Binu, editor at, wrote: The bitcoin bubble could take the world into another economic crash. Writing in the Financial Times and Washington Post, former US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers said the US economy was on a “sugar high”. He noted that economic growth this year had been driven by a stock market rally that has seen an increase of more than $6 trillion in household wealth “captured by a small share of the population.” Despite record-low capital costs and abundant corporate cash, both of which are an inducement to investment, productivity growth has been very slow and “even innovative companies such as Apple and Google cannot find enough high-return investments and so choose to engage in large-scale share repurchases.” The implication of Summers’s “sugar high” diagnosis is that the US and, by extension, the world economy are heading for a crash.

Good. I’m looking forward to the crash despite that it is scary. The sooner that it happens — the sooner that we can get on with the business of making transition towns (Transition town – Wikipedia), de-globalize and de-industrialize. In that way, we can possibly help the biosphere that we continually and increasingly ravage (rape) to support our jobs and the economic system that we, largely worldwide, currently have in place that is destroying everything from forests to waterways to land to atmosphere to other species and members of our own, and to Earth-wide climate. So bring it on! The sooner — the better!

Let’s be truthful. Our current economic system is not supporting life on this planet. It is destroying the foundation that we need in place for everything alive to be alive. So it needs major revamping. So let’s unravel our current economic system as fast as possible since we must stand directly opposed to this happening:


The collapse of Atlantic cod off  the coast of Newfoundland in 1992 as a result of overfishing. The population never recovered, completely altering the ecosystem and rendering the species locally extinct.

The Holocene extinction, otherwise referred to as the Sixth extinction or Anthropocene extinction, is the ongoing extinction event of species during the present Holocene epoch, mainly due to human activity. … The arrival of humans on different continents coincides with megafaunal extinction. – Holocene extinction – Wikipedia

So what that I have a small amount of money invested in mutual funds for retirement. So what if it is wiped out. The benefit for the social whole will be worth my personal loss. So as I suggested, bring on the breakdown since the current globalized economic system is dangerous even if I personally suffer in the process of its breakdown.

No, I don’t have a martyrdom complex. No way, but I want to keep the world intact as it supports me and other species. It’s that simple. (The needs of the many outweigh the needs of  the few or the one — a one like myself.)

Of course, there will be chaos when the major globalized corporations collapse and people lose their jobs and sources of income. So goes it.

Then we can usher in a new phase for our species with transition towns before practically the whole Earth gets inundated with natural world pilfering to support our current economic system.

Some places are bound to “go down” before we hit that point wherein we are forced to change path out of current financial patterns, but if the change happens sooner, then less will be ruined around us.

One saves that which one can regarding the coming ruin. For example, I shared this type of ugly news with one of my friends living in Bangladesh:

Image result for bangladesh under water image
GeoGarage blog: 15 facts about sea level rise that should scare …

GeoGarage blog1100 × 620Search by image

… 15 million people would be at risk for displacement if sea levels rose just 1 meter, or 3 feet. And more than 10% of the country would be underwater.

Image result for bangladesh under water image

According to atmospheric information that I have read, his country will be one of the first to “go down” due to climate change. Oh, yeah it will be just like Puerto Rico, FL ,TX, NJ, CA (wildfires that never totally stop) and ever so many other locations, but worse with climate change slating this country as one of the first majorly ones to be hit worse in times to come.

So I want to get him the heck out of there. I want it especially since the Indian government is building a wall to prevent people from his country to come into theirs.

Yes, people build walls to prevent unwelcomed others from entering. They do it in relation to the Palestinians. They do it against southerners at the US south border. They do it in many other locations. Sometimes, though, there is a gateway to get out of a hell-zone before the final nail is rammed into the wall, before the structure is fully built in a solid impenetrable form.

If you want to see about the degree that this sort of situation is, go look for yourself: Images for immigration wall made. Terrible and shocking!

Inline image 1

So I wrote him this following email. Frankly, I don’t care about where he goes. He just needs to be safe as was Marianne, a German Jew, and her kinfolk prior to WWII when she used her language translation skills to get the heck out of Germany, live frugally in NYC and send for her relatives one by one when she had enough money to support each single ticket to come to NYC where she lived cheaply in a boarding house for women.

Her life was very simple: Wake up, eat, go off to work. Do work. Go home, eat again and bathe. Then go to sleep in a small bed in a room with other women. Yet she had an agenda, an absolute imperative that she felt down to the depth of  her bones. She felt it with every fiber of her being and it drove her actions. It was to save her money as best as possible to save lives of her loved ones.

So she became a fiercely driven person with only one ultimate goal in mind. It drove her night and day. It drove her in dreams and in actions when she awoke.

The first time that she and I met, we inspected each other and we each laughed. Then we hugged because we noticed our similitude and deep oneness, sameness, of being.

