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One of the topics that severely bothers me involves othering and stereotyping a tribal group of which one doesn’t belong or supposedly doesn’t belong as being bad. Instead one vilifies due to some superficial or imagined difference rather than seeing commonality.

In this vein, people only naming Muslims as terrorists in the the USA doesn’t whitewash with me despite that some right-wingers are trying to shove that view down our throats and all of the rest of them — i.e., the ones who shoot up schools, malls, and concerts, as well as send bombs and anthrax, etc.. are just somehow labeled as deranged individuals. … Ditto for the way that CHRISTIAN religious leaders are portrayed who RAPE children. They are not terrorists who terrorize youngsters? Really?

Now — this bogus information in mind, let me remind you that we have many Muslims in the USA. You should see them, for example, working at Wegman’s grocery store in Northborough , MA — cheerful, helpful and kindly. They also make decisions as a family — not with only a husband-ruler.

Now the Pittsburgh Mosque Imam drew together his congregation after the Synagogue shooting and raised a significant sum of money for the victims. He called the Rabbi and asked about what more that his congregation could do to be helpful. He offered to send guards to protect the Jews when worshipping. … Let’s read between the lines here. This means that they are willing to LAY THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE to protect their Jewish neighbors concerning which eleven people were killed in Saturday’s shooting at the Tree of Life Temple.

Here in MA (and I am not bragging or being arrogant), we are very successful because we all stand for each other for the most part. It is a habit that goes back for centuries wherein we look out for the COMMONwealth. We warn and take care of each other. We support each other as did Paul Revere in the 1700’s.

Because we like being helpful to our brethren and sisters, we always or nearly always win at all that we attempt to achieve for people around us, such as having universal food, housing, waste management (including for bathrooms and trash), health care and the number one system for public education in the USA. We also have state funded social services that are exceptional, along with sanctuary towns and cities. We also have around two and a half billion dollars for climate change initiatives, etc., etc. So is it a surprise that we are the top USA state on sixty separate indices — number one out of fifty states?

We also do not tolerate hatred of anyone and we fight like all heck when we see any form of malignment .Instead we work to uplift the conglomerate — the sum total of our state whether in terms of its people, food, water or the natural world of which eighty percent comprises of forests.

In fact, there is no place in MA for hatred. We will not hate people of other skin colors, other religions or other cultures. This outlook doesn’t fit with most of us here.

We want our patterns across the world. Imagine if it were able to be achieved?

We often win in sports the top awards for basketball, football, ice hockey and baseball. … Some fellow in the baseball team cried during TV news yesterday since he was major in pulling off the Red Sox baseball win and had doubted himself, although he pulled out of that self-belittling place of being with encouragement from others and himself. He also allowed himself to look vulnerable, crying, while on TV.

You see, you can break a single twig, Yet when you have a whole bundle of us — you can’t take us down even if it may stick in some one’s throat that MA is largely a socialist democracy wherein we aren’t tooth and claw, but try to be helpful to each other in totality, including our sports players.

If anyone really thinks we are stoppable in my state, good luck with that bogus vision. Knock yourself out in the attempt, including Trump and ideological colleagues! There are just too many of us that are like-minded. In fact, our friends from Pittsburgh temple and mosque are welcome here any time. They definitely fit in well with us!

Sally Dugman is a writer in MA, USA

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  1. L Ghantous says:

    Do you think the killing in Yemen supported, armed, managed by US, UK, France, Israel, and Saudi worth a “We also do not tolerate hatred “…just to mention the sick people in Gaza that cannot be treated for blockade on 2.5 million persons and not 11..How about the civilians air bombed in the desert of Syria or Raqqa Or Mosul…How can these poor victims attract the attention of “largely a socialist democracy “…I agree with what you wrote, but the solidarity should be with all those who suffer from us.

    • Sally Dugman says:

      Please don’t you tell me that it is US. I don’t belong to that “us”.

      It started when I was five and saw Hiroshima Maidens hosted by Quaker families in NY for N/C reconstructive surgery. It went onward when I supported a leper’s colony at age eleven. It continued when I was thirteen and was spit upon and sworn at by white supremacists in FL for finding a way to pay for bus rides to the Selma biggest march against racism.

