of the Hindutwa serpent
Drive the world class thoughts of the Oppressed to modern ghettos
And reduce them to a CRY for JUSTICE
Or a GRAVEYARD of horror stories.

Aruna Gogulamanda is a bilingual poet,essayist and a scholar at HCU who is working on Dalit Women’s autobiographies.

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One Comment

  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    The great Guda Anjaiah in his Telugu lyric ‘ Bhadram Kodoko’ ( sung by Gadar in a film) said :
    ‘ … Nalla bazaaru ninda nalla nagulu untayyi
    Naluguru koodina kaada naralokam yamudu untadu ‘
    ( …. The black market is full of black cobra snakes
    Where a group of people gather, there is a ‘Yama’ of this human world ‘
    Free translation