I feel honored to be acceptable to her and embraced by her. I am the only person known to my mother who let this woman’s fragile elderly little bony body be handled. My mother would watch in awe as Marianne and I would lunge at each other in enjoyment at meeting and carressing each other again. (Nobody at the retirement center except a doctor was allowed to ever touch her.)

Just as Marianne knew that I belonged to her, I knew that she belonged to me. The sameness made us sometimes laugh as our eyes lit up in enjoyment of being together again each time that we found each other.

Here: You can here look at her further in my email to my Bangladesh friend:

Now you have to get yourself into better awareness. You are not going to “save” all of your nice countrymen. … We are in the wee beginnings of a population bottleneck. … Thank goodness that Binu knows about collapse and doesn’t reject my writings on the topic even though I share terrible truths that sometimes keep me unable to sleep well at night.

Now, you can be, if you want, one of the survivors. …You can even get relatives and friends out of your country. … Heck my great-grampy did it and so did one of my mother’s Jewish friends, who saved many relatives by bringing them here just prior to WWII. Yeah, they were German Jews and would have died had she not taken her action.

This old frail lady, who spoke around five languages fluently and used this skill in translation jobs when arriving in the USA out of Germany at age 19, shocked my mother. It is because she let nobody touch her except for me.

When I went off to the retirement center at which my mother was located while alive and living there, I’d always run off and  see my friends. And you couldn’t part us to save your life. We’d rush into each others’ arms as if we were one — two parts coming back together. … She was one of them — a very frail, prim and proper German lady, who wouldn’t let anyone touch her except for me much to my mother’s surprise, as mentioned.

Let’s get real here. Your country, most of Central America, most of Africa, much of India, much of the Middle East, much of AU and much of the USA is “going down.” Now if you think that this is some coo-coo thinking, then you look at my last three essays before this latest religious one. You can find them at . And you can read about my great-grandfather, too … the essay with the Brooklyn Bridge picture.

Do you know the way to write a western-style resume and cover letter? If not, I’ll show you. … I can help find you an H1B visa job.

H-1B visa – Wikipedia

H-1B and path to permanent residency. Even though the H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa, it is one of the few temporary visa categories recognized as dual intent, meaning an H-1B holder can have legal immigration intent (apply for and obtain the green card) while still a holder of the H-1B visa.

You can live initially with my Catholic Worker pals, the ones about whom I just wrote.  Then we’ll stick you somewhere else good — maybe in the Brookfields, where I have other radical friends and which is not too far from the Quabbin. Images for quabbin

If you want to come here, fine. A bunch of us will help. You just have to decide about what you’re doing in light of the troubles in times ahead.

All I can say to people in perilous regions is get out and help your friends, and family get out, too, while there is still time. Be like the two  former farmers described herein: , Greeting Climate-Change Victims With A Man-Made Dystopia. Get the heck OUT!
As suggested in the writing above. I am totally inclined to look past my own personal gain, i.e., in money market accounts, to look out for members of my own and other species to survive into the future. If doing so takes my own hardship and a full loss– so be it. After all, I’m a little nobody in the big stream of life that I want to protect for times to come.

One of my associates is a professor at ANU in AU. He told me years ago that he hates sharing climate change news with students in his courses since the small group of people in the knowing can’t change anything. Accordingly he feels badly to make them feel abysmal, but feels a need to share the truth.

He also told me that he intends to walk out into the desert and lie down in the desert when his region of the world starts collapsing. He imagined that when he did so, he’d just die or be rescued by Aboriginals.

Oh, I understand his thinking. We all face death, but some of us want death with dignity and courage when faced with dire circumstances.

So does my employer. He said to me yesterday that when it gets too hard in terms of the ways that our own lives and/or the world are going, we all face this orientation — to deliberately move more rapidly to the metaphorical desert, a place of likely earlier death. He also agrees with me that there is a conflict between our behaviors and our saving materials for the next generations of people.

We both work in nano-technology and I told my employer that I am disturbed that we use so much by way of metals and minerals, including rare earth ones, to make a profit and, so, I am only half-hearted in my work.

Even worse, I told him that we, on account of this dilemma, need to cut back in our work efforts come what may for us personally. He agreed with me again. So it goes and it takes a lot of pressure off of me in terms of performing to always make more financial gain for us both. (Yup, we’re both conflicted oddities in the ways that we approach work and life as a whole.)
For now, though, let’s be like Marianne, who understood me as well as I did her! For now, we need to warn and help others. This IS the bottom line and we must  try to do so before all hell let’s loose, which is the reason that I want to assist my friend in Bangladesh.

Marianne’s kinfolk were not carted off to concentration camps to be slaughtered as Jews. This did not happen only because of her. She made sure to protect them by bringing them to the USA and she started her work in translations at age nineteen here — all alone in the USA, a strange and foreign land.

No wonder that she and I hugged. We knew each other and now with her dead, I am left to help as she did — help others like my friend in Southeastern Asia to come here or at least encourage him to save himself from the coming devastation as she did earlier than my time of being born on Earth.
Sally Dugman is a writer in MA, USA.

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