The Call To Remove White-Skinned People

I was dismayed to recently read that all whites should be removed from societies via interbreeding with darker skinned people. No, I am not making this wackiness up in my mind. it is real and stems from a professor in NYC [1].


Some people, apparently she included, feel that the way to get around the dilemma of all-white families is to only condone multiracial families. In the least , this condition was an implied suggestion [2]. Indeed, it reminded me of Nazis wanting to get rid of Jewishness, but in a new novel way — through interbreeding Jewishness out of them.(How benign a plan rather than outright extermination!)

So I wrote to her since I made it a point to find two email addresses associated with this writer. (Sometimes we have to reeducate one person at a time.) Here’s part of the text to her:
I have a recommendation for you. It is that you ask your nearest Religious Society of Friends (Quaker) Meeting to convene a clearness committee for you. You do not have to be a Quaker to call one into being.Then you go there and after sitting a spell on a bench, explain your views about light and dark skinned people to your committee. Then sit down and wait while either praying or meditating after which taken into yourself via reflection, you listen to the responses.

Be aware that I was spit on and sworn at by a white supremacist and sworn at  his wife when collecting Green Stamps when I was thirteen years old. I was collecting them in Florida to exchange for bus rides for Selma protests back in 1963. (Yeah, and I’ve been called a honky, too, as well as verbally attacked by Marines, who threatened me for my anti-war stance. … Yeah, some of us like me, a pale blond white, can’t win for losing.)

One of my friends, who looks very white, is an Imam in India. He’s working to lift Dalits (Untouchables) and others in his society. So he is on hate lists from Muslim extremists (terrorists) and some Hindu fanatics alike, who disparage his social justice stances. (Yeah, we have a similitude between us, don’t we?)

Now covertly and indirectly, you are stating to us when you indicate that whites need to be gone that our lives are no good. Do you understand that?

Okay. let’s even go further. How about my childhood friend and his brother, David? They, as whites, shouldn’t exist? [3]

You denigrate the memory of Andy when you talk about getting rid of whites. Yet no one now can take away Andy’s white status since he is already dead — kicked and beaten to death by redneck racists since he wouldn’t join them in kicking and beating James Chaney, an African American, to death while Freedom Riding. [4]

(I had the honor of  taking care of Ben Chaney, the younger brother of James, during the summer of 1964. I was charged with the task of teaching him about ways to force social justice to the fore by my Quaker pacifist parents.)

Just which of the whites in the first two pictures are unacceptable in whiteness to you? Which are privileged?

Image result for raised fist social justice image

University of North Carolina Students Raise Fists During National Anthem

Inline image 1
Dozens of NYPD officers rally with raised fists to help Colin Kaepernick secure an NFL contract

I suppose that the problem with some of us is that we have just too much whiteness to be capable of raising the fist? Watch me take the knee if you think so or even go further and fling my body on top of a stranger to protect him from a beating by police as my white friend Mary did for which she was jailed: Mary, Protector Of The Harmed.

You can hate Mary’s and my whiteness all that you want in the way that Nazis hated Jews, but you can’t take away our fists.We earned the rights to them as much as anybody and way more than some.

Let’s “dis” another childhood friend of mine, a white [who was also jailed and lost his house for a social justice stance] [5]:

Afterwords, let’s go after Scott Schaeffer-Duffy, a pacifist Catholic Worker friend of mine who literally used his body as a human shield to protect Bosnians from machine gun fire from Serbs. Maybe his whiteness is just too much to endure. So let’s do it in. Get rid of his white-person stance, too. (Do you have his guts and verve to use your whiteness and USA citizenship as a barrier?)

Let’s go even further. Let’s surreptitiously castigate my sister now, a white person who broke up a fight amongst teens, who were strangers to her and in a situation which looked as if it could lead to a death for one of them. Is she one of those whites, who should be eliminated, too, when she confronted and wasn’t sure whether she’d be harmed or killed when facing potential teenage murderers?

