We WILL Control Our Government & It Will NOT Damage Us!

boston commons rally crowd

 I live in a great state of the USA. I do not take this situation for granted since the fight for the condition in which I live is long-standing and ongoing. In short, we have to be ever vigilant to protect our rights and favorable conditions.

It is considered the best state in the union — the best out of all fifty of them. Our politicians are hard-nosed and fight like all get-out for the common good since we hire the people who are the best for government:

Why Is My State THE Best?

My state, Massachusetts in the USA, tops the list of all fifty of them based on sixty separate indices: Overall Best States Rankings | US News Best States https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/rankings This explains why Massachusetts, ranking No. 1 in education and No. 2 in health care, occupies the overall No. 1 spot in the Best States rankings. And it … Excerpted from the[Read More…]

My Congressional Rep., Jim McGovern, spent his birthday walking forty-seven miles to raise money for our western food bank. Do you think that his whole body and his feet especially ached? Did he keep on going anyway? … This is the type of action that you undertake if you are serving the people who you represent in government activities and as a moral, compassionate human.

He went to a school, the same school where my daughter went for for six years, that has the motto: “Achieve the Honorable.” For some people like him and my daughter, the message sinks home and informs the direction of your life for the rest of your entire life.

My Governor, Charlie Baker, is the most popular of all fifty of them. Surprise? Surprise? Not really!

Then we have in the Senate Ed Markey and very mouthy Elizabeth Warren. And if we don’t like our leaders, we chuck them — just like tea into the water. Then we replace them.

Here in MA, the people rule and our government leaders stand by us in our towns, cities, and the Commonwealth in general as they agree with our sentiments. It has always been that way wherein we stand for that which is right, just and true.

Yes, we will not capitulate to the wrongs. It has to do with a social and cultural orientation that stretches way back in time since the founding of the USA started in MA.Chuck that tea!

boston tea party P

look at the first picture of people marching forward (above) with hands raised high and, then, see the next one. It’s the same old behavior of marching forward en masse with our hands held high,which we have learned, but each new generation doing it — one generation after another since we have been trained well.

We’ve been educated generation after generation here in MA with the learning passed upward to each new set of people, including the children — especially the children. We do not sit on our apathetic, helpless, passive hindquarters wringing our hands. Our ancestors strongly encourage us each generation after the next to fight for whatever is right and good.

So here’s what we collectively get and this is worth a view. It is a short video (43 seconds) and watch our joined power that our prior training from earlier generations get us to be as humans serving humanitarian justice!


This is an aerial view of the #MarchForOurLives rally taking place in Boston. Thousands of people across the …

If you want the same sort of outcome for whatever social or environmental justice cause that you serve wherever you live, then rise like us, be like us! Don’t be wimpy. Learn to be wild like the people in MA! Learn to “take the world in a loving embrace,” as the song suggests, and don’t be passive! Helplessness has no lace in the mix.

Sally Dugman is a writer from MA, USA




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