Gauri Lankesh1

That song I will write
When your lips spitting venom
Of hatred get stitched with threads
Of beautiful colours of harmony.

That song I will compose
When your leather -boots
Made from the skin of your mother
Stop stepping on the blood our friends.

That song I will sing
When your lies
Hit upon you as
Cannon balls on your fortress
Built upon the bricks
Of myths and fiction
Making them crumble
Like a pack of cards in a storm.

That song I will play
When your bullets
Hit upon us
As flowers of dreams for
The children of the present and future.

That tune I will strum
With the unbroken strings
Of the guitar of our pains
And watch your fingers
That move the triggers, knives and bombs
Tremble with shame.

That song I will hear
With the memories of the dead
Hands drowned in blood
Struggling to type
The tainted fonts of words
That your bullets could not kill
Waking you up every night and day
From your slumber of arrogance
To be imprisoned
By the nightmares of guilt.

That song I will sing
When the darkness under
Your broken helmets come to light
And when people walk without fear
Of death of their conscience.

That song I will sing
On a dawn that I will see
With all colours of the earth in sky
And the dancing children of all colours
Staring at you on this land.

And after your lightning and thunder
A fresh rain will come
Sprouting new buds and petals
Spreading diverse colours of freedom.
That song I will sing
For the sake of all songs to come!

K.P Sasi is a film maker, writer, activist and cartoonist. He can be reached at

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