One Must Rail Against This Sin Of Omission In So-called Education Beginning Today: Carry It On

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“The billion dead is the least of what would happen with the Nuclear Winter referenced by Chomsky and Ellsberg in Arizona, and the most horrid scenario imaginable is becoming increasingly likely by the day even with the ‘advance’ made recently between North and South Korea.” — Richard Martin Oxman

“We must carry it on.” — Edward Curtin

Around 34 minutes into the recent footage from the University of Arizona, one of the most reputable experts on earth respecting our nuclear dynamic makes the definitive statement that through “inadvertence” we could destroy a billion people on earth. Inattention or oversight being brought about because of any one of a number of reasons.

The human madness that allows highly educated academics and others to ignore this major crisis — threat, horror, abomination… what? — in our schools is stupefying. Do teachers and administrators not know about this? Not acknowledge this for personal reasons? Not see that there are “lots of fingers on the button”…which could easily lead to Nuclear Winter? Or is it that educators and others don’t believe they can do something about Our Situation? Do not see that simple “mistakes” could make a Hell on Earth scenario unfold?

Students are studying everything under the Sun which falls under the STEM umbrella, and many are totally absorbed in carving out careers for themselves aided and abetted by academics devoted to supporting their utilitarian personal game plans. All to the joy and jubilation of their loved ones. Nothing seems to gladden the hearts of parents more than witnessing their offspring being sprung into a glorious future for themselves courtesy of their teachers et alia.

Why is all that considered good, decent… acceptable?

Youth were engaged in generic Earth Day activities recently. Okay, token gestures were made vis-a-vis our apocalyptic momentum. Our mentors have tried incessantly — before, during and after Earth Day after Earth Day — to call educators’ attention to what’s generic and not effective about the way in which our collective crises were being approached. To no avail. But that doesn’t mean that the same can’t be attempted by one and all respecting our nuclear dynamic… as an isolated issue.

And it should be attempted. It must be attempted. If it isn’t attempted, well then I would say the “burden of proof” justifying why the attempt isn’t mandatory, essential lies in the laps of educators who are responsible for the lapse in logic and visceral sense that our senseless trajectory has embedded within it.

Every parent reading this, every concerned citizen must take action immediately by confronting their local teachers. Students can easily make a copy of this short article to share with educators in their area — in their own schools and elsewhere — humbly and respectfully requesting that someone explain why training in how we can move in solidarity to change the status quo (deal with our horrid momentum) is not part of the curriculum. Why it is hardly even discussed, if it all in educational circles. This is something that can and should be done right away.

It should be obvious that it doesn’t matter whether a youngster is studying the Classics or preparing to secure a position in Silicon Valley. That it doesn’t matter if a kid lives in a gated community or suffers in an under-served area where immiseration prevails. Something serious is being ignored.

One must rail against this sin of omission in so-called Education beginning today.

Carry it on in all realms.

Flannery O’Connor Academy is mainly a home schooling setup for teens devoted to the kind of Liberal Arts education which makes the honoring of life effortless. This author and all the students and mentors can be reached at [email protected]. Those wishing to secure definitive documentation respecting how real and immediate a threat our nuclear dynamic is need only request that the information be sent their way. And anyone who believes that it’s too late to do anything about it all can call us for a conversation that will confirm why “hope” should be embraced; email first… then a phone number will be provided. There are a number of viable options for fresh action which can be taken. It’s not going to matter enough whoever prevails in the main education battle being waged at present, if the “winner” doesn’t rail against our nuclear momentum, and point to a trail that can be traversed together to make difference immediately.




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