Protest Against Rape Photo

A jackal roams around the fence
Trying to grab a chance to feed on her body
Whenever she forgets
To close the door.

A lust infested dog
Day dreams of satiating it’s fleshy hunger
Waiting impatiently at the doorstep
To pounce on her.

A wolf awaits a chance hiding in the bushes..
To feast on her female self
And tear her apart to quench his
Beastly thirst.

A three legged sniffer dog next door..
Goes on making meaningless queries hiding his slyness, trying to capture
the places she had been since morning.

A licenced police pulls her in to the bed
Rips her body apart using third degree methods,
snores his way to thunderous sleep
Receiving his daily sedative.

A famous ad in television
promotes their soap in style
And tells all the women..
To wash away all the DIRT with it.

Will all the detergents and
Oceans full water of the world
be sufficient to wash away
The stains of sins
That are committed by these beasts..
On women of this country?

Aruna Gogulamanda is a scholar from HCU

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