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This article is in response to Ashok Swain’s column titled ‘Why does Hindu Diaspora in developed multicultural Countries hate Minorities back Home in India’ published in ‘Outlook’ of 20th December 2017. The essence of Swain’s article is to probe the mindset & behavior of Hindus working & earning abroad in multicultural & secular countries while targeting their fellow citizens professing a different faith, back home.

While all minorities are generally objects of dislike in India , it is the Muslims particularly who figure at top of the hate list of nationalist Hindus, a term used here-in-after for followers of right-wing Hindu parties. In the words of Shrenik Rao,the Indian Film Maker & academic “ Admiration for Nazism – often reframed with a genocidal hatred for Muslims – is rampant in the Hindu nationalist camp, which has never been as mainstream as it is now”( https://

It is an irony of sorts that while Hindu nationalists, do not allow Christians to celebrate Christmas and lynch Muslims without any rhyme or reason while they themselves work & earn in Christian & Muslim majority countries like Great Britain, America, UAE & Middle East . Nationalist Hindus have invented new alibis like ‘Love Jihad’, ‘disrespect to cow’ etc. to kill Muslims with impunity and are always on prowl to create fresh ones. The latest is Land Jihad whereby Muslims are not even allowed to purchase properties in Hindu majority areas as happened recently in Meerut & earlier in Gujrat.

But a clarification at the outset is in order. It is not all Indian Hindus who subscribe to such a wicked ideology . Most of them are well meaning persons with a secular outlook but it must also be admitted that their number is dwindling with every passing day and those of nationalist Hindus who would like to lynch & pinch their fellow citizens of different faith is increasing at an alarming rate. And the ruling nationalist Govts at centre & states are mute spectators to such a mayhem lending a tacit support to lynch mobs.

Be that as it may, Only a naïve may argue that those working & earning abroad are not the same people who kill & harass minorities in India. There can’t be a more specious argument than this as existence & survival of such lynch mobs is not possible without huge finances being made available to their directors & supervisors in India like RSS & its tributaries or affiliates namely Bajrang Dal, VHP and its political arm BJP. And such finances definitely come in large measure from nationalist Hindus working & earning abroad.

Let us have a look at some hard facts. In 2017, India was the largest country of origin of international migrants at 17 million. This huge number of migrants from India now reside in multiple destination countries, including the UAE at at 3 million and Saudi Arabia at 2 million ( More than 75% of these migrants, who are proudly referred to Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) or persons of Indian origin (PIOs) are Hindus and majority of them are nationalist ones.

In this article, I will confine my observations only to activities of such nationalist Hindus based in oil rich Gulf countries where business & service sectors are dominated by them. Most of them are South Indians, Gujratis & Mahrashtrians. The jewellery & Diamond trade in whole of Middle east is controlled by Gujrati Hindus. These are the same people who are the backbone of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh & its tributaries which has spread its tentacles in these countries with the overt & covert support of these nationalist Hindus and is continuously on outlook to shore up its presence there.

Every year RSS Chief holds a closed door meeting with these Hindu business tycoons operating in Dubai & other UAE/Middle east Countries. Such meeting are held at unsuspecting & nondescript places beyond the media glare. For instance, in 2016 such meeting was held at Thantra Vidya Peetham at Aluva, near Kochi, Kerala. These business tycoons were in attendance taking instructions from RSS Chief, Mohan Bagwat. These instructions mainly pertain to finances, recruitment & furtherance of RSS agenda in their respective places of work.

RSS holds regular shakas in at-least five countries in the Middle East. In places where outdoor shakhas are not permitted, these are held at homes of prominent workers with signature uniform of black pant and a white shirt.(https://timesof /india/Rashtriya-Swayamsevak-Sangh-shakha-spreads-its-wings-to-39-countries/articleshow/50260517.cms).It needs to be mentioned here that to conceal its identity, these dubious groups assume different names overseas. In some places it is Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh and in few others ‘Hindu seva Samiti’. In Dubai it has another branch by the name of ‘Indian People’s forum’. From 2014, this forum even gets regular support from Indian consulate General .

In an article published elsewhere,(Countercurrents) I have also related to RSS’s cooperative alliance with violent extremist groups in non-Muslim Countries like Mynamar & Sri-lanka. In the former case, working closely with extremist Buddist elements under the name of Sanatan Dharma Swayamsevak Sangh , it has organized attacks against Muslims in Mynamar & the recent genocide & ethnic cleansing of Muslims in that country has a signature approval from RSS cadres of India.

To maintain secrecy, these business concerns usually keep Indian Muslims away from their rolls. Readers will remember that in 2015, a leading Indian Diamond export firm, having a huge presence in UAE & Middle East, created some ripples in the Indian media & political class when it denied a Job to Zeeshan, a, Indian Muslim MBA graduate. What is interesting to note is that the operations of this firm are spread over to seventy five countries in the world and it earns more than 50% of its profits from Muslim Countries and it still had the gall to deny employment to an Indian Muslim back home. To save the Govt of the day from embarrassment , an FIR was lodged against the said firm but quietly buried with the passage of time.

When former Indian Prime Minster, Atal Behari Vajpayee was once questioned about the validity of Hutington’s theory of ‘clash of civilisations’, his reply was ‘It will never happen’. But his successors in RSS are working overtime to prove Hutington correct & their own mentor wrong. But if Muslims start retaliating with equal force & vengeance, of which they are quite capable of, there will definitely be a clash of civilizations in which India will be the biggest looser. RSS & its followers abroad may please note.

(The author is a practicing chartered Accountant. E mail: [email protected])


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