World heritage site
Tall structure in marble white
Wonderful sight!
Wah Taj!

Epitome of labourers skill
Fulfilling King’s will
With days and nights of toil
Wah Taj!

The indelible mark of love
Expression of lovers behoove
A rare present to bestow
Wah Taj!

Removing from travel booklet
The imposing citadel bright
Cannot fool the tourist
Wah Taj!


Wah …Taj ! From an ad of broke bond tea

Taj Mahal removed from UP tourism list indianexpress.com , 3 – 10 – 2017

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One Comment

  1. Sally Dugman says:

    Perhaps my opinion is wrong and if so, please forgive me. However, I suspect that, regardless of whether this Taj site is removed from a list or not, it will be on the “radar screen” of world travelers on vacation and travelers living in India, too. We all know of its existence even if someone takes it off of a list of sites to visit or not.

    Besides it is on many other lists worldwide. For example, the famous Michelin, which is like a travel bible for Americans and Europeans …
    Travel Guide India – The Michelin Green Guide
    https://travelguide.michelin.com › Asia
    India : prepare your stay with the Michelin Green Guide. Useful info … Must see. Michelin’s recommendations for India. Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal. Agra. 1:00.

    My trouble with the Taj is something else. While I commend the love that inspired its construction, I want less construction. I want less building of gigantic monuments, other sorts of structures and much more. I want less since our species is currently using up more resources than the Earth can generate.

    Accordingly, I don’t want to get into a mindset wherein I think that they are good and beneficial for our species. This view involves many that were previously built and the ones yet to be built. The world, itself, just can’t afford them in ongoing continuance.