farmer solar panel

His brain awash with solar rays
The man with the solar brain
Walks past the cotton fields
And the mobile towers
Listening to the tweets and
The songs of extinct birds.

Extinct is he, a dead man walking,
But with solar winds
Colliding with his body
Packed in the barks of extinct trees.

He is the last man standing
In a field of dug up crops
And the rumble of a future city
Yet his pyre is yet to be lit
As he has his crematorium  in the extinct sun.

Extinct corn, extinct buffalo,
Extinct water, extinct air,
The extinct man with the solar brain
Walks on bravely with a sun on his head.
The son of Solaris, the planet of dead green memories.

His phone rings, he picks up,
And from the phone flows out
That great evergreen Bollywood song
“Meri desh ki dharthi…” (Courtesy BSNL)

Ra Sh is a poet from Kerala

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  1. Farooque Chowdhury says:

    excellent. thanks to the poet for creating the poem, for telling stories of this people; thanks to the editor for selecting the poem. so many excellent lines! “Walks on bravely with a sun on his head”, is one of the excellent lines. in all lands, to all people, it’s Meri desh meri dharthi.

  2. Sally Dugman says:

    I love this poem and the accompanying image. It reminds that the human will amongst those trying to improve life is indomitable for each of us until we get senile or die. We will not be subdued, nor defeated individually until then. The solar man is a perfect example. Thank you for sharing him with us! It is wonderful to know that I have good company in people like him, the poem’s author and Binu, CC editor. This knowing helps me remain strong!

  3. valsaraj.k.p says:

    Thank you Ravi Shanker,for the poem shared.and the image too..!!

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