India ‘Acche Din’ Spoof And US Counterpart Version

ache din

It was with a combination of dismay, delight and amusement that I watched the following two minute spoof because in an offhand way, it reminded of my own government’s lies (and for which many naive voters fall every time that there is going to be a new election for particular government offices).

 After watching the spoof, I imagined my own American version with the exact same actors. It went something like this:

My coma victim became unconscious shortly after President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize and he woke up now in the Donald Trump presidency.

So he excitedly asked, “Do we now have global peace? I remember Obama getting the award in Norway.”

The medical staff gloomily shake their heads and state that Obama ordered ten times more drone strikes than did Bush, Jr. Indeed, he dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016 in quite a number of countries.

“Is he the President now,” the ex-coma victim asks, “and if not, what is happening to universal peace from the hands of the American government?”

The staff tells: Under the present Trump administration, the U.S. government and weapons manufacturers are making a literal and a figurative killing through weapon sales to other countries. In fact, more than $80 billion worth of arm sales notifications were sent to Congress in 2017 and the United States was the world’s biggest arms exporter in the past five years. Moreover Trump wants to build more, bigger and better nuclear weapons with a tenfold increase in them.

After that comment, the former coma guy asks in a quiet and sad voice, “What about the war on poverty and starvation in the USA? Some politicians had stated that they would address these problems.”

The medical personnel shake their heads “no” and explain that the minimum wage has been the same since July 24, 2009. This was when the federal government has mandated a nationwide minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

Consequently, they go on to explain, that 1 in 6 people in America face hunger and the US homeless population, including children (of whom some live in cars or on the streets with their families), have lost many benefits provided to keep children safe, well-fed and medically treated. Simultaneously, the poverty rate in the USA has risen while the financial wealth of the top economic class has greatly risen as well.

He next asks about racism, ethnic and religious strife, climate change and environmentalism. In response, the workers just shake their heads to signify nil once again and look terribly glum.

The conversation between the previous blackout patient and the staff continues in such a vein. In short, it is abysmal.

Further, one can always add many more parts to the US rendition of “Acche Din” and it is clearly a miserable state of affairs when someone like Trump and other dishonest politicians come along while promising the world to Americans while the public is just suckered one more time to believe in the truth of the empty claptrap — the insubstantial pabulum that they are fed.

Obviously many of our government leaders in India and the USA have a long way to go in terms of telling the truth and law enforcement workforce should improve both in the USA and India where innocent people are wrongfully jailed and/or murdered.

To see the Mumbai Film Festival movie of “Acche Din,” please feel free to check out this video. It reinforces the sense that wrongful behaviors need to be stopped by government officials and those who stand as police and military employees at the government’s behest.

All considered, it is obvious that our government leaders in India and the USA have a long way to go in terms of telling the truth and the law enforcement workforce should improve both in the USA and India in that innocent people are wrongfully jailed and/or murdered in both countries.

trump oil


I’m sure that the USA progress report based on government official lies vs reality would be just as discrepant as any for any other country wherein leaders fabricate nonsense in order to try to get a maximal number of votes. Really, people need to stop buying into the nonsense from these corrupt, legislative, snake oil salesmen! … Really if they want different results, they need to try something different rather than bring into office the same old crooked leaders.

Sally Dugman is a writer from MA, USA.


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