Fear Is The Key

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Do not be afraid, my dear
For your fear is what they want
And if you agree with them
You will become a stagnant slave.
Do not become a slave, my child
For your slavery is what they want
And if you agree with them
You will vanish from this landscape.

Do not vanish my darling
For your disappearance is their goal
And if you agree with them
Many others will also vanish
Do not agree with them, my love
For your agreement is what they want
And if you agree with them
I will vanish with you too.

So, tell your stories loud and clear
Against the stories of lies
Manufactured and propagated
With power, money and mob
Shield the rain of spit in their rains
For the flow of life in our brains
To stand up for your life and mine
For the memories of the dead and living
For the children born and yet to be born
Against the burning wind of hatred
Do not be afraid, my sweetheart
For your fear is what they want

Have faith in the religion of love
Against the religions of war
Let every footstep of yours
Become a beautiful memory
For those who seek their own souls
Let your shadows create no guilt
For every footstep you move
Do not be afraid, my love
For your fear is what they want.

Let the clock in your sky
Ring its bell in harmony
In tune with the sunrise and sunset
To transform the colours of hate
Let no crab eat your eyes
In the deep sea of violence
Do not be afraid, my child
For your fear is what they want.

Let the smell of flowers in your heart
Dispel the stink of their brains
Let the sustained breeze of your love
Melt the storm of hatred in this air
Better learn to swim against the waves
If you and I have to survive
The song in your life will only end
When you stop singing yourself
So sing your song without fear, my dear
For your fear is what they want.

K.P. Sasi is a writer, film maker and cartoonist


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K P Sasi

K.P. Sasi is a film maker, cartoonist, writer and an activist

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