      I was in the first march against the Vietnam War, We were filmed from roof tops by government agents and my mother threw her coat over my face during our section of the filming while she glared at the roof in defiance,

      One of my friends, Randy Kehler, lost his home and was jailed for not paying war tax by the IRS and, instead, donated money to peace effort. Another was killed by racists in a particularly brutal way for Freedom Riding. I took care of the brother of his companion the summer afterward.

      I was friends with the Howard Fast family as a child. And we always altogether fought.

      I have news. I have laid my life on the line twice for others. My sister and her husband have done so, too,. Nothing like having machine guns pointed at you as happened to my brother-in-law and my friend, Scott, in Bosnia, and who has been jailed 47 times for civil disobedience acts. {Do you want to blame them, too?)

      Blame all whom you want. Yet it is not going to be us, who year by year since we were young fighting against all sorts of travesties here in the USA and across the world.

      Every single year I worked for the global US since I was five years old. (My leper’s colony was in the Philippines.) People like my kin, friends and I will not be stopped, but there is no way that we should be blamed for other people’s travesties when we did all that we can do every month and year of most of our lives.

      Please don’t tell me that I have to identify with the monsters when I spent most of my life fighting them. Don’t even tell it to my daughter, a school guidance counselor for 350 children who I trained well to follow in my path. We will carry onward even if we can’t change national policies.

  2. C Clethero says:

    When Americans, of ANY State, stop paying 60 cents of their every tax dollar to their murderous and out of control Pentagon war machine, then I might be impressed.

    • Sally Dugman says:

      Guess what. I pay nothing.I I do not make enough money to pay a single penny in federal tax or state tax, although I donate to my state for human and environmental aid. You think that this is an accidental condition on my part? Is it an accidental for other of my friends — such as my Catholic Worker friends, who pay no taxes? Is it the accident that Randy Kehler faced and faces? … Perhaps you do not understand us yet.

      I sent to Binu M., whose family I have adored for more than ten year, and others today the following email: and I am NOT culpable when I do all that I can to fight the status quo. And if you think that I’m tough — you should see my sister and her husband who works for US DOJ and teaches criminal justice course at UMD, Here:

      Nobody messes with Quaker (Society of Friends) girl children unless they are psychopathic. Other than that sort, the gals get supported for whatever they want to do … whether it is to donate to a leper’s colony in the Philippines or write a symphony at age ten using a very tiny organ and imagining the sounds that different instrument types make after teaching oneself musical notation. … Yes, the children of Quakers were beaten in schools in an attempt to make them conform in earlier days in the USA, but we never did and never will obey … or conform. Moreover, the wealth that women in Quaker families accrued was considered as their own property. … They were also leaders — the directors — at their Meetings, places of worship. They also met with Hitler, ran services connected to AFSC. started first hospital in USA and that had a humane mental illness ward …. and on and on. … I’m not going to allege that males and females have some different components in brain structures and chemistry. (For example, I have to use tactile data for spacial relations if I am to somewhat come up to a male’s hunting skill level honed by evolution. I also am shoddy in lots of math except for symbolic logic, although I do some weird machinations with it. Moreover, Ican’t duplicate levels of math genius that females with high levels of testosterone have — which has been studied — in science and math. … All the same, I do have my own unique sills and abilities that are in no way inferior to male counterparts … although my nephew can give me a good run for the money since his IQ can’t even be measured since it can’t even be tabulated and is way higher than my sister’s — his Mom’s — and mine. Way to go, Buddy, who is training to be a surgeon!)


      Today Blackwell isn’t usually remembered as a scientist, and indeed, much of her work wouldn’t be recognized as science by modern standards. However, her project to dismantle the barriers to women in science and other research and intellectual fields is no less important.

      “Many women have grievously felt the burden of laws or customs interfering unwarrantably with their property, their children, or their political and personal rights,” Blackwell wrote. “I have felt this also; but more than any or all other forms of limitation and proscription, I have realized in my inmost soul that most subtle outlawry of the feminine intellect which warns it off from the highest fields of human research.”

      Read more: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/woman-who-tried-take-down-darwin-180967146/#Z30Gzh81tRYXR2oF.99

      Sorry, I pay no taxes. Please do your best if you want to find another way to malign me.