Hate Taj Mahal as ‘ Muslim’ mausoleum
After visiting it applauding as India’s ‘ priceless gem’ (1)
A wonder!

Divide people by caste and community
Propose ‘ run for unity’ (2)
A wonder !

Impose beef ban in some states
Be silent in north- east states
Failure to explain contradictions (3)
A wonder!

Make aadhar mandatory
Leaving cabinet ministers ‘ free’ (4)
A wonder!

Declaring date of result first
Disclosing Gujarat election dates last (5)
A wonder!

Stating violence of extremists’ declined
Deploying additional forces trained
With latest equipment on hand (6)
A wonder!

While economy is crumbling
And hunger increasing
Government optimism rising
Harping on ‘ache din’ coming …?
A wonder!
Sheshu Babu is a writer from anywhere and everywhere


  1. Taj Mahal priceless gem : Yogi ( the Tribune October 27, 2017)
  2. PM Modi urges people to participate in ‘ Run for unity’ on October 31 ( Times of India , oct 22, 2017)
  3. No beef ban if we come to power in poll bound North Eastern states : Bjp ( the Hindustan times Mar 28)
  4. No information about the minister “s Aadhar card ( maharashtratoday.in Oct 18, 2017)
  5. Why did the election commission announce polling dates for only Himachal and not Gujarat ( scroll.in posted Oct 22, 2017)
  6. Status paper on naxal problems – SATP ( satp.org)
  7. P. Chidambaram targets govt… Indianexpress.com Oct 28)


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