The Gruesome Brother!


Background information and precursors to this assessment: Growing Up With A Monster In Your Life! and The Bad Brother!

The dysfunctional worker:

Around twenty-five years ago, my sister, her husband and their three children traveled to our mother’s resort to spend Thanksgiving there. They figured that nobody would be present due to the resort only operating during the summer.

Much to their surprise, they found one worker there. He was living in an unheated cabin at around 20 degrees F. (-6.66667 C.) outdoors and indoors. He also had only around $25.00 in cash and a half of a loaf of bread left to eat, along with no car.

Meanwhile the snow was deep outdoors and the nearest grocery store was around fifteen miles away. So plans quickly got put in place by my sister and her husband.

They both trusted this worker. So they put their eldest son (around age five) in the bedroom nearest the living room and bundled him up in quilts since he was ready for a nap after the long drive to the resort. They also invited the worker to stay in the main house, our mother’s house, built a large warming fire in the huge living room fireplace, turned on the furnace, told him to watch the boy and, then, left with the two babies, currently asleep in their car seats, for town to get groceries.

At the grocery store, they bought out of their own pockets more than $100 worth of groceries to leave with the worker after the Thanksgiving holiday, as well as enough food for the next several days for them all. Then they came back and after unloading the groceries and diapering the two babies, they cooked a fabulous meal!

This worker was terrorized by our brother. He would do anything that our sibling would ask. This, eventually, included his signing a forged check (an act that our brother wouldn’t do in case the illegality were caught and, so, he assigned the act to another person and could pretend that he had no knowledge). The action financially enriched our brother.

He also paid this worker around $5,000 a year salary for full-time work in addition to room and board, and, eventually, sold him an old, beat-up car to use, which our brother than used to drive into a city and park concerning which he raked up thousands of dollars of unpaid parking tickets in the worker’s name. What a ploy!

Simultaneously, he listed the worker as receiving $60,000 per year in salary so that he could launder money to himself from European customers for the resort since he gave the Europeans a 5% discount on resort price if they provided straight cash in $ USD rather than checks.

Our brother’s thinking was that this worker, who was always obedient and trained to be so by our brother, would get paid back for all of his years of full-time labor at around $5,000 per year when Social Security benefits would kick in for him. This is quite the scheme, eh?


When creosote was soon to became banned for sale in our brother’s state, he bought stockpiles of it from in his state and out of state – enough to fill a small warehouse. Meanwhile it is a highly toxic substance.

[PDF]Creosote Health Effects – Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease ……/Creosote%20Health%20Effects%20(Tronox).pdf

Long-term exposure, especially thorough direct contact with skin during wood treatment or manufacture of coal tar creosote-treated products, to low levels of creosote has resulted in skin cancer and cancer of the scrotum. … As mentioned before, creosote consists of many chemicals.

Toxic Exposure, Creosote Lawsuits | Oshman & Mirisola, LLP

May 20, 2009 – If you suffered injuries caused by toxic exposure to Creosote, call the … but liver damage, kidney damage, birth defects and cancer, as well.

I got, of course, alarmed when I saw a worker using a power- sprayer with this compound coughing up dark brown mucus over and over again throughout the day. So I bought him a heavy-duty respiratory mask and a multivitamin/mineral bottle of pills to consume each day.

I was also alarmed to see this substance used on boating docks and porch decks. Doing so is against the law. Likewise, I was disturbed that when it became powdery, it would get on resort users’ hands and they may not necessarily wash them before meals. So they got contaminated by it inadvertently!

Moreover, our brother refused to wash the creosote saturated towels used to wipe up drips of which there were several large black garbage bags of them. He had no intention to put them in the resort’s washers and dryers. So he sent them to a laundromat in town to be cleaned and so as to contaminate the town’s water supply — not his own.

Well, they stained the insides of the washers brown. Probably the stain got on laundry of subsequent people using those machines, along with the unique and terrible creosote stench. (It is nauseating!)


Our brother consistently steals, lies and cheats people. It is, I suspect, a game to him to see about what gains he can make off of others and to show his superiority to them in cleverness in his own eyes. He also has a sense of entitlement over others having it and will go all out to maintain this sense of superiority.

Accordingly he cheated my sister and me out property worth a great deal of money deeded us from our father in his last will and testament. He also stole very expensive jewelry and other items deeded my sister and me from our mother upon her death.

The details of both actions are grotesque. shocking and gruesome. Yet there is no point to go into the particulars here.

Suffice it to say that he is definitely dangerous to those with whom he comes into contact. He’s not to be trusted in any way, shape or means.


My sister called me yesterday and asked whether the Las Vegas shoot seemed familiar as a profile. It was a rhetorical question since she automatically knew the way that I would respond.

Yes, Stephen Paddock is familiar. He’s a psychopath. My sister and I both know the identity only too well despite that it manifests differently in different people.

For example, the list of wrongs that our brother has undertaken as an adult is way longer than the above described instances. Yet, thankfully he has no gun fascination.

All the same, they all of this same class — lacking empathy, ethics and compassion — use power and control over people. They like life as a game to get an emotional thrill or high. They like winning.

Whether it is shooting others as if in a video game gone live or stealing from them, the same emotional rush and sense of superiority comes to the foreground since normal underpinnings of caring and self-restraint in self-gain don’t exist for them. The push to gain at all costs gives life meaning with the absence in capacity for love, morality and tender sensitivity toward others.

As Vegas grieves, investigators struggle to ‘get into the mind of a psychopath…

Getting into the mind of a psychopath is, actually, easy to undertake. Just have a brain scan to identify the anomaly (identifiable in around four percent of the population due to brain structure deviations) or do a psychology profile since this affliction can spread behaviorally to up to around twenty percent of the population in extremely malfunctioning societies.

In other words, the latter group doesn’t have brain structure deviations. Yet they have learned to replicate the wrongful behaviors.

In any case, run for your life if you come across one of these types of people. Run and shun!

Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Shooting Live Phone Footage … – YouTube

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3 days ago – Uploaded by MarQuis Trill

Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Shooting, Las vegas massive shooting mandalay … Las Vegas Mandalay Bay

My sister, our families and I have avoided our maladaptive kin for almost ten years.  We aim to keep it that way to protect ourselves. It’s the only way that we can keep ourselves safe!

Sally Dugman is a writer in MA, USA.


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