Reality Versus Fantasy

Shloka vijai

I saw this image and started laughing while also feeling somber.

I shared the cartoon with a friend of mine and he sees several problems in relation to it. The first is that humans do not like reality. We do not like our mortality (the fact that we will die) and we do not like having no or little control over outcomes in life.

Unlike my cats and I have two, we humans love to fantasize. Many like to think that our prayers and wishes can bring us to some special place like the feet of God or Gods. We can sit with Jesus, Hindu Gods and so much more after mortal death. Why, we might even be reincarnated! After all, the mind and the body are seen as a dualistic condition by many humans and prayer is seen as influential!

Meanwhile, my more temporally in the moment fear is for someone like Binu, editor of CC — that he will be found where he lives and knifed for his views contrary to Hindutva. Oh, it doesn’t happen?

Oh, you mean like my friend, Andy Goodman, who was murdered by white supremacists? You mean like Steven Biko in Africa and so many other?

You mean like my sister, who could have been killed by teen thugs whom she stopped from beating to death another boy? You mean like my brother-in-law with machine guns pointed at him by smirking guards at Thailand when he was doing investigations for International Red Cross out of Geneva Switzerland? You mean like Scott Schaffer-Duffy, a Catholic Worker who spread his body as widely as he could with Bosnians behind him. and a sign on his neck that he was a USA citizen. (Sometimes it is good that people are afraid of repercussions for killing a USA citizen.)

We WILL, I can assure anyone, not stop our efforts to improve life for humanity and the natural world. I’ve been twice on the line, myself. Do you want to hear my own details such as my permanently curved spine and one leg slightly longer from the other due to being slightly dislodged from the socket, black blood coming out of me from internal hemorrhaging as I saved a man’s life, my toes almost sliced off when I saved a baby, etc? No. you do not. And I am not looking for troubles with which to contend. Yet if they come my way, I can assure that I will go forward. … Been there. Done that. Nothing new.

And if the troubles come our ways, watch out for my relatives, my friends and me. We are relentless. We will not stop unless like Andrew Goodman and Steve Biko — killed. … And then we will have more coming onto our patterns generation after generation as that is the way people of our ilk work. We train others and go forward relentlessly in time.

And concerning an idiotic religious idea about praying over plants for yield increase: check this out. First the the study conductors lied about the result. Then whistle-blowers leaked the truth. (Yes, let’s have facts and not mojo — magic as the foundation of reality. Let’s have empiricism, scientific method of inquiry and rationalism.)

Power of prayer flunks an unusual test – Health – Heart health | NBC ……/power-prayer-flunks-unusual-test/

When I told this friend of mine about the cartoon, he said that it reminded him of New Age thinking. It is some sort of thinking that you can pray over “stuff” and somehow magically transform molecules or something.

I don’t hate prayer or sitting in religious ceremonies. I respect the personal benefits that many people, myself included, have. I do, though, mind deliberate lies about their value such as initially occurred in the heart attack study.

The only lies that I do not hate are the ones that support higher values — such as preservation of life. You can bet your bottom dollar that if Nazis showed at my door to ask about Jews, I would have said that they are filthy pigs while, meanwhile, hiding some in my basement. Saving life is higher in my estimation than telling of truth.

All considered, be thankful that there is more than just prayer to see you through the day. There are many people who will stand for you and stand by you, and even in some cases at risk for their own lives even if they don’t want to die and have no visions of an afterlife or reincarnation. Certainlyour value is better than chanting over crops.

In relation to this final thought a friend sent me this link. It is definitely worth checking out: It is like looking in the mirror of one’s belief system.

Sally Dugman is a writer from MA, USA.


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