Brett Kavanaugh Is Unfit For Supreme Court Position

brett kavanaugh 

Here are several key points regarding Brett Kavanaugh during these tumultuous times in the USA:

  1. You can like or not like MA Senator Warren. It is immaterial.

2, You can consider her a liar or not. She said that the FBI report, which she has read, contradicts Kavanaugh’s own statements UNDER OATH regarding his behaviors on multiple issues, but the people who want to vote him into the Supreme Court don’t give a darn.

… and so on. Are you going to say she is lying?

My brother-in-law is former director of prisons for MD, teaches criminal justice courses at UMD, works for US Justice Dept and so on. My sister has written curriculum for state of PA for juvenile prisons. You going to call them liars, too? Are you going to tell me that they are lying to me when they say the same allegations as does Warren and when they have carefully investigated the matter? Or are you going to call them stupid and ignorant — extreme dolts? Misinformed: Like hell they are.

  1. Either he lied and committed perjury or not. It is a light switch with no dimmer function. Either he did (on function) or didn’t (off function). There is no in-between
  2. People like ME Sen. Susan Collins don’t give a damn about his lying. She has decided to go against her principles in order to please her constituents so as to get reelected.

It is pretty much as simple as that and she is stomping for Kavanaugh. Ergo, I have no respect for her. I do, though, for my sister and bro-in-law. THEY WILL NOT LIE TO ME AND RESPECT THE RULE OF LAW — PERIOD!


  1. I don’t care one whit about what justifications Collins devises for her choice to support him. You think that my sister’s husband can work in the Justice Dept. and not learn THE FACTS of the matter? If you do, then you’re smoking something funny (i.e., weed or whatever else) in some pipe, I suspect. They do not lie to me and have good sources for their information. There is no way around this FACT.


There is only one main issue to consider: Did he lie and purger himself under oath or not? Subsidiary (related) to that being the case is the fact the FBI investigation was a sham. It was too limited in scope and ended early as a result.   … Of course, his temperament and demeanor are awful to have on the bench with him as a Supreme Court justice. This is certainly a second matter that requires scrutiny. … In a way this is Clarence Thomas redux.

‘Bullshit Investigation’: Brett Kavanaugh FBI Probe Slammed by ……



MA Senator Elizabeth Warren wrote:

I’ll just be blunt: We lost a really tough fight. And it hurts.

I’m not going to sugarcoat anything and tell you everything is going to be fine. What happened today will touch every single person in this country, in some very real and terrible ways. But it’s O.K. to step back for a minute. Take a breath. Call up an old friend, lean on the shoulder of someone you love, pet your puppy (I know I will), pet your cat. We’ll get through this together.

And then? You cannot give up.

Remember your anger and your pain in November. If we don’t like being powerless, then we need to win power – and do it now. We are not victims. We are strong.

32 days until Election Day. Exactly one month. Tick. Tock.

I’m fighting for re-election, and I’m fighting for Democratic Senate candidates all over the country – because it’s never been more important for us to win back the Senate.

It’s easy to feel helpless on days like today, but remember: Even the fights we lose matter. Every time you called, and marched, and tweeted, you helped move us closer. And it was so close.

Don’t forget this: Even the fights we lose matter. History will remember that we didn’t go quietly. We resisted, persisted, and fought to be heard.

Because of this fight, like never before, people have found their voices. I’ve seen it. The hallways of the Capitol have been teeming with survivors of sexual assault and activists who will not be silent – including the women who held an elevator door open so they could make sure Jeff Flake heard their pain.

We won’t let those doors close. Twenty-seven years ago, Anita Hill was virtually alone. Today, we’re a grassroots army – and we will be heard.

We’re owning our anger, and we’re putting it to work. I’m angry. I’m angry on behalf of women who’ve been told to sit down and shut up one time too many. On behalf of everyone who doesn’t have power. African Americans, Latinos, LGBTQ Americans, Native Americans, students, seniors – everyone who gets put down and shut out of power by men who don’t know how to share.

And make no mistake,: This whole sham of a confirmation process has been about power – powerful men helping powerful men and hijacking our democracy.

Here’s my message for those powerful guys: Time’s up.

It’s time for everyone who’s been left out to take power. Entitled men, powerful interests, and giant corporations can’t call all the shots.

So we’ve got a plan. It’s got three parts:

  1. Take back the Senate.
  2. Take back the House.
  3. Return power to the people – where it belongs.

This hurts. But if we keep fighting, we can turn our pain into power.

Thanks for being a part of this,

It has been alleged by some right-wing people that Democrats paid people to stand against Brett Kavanaugh. Oh, really?

More Than 300 Arrested Protesting Kavanaugh Nomination – NBC Boston

We had over 150 thousand in women’s march in Boston alone after Trump’s pussy grab remarks. Other places in MA had marches, too. How about our huge anti-gun violence marches and our anti-hate marches> Thousands upon thousands turned out for both additional protests.

Now does anyone really think that we got paid BY DEMOCRATS to take the stands that we in MA have done since the 1600’s? Some “liberals” paid for the tea party actions in the next century in Boston or the way that we started THE REVOLUTION????

I suppose that Senator Chuck Schumer’s daughter got paid by Democrats to be arrested in Washington, DC as she was part of the 300 arrested. Yeah … right. She got paid?!

The scope of FBI investigation was limited to nine people, I read It didn’t cover his perjury, his lies, his Yale years, his indirect theft of information used during his Bush years, his poor temperament and lack of impartiality. …

We have one Republican defector and if we have two, he’s done … even with Mike Pence’s vote.

So come on: let’s get some facts here. Which Democrats are putting up the money OR IS IT THE ENTIRE DNC? Who is being paid — which individuals and groups? TELL ME or else all that we have are only CONSPIRACY THEORIES AND FAKE NEWS, and I am amply tired of both kinds of stupidity!

Kaili Lambe, Organizing Director for CREDO Action from Working Assets wrote:

Sens. Susan Collins and Joe Manchin both announced today that they will vote to confirm accused sexual assaulter and proven liar Brett Kavanaugh.1

The vote is expected tomorrow. We need to show up in massive numbers to make clear exactly what is at stake with this vote and remind every politician who votes for Kavanaugh that we will hold them accountable.

That’s why we are teaming up with UltraViolet, the Women’s March, Planned Parenthood, MoveOn and others to hold massive “No Justice, No Seat – Flood the Streets” marches all across the country tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 6.

Thanks to the bravery of survivors of sexual assault and the actions of grassroots activists all around the country, we’ve been able to hold off a vote on Kavanaugh until this weekend. Tomorrow, we need to flood the streets in numbers that can’t be ignored and make sure senators know that the American public is watching, demanding that they reject Kavanaugh and preparing to hold them accountable.

Click the link below to find a “No Justice, No Seat – Flood the Streets” march this Saturday, October 6 or to start your own:

Click here to sign up to join a protest near you. If there isn’t one yet, you can set up your own. Even a small gathering in your town will help show the national outrage about Kavanaugh.

Thank you for showing up,


  1. Li Zhou, “Sen. Joe Manchin announces he’ll vote for Brett Kavanaugh,” Vox, Oct. 5, 2018.

In the end, Brett Kavanaugh needs to be rejected to be a member of the Supreme Court since he IS a travesty of justice. A travesty of justice cannot deliver justice. It is as simple as that!

Sally Dugman is a writer from MA, USA




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