One Flu Not Over in the NRA Nest Where Public School Shootings Total 17 Thus Far and Home School Shootings Equal Zero

Mass Shooting at Florida High School

“Academia in the U.S. — in most places — offers kids an invitation to a mental institution where qualified medical professionals are absent and the drugs offered have not been tested.” — Annapurna Tosca Sriramarcel, a member of the Oxman Collective

“One flew east, one flew west, one flew over the cuckoo’s nest.” — Ken Kesey’s inspiration

Highly educated people rant and rave with over-the-top support of administering vaccines in our schools… with no seeming awareness of Big Pharma having a huge hand in the latest scam involving protection. Protection racket of a kind is more like it. And like it or not, there’s virtually no more discussion going on in so-called educational circles about that medical issue than there is dialogues about WHY violence is proliferating in the schools, in society.

Nothing beyond a few token pieces being distributed, if that, concerning flu-related alternative views, and minimal war-related abomination correlations being drawn into dialogues, if that.

If that’s the case — and it IS — let’s consider how we can change the landscape in academia and throughout communities across the U.S., arguably the most violent nation on earth. Vaccines, it can be argued, are a form of violence too, of course.

Looking at home schoolers, you’ll find that few are flu victims, few relative — proportionately — to the numbers attending our public schools, few when contrasted with the mingling of masses associated with public schooling. Stay-at-home kids tend not to participate in crowd-related activity after school hours, and so are naturally protected from catching a bug more than public school kids. The violence commonly associated with attending public schools — gun violence aside — is also avoided. And, furthermore, there’s no indoctrination (hopefully) along the lines of praising militarization locally or globally. Ideally, that would be the case. But, in any case, it would be possible in a home school setting, a deviation from the violent “patriotic” talk and actions which pop up from textbooks and typical classroom discussion.

Pretty much no chance of growing up as a non-violent soul in a public school setting which allows military recruitment on campuses and/or history readings from traditional texts. The pressure in public schools on youngsters to fall into line with regard to popular (violent) entertainment in films and games, etc. is overwhelming too. And so misguided teachers and misleading information don’t even have to be part of one’s equation in considering whether or not to home school students.

The question is, though, how does one home school one’s child when one doesn’t have the time or the confidence and/or the education to do so?

Actually, the question which should be asked prior to asking the one posed directly above should be WHY does your child have to be schooled? [Pause.] More specifically, WHAT is the purpose of education? Noam Chomsky provides some food for thought on that count in about 22 minutes.

Both the vaccine-related issues and the war-related issues deserve leisurely discussion — pros and cons being allowed to make their cases without folks being on the run — and the entire intellectual exchange should be fun… just as education in general should be ideally… and is NOT, as a rule… for the vast majority attending public schools.

The daunting practical matters addressed above — time, inclination and experience for home schooling — do not have to preclude anyone from considering keeping one’s kids out of public or private school settings. If any reader wants to receive support in home schooling — regardless of what state you live in — the Oxman Collective will try to serve your purposes with its volunteer contacts nationwide.

My colleagues and I might not be able to come through for you, but at least you’ll know that we gave it our best shot, and you won’t be stuck in trying to fly through the cuckoo’s nest imposed on your offspring alone. This gesture doesn’t solve the national problem overnight, of course, but my colleagues and I consider it a decent start in a healthy direction, as opposed to the approach that’s in vogue at present related to school shootings AND school shots.

Rachel Oxman and the Oxman Collective can be reached at [email protected].


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