Now let’s look at her husband. He was asked by the International Red Cross organization In Geneva, Switzerland to inspect Laotian refuge camps in Laos pro bono and left my sister with three babies at home (of which two were adopted) while knowing that he may not come back except in a body bag. … It was hard work for my sister to tend them all alone, and with a lot of weeping and fear. (Oh, he’s just too white, though, isn’t he?)

Indeed, he had laughing, smirking guards casually point machine guns directly at him while he undertook the work in Laos. Have you that degree of courage, yourself, as he exhibits again and again?

Do you have the bravery that my parents’ friend Howard Fast had? Can you lay yourself on the line or is it all talk [6]?

In my view, you need to think your position a little bit out more thoroughly. This is the reason that I recommend a clearness committee. You, like us all, have a long way to grow.

As an aside, I am a white skinned, blond Masai. That’s right .I’m a Masai.  Check it out: The Perfect Necklace .
You also, in my opinion, should be checking out AVP, which was put together by friends of mine:

Alternatives to Violence Project – Wikipedia

Alternatives to Violence Project. The Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) is a volunteer-run conflict transformation program. Teams of trained AVP facilitators conduct experiential workshops to develop participants’ abilities to resolve conflicts without resorting to manipulation, coercion, or violence.

I have news for you. I am out there ready and able with my my small white body protecting everyone alike like Scott Schaeffer-Duffy, my sister, my brother-in-law, Andy Goodman, David Goodman, Randy Kehler, Howard Fast,  MYB (my Imam friend) and so many others. Ergo, you will not ever be able to stop us, nor our whiteness from which we genetically derive.

Suggestion: Deeply inspect yourself. Are you up to our level of being or are you just a mouthpiece for hate, fear and divisiveness? What ilk are you in your deepest values, ethics, morals, principles, standards and compassion?

I know where I stand with these matters.So do my friends, who are in some cases so black that their skins shine blue in the sunlight, my Lakota friend, my Mohawk friends and so on and on and on.  Do you stand with us in all of our dynamic diversity? Do you stand as comparable as we thrust out of ourselves our deepest aims and ethics?

I’m tired of being stereotyped and othered [7]. I no longer tolerate it, not that I ever “put up and shut up” — just as I didn’t after being assaulted by white supremacists when aged thirteen and was out the next day collecting Green Stamps while scared to death that another supremacist would come after me. (I did the action anyway.)

Why don’t you have my white brother-in-law come to talk with you and some of your classes? He’d enjoy it. My brother-in-law — the one who stood his ground in Laos against lots of machine guns simultaneously pointed at him … [He teaches criminal justice undergraduate and graduate courses at a prominent US university. I can get you i touch with him.]

If he comes to NYC, so will I, a resident of MA. Why, we might even have fun walking in the Guggenheim where my art and writing has been on exhibition in the past.

In the end, nobody, and including anyone who hates our skin color, can stop us. Let’s be very clear on this point.

After all, we have models like the Quaker Pete Seeger,, Medgar Evers, Steve Biko [8] and many others guiding us rather than a paucity of views based on our mere flesh tone. … These people belong to us in full. Do they belong to you, too, or are you just mere lip-service?


I have the right, the duty, the honor and the privilege of being one of those “uppity” whites. No one, and I mean no one, can take my whiteness out of me, nor my history wherein I used everything that I was, including my whiteness, to push the world forward even at my own peril as I see fit for its and my own overall improvement.
In my view, we need hard work to create the unity that my friends and I strive to bring into being. It has nothing to do with our skin tone, nor our ethnic backgrounds. Instead it is about whom we are in our deepest sense of selves as a matter of conscience.



Throughout most of my life, I have tried to improve the world and myself. If that is a white privilege — so be it. I will gladly take it over the alternative to my capitulating to the status quo or my lambasting others who are in some ways, including skin color, different from me. Meanwhile, I will hold my fist high, including against people who want to get rid of my whiteness out of which I was through no choice of my own born.

Sally Dugman is a writer from MA, USA